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False Flag Friday Cyber Attack Drill - More Evidence of US Civil War?

DAHBOO77 Reports on Recent Cyber Attack

Last Friday the perps went back to their former practice of having False Flag Drills on Friday to capitalize on the weekend main$tream media newz cycle.  This time it was a "cyber attack".  This was the format of the most recent False Flag Drill:
Much of the Internet was brought to a screeching halt Friday as a cyberattack on a company many had previously never heard of brought down many of the most popular online services, including Twitter and Spotify.

As of Friday afternoon, much of the drama was still playing out, though more details are slowly emerging. While the full story won't be clear for some time, if ever, we are now beginning to understand how this happened.  
What is DYN and DNS?

This particular attack targeted Dyn, a New Hampshire-based internet company that provides a service called domain name systems to some of the most-trafficked sites on the internet.

As many in the alternative media intimated, this drill was a preparation for a real False Flag Cyber Attack, likely to be blamed on Russia in order to hijack the American (s)election on November 8th and/or provide a casus belli for WWIII.

You gotta know that the sheeple have to be prepped to know what the lingo is.  They need to know the difference between DYN and DNS....they need to know that the dreaded "Russia" is denying them their favourite ramps up to the slaughterhouse doors....Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. all will be denied to them.  How WILL they get up to the slaughterhouse doors!!!???

The most amusing thing about the otherwise boring and irrelevant drill was the video that DAHBOO77 put out that showed satellite maps of the globe indicating the cyber attacks in "real time".  DAHBOO77 and his fellow nerd were amazed to discover that the satellite maps showed 90%  of the cyber-warfare attacks going on within the US!  There was little, if any, activity going on with Russia and even elsewhere.  There were a few attacks coming from the US's best buddie, the UK.  But most of the attacks were relentless assaults triangulating between the west coast and Buffalo, New York and Washington, DC.

They Are About to Pull a BIG Staged Event And Blame It On Russia! UWN

I chuckled to myself, thinking this is yet more proof of my theory that most of the world's wars are going on as external manifestation of the ongoing civil war between factions of the governmental institutions and letter agencies of the US.

Scott Creighton of American Everyman has written a recent post where he seems to have reached the same conclusion.  Here is an excerpt from it:
The question is… what is going on here?

This might be the most fascinating spy story to ever take shape in the history of our country and it looks like no one, I mean NO ONE, is seeing it for what it is.

There is obviously a conflict in the Obama White House regarding our involvement in Syria. There are tons of former advisors who are practically begging for bombing campaigns and the head of the Pentagon apparently deliberately undermined a cease-fire agreement with Syria and Russia so that tensions would be stoked in that country.

We also know Hillary Clinton had to pressure Obama to allow her to destroy Libya on behalf of British and French national interests. That is a fact. Everyone knows she is a warmonger and thus, that is why she is supported by all the neocons from the former administration who brought us the fiasco of the Iraq War in 2003.

None of that is a controversial statement on my part. The conflict between the factions in the White House is well documented.

So what are we seeing with all of these Wikileaks email dumps?

William Binney recently said that the intelligence industry knows exactly where those leaks came from. All of them. He said it was an inside job coming either from the NSA or some other alphabet agency or perhaps even from a whistle-blower (with regard to the DNC leaks)

And that makes perfect sense.

I know that we sometimes get caught up in the trap of looking at the masters of the universe and all their minions as a monolithic entity all moving toward the same goal in the same direction but my guess is, that simply isn’t the case.

It could be that there is a fascinating war going on inside the military intelligence complex between factions that hold very different opinions about how this country needs to advance their shared neoliberal globalist agenda.

Look at what Sec. of Defense Ash Carter just did to the State Department’s cease-fire agreement in Syria. Is it really so hard to imagine a similar mutiny is resulting in intelligence assets being used to influence our elections here in the states like they try to do all over the world?

So of course the story about “Russian hacking” would emerge very, very quickly from anonymous intelligence sources. The last thing either side would want to do is expose the battle raging between factions inside our own military intelligence apparatus. That would be disastrous. The roll back against the intelligence agencies for interfering with our own elections would be tremendous and neither camp wants to see that because both sides fully expect to use these agencies and these powers to the fullest in the future.

So, in summary, it appears there was a cyber attack drill last Friday.  Coincydynkally, the major part of the Internet affected was "social media", the area where Donald Trump has the most strength in the Internet aspect of the election campaign.   It would appear this false flag was one of the most brazen and obvious yet as satellite map imagery showed that it was not a "foreign attack" but a cyber war going on within the US.  This supports what I've been saying for months that there is a civil war going on within factions of the US itself.

So, as we move towards November 8th, and critically, on election day itself, we will likely see another major cyber attack.  Because the Internet, including satellite map imagery, will likely be down...we should remember from this past Friday's drill that the attack will likely NOT be from a foreign country, like Russia...but from within the US.  IMO, it will likely originate from the "usual suspect" 9/11 rogue deep state government perps.....infesting all government agencies and out to destroy they make one last pathetic effort to save their sorry @$$es from justice....should Trump be elected and, Gawd NO!, make good on his threat to "drain the swamp".

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