Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fighting the Unicorns

Moderate Rebels in Syria

Last week, Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad gave another excellent interview to the Western media.  This time he was interviewed by a Danish interviewer.  Denmark, as close followers of the USrael/NATO war against the sovereign state of Syria will know, was one of the countries whose airfarce joined in the war crimes act of bombing the Syrian army in Dir az Zour on September 17, 2016.  This war crime, which the West cowardly sluffed off as a "mistake" (for which they never apologized to Syria for) was intended to trigger World War III.  Some bloggers believe there were some Russians killed who were embedded with the Syrians and that Russia would respond in kind against the Americans...which could have set off WWIII.  But the Russians waited for a few days and then bombed a bunker in the Dir az Zour hillside.  This bunker reportedly contained at least 30 Israeli, American and Saudi military who were spies and spotters controlling the "moderate opposition" al Nusra or whatever they call themselves these days.

The Danish interviewer, following his orders to the letter, kept pressing the usual stupid questions on Assad.  Did he feel bad about bombing hospitals?  Did he really want to take back ALL of Syria? and the stupidest of all....Why didn't he (Assad) just step down, as that would "solve" the problem entirely.  This last question is asked every time and Assad always answers it, like all the questions, with incredible politeness and respect.  If I were Assad I would say:  "Look, this is the last time I'm going to answer this question.  Why would I have to step down when I enjoy a popularity rating of over 80% of Syrians?  Obama and the British Prime Minister's poll numbers added together do not equal mine.  I was democratically elected in a recent election that was internationally monitored and found to be fair.  I am in the middle of a war for the survival of my country. Have you ever heard of a previous instance where a leader quit in the middle of battle?  So, don't ever ask me that question again.  Instead, ask the leaders of the countries who have invaded our country via proxies and destroyed it why THEY don't quit...and give the world a break!"

You can watch the entire interview with Assad below:

Assad says "moderate rebels" are like mythical unicorns
they don't exist

The best part of the interview was when Assad went after the Danish interviewer on why Denmark joined in the bombing mission against Syria.  Assad granted that probably Denmark, like the other western vassal states, didn't have any say in the matter...the Danish Air Force was simply ordered to bomb certain targets.  But Assad asked why the Danish people didn't ask their government why it would bomb without checking independently, like any other sovereign nation would.  Of course, the Danish interviewer didn't have to answer this question...and didn't.  But it is the most pressing question facing the west as the vassal states, including Canada, are being led inexorably towards World War III.  Are we to be annihilated without ever having ANY say in the matter at all???!!!

The other part I enjoyed about the interview was the metaphor that Assad used to describe the so-called "moderate opposition" that Kerry is always promoting and protecting...even to the point of bringing a resolution to the UNSC yesterday ordering Russia and Syria to quit bombing eastern Aleppo, where the moderate rebels are holed up....along with their Syrian civilian hostages.  Assad called the moderate rebels "unicorns".  He said the notion that there were "moderate" terrorists fighting in Syria was like the legend of the unicorn and that moderate terrorists, like the unicorn, do not exist.  He said this as a gentle smile played over his lips.  I love when Assad smiles.  It shows what a sane, high class character he is....contrasted by some of the most evil, psychopathic monsters that history has ever produced.

Speaking of sanity.  I agreed with Assad's decision to allow the al Nusra unicorns to escape out of Aleppo.  With their weapons and with "dignity". Lavrov has also made such a proposal:

Throwing the vanquished terrorists a bone to get out of Dodge

It is a standard war strategy to allow the vanquished a safe route out of the war zone.  Not only is it an article of the Geneva Conventions, but it is a good maneuver.  The good guys get to take over the disputed territory...they can always chase down the fugitives another day.  The fugitives, like all fugitives, will be on the run...they will be exposed and they will have a difficult time settling into another ratshole of their own creation.

So, why don't the unicorns take up the offer (made by Assad and Russia) of safe passage out of Aleppo?  Why doesn't Kerry stop crying the blues at the UN about the imminent "destruction of Aleppo"...when that could be forestalled simply by way of the unicorns leaving Dodge? 

Well, we should get the intrepid Danish interviewer on the go and ask Kerry the answers to those two pivotal questions.  I'm not holding my breath for that interview to be posted on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could help syria in some way,syria was a beautiful country,it would be great if half the world took a holiday in syria,just to see the destruction israel has caused, the untold murders these monsters have committed, the inhumanity these demons cast all over our world is truly sickening, God bless Dr assad and the syrian people,and you gc.

greencrow said...

Thanks, Geraldine. Yes, the drone aerial footage of the Syrian cities is a sobering eye opener rarely allowed to be shown on the M$M. The good news is that Russia has committed to Syria now and just recently announced it will be building permanent Air Bases in Tartus and Latakia. Syria can rebuild in relative safety and security. The citizens, cast abroad by the Soros demographic despoilers, will be able to their homeland. Hopefully, this will happen in our lifetimes.