Saturday, October 29, 2016

Deep State Preparing to toss Losing Hillary Overboard

Hillary's eyes don't match
But...that's the LEAST of her problems

New FBI inquiry reinjects Clinton emails into 2016 race

FBI will investigate whether there is classified information in newly discovered emails

The FBI will investigate whether there is classified information in newly discovered emails related to its probe of Hillary Clinton's private server, reinjecting a toxic political issue into the presidential campaign less than two weeks before election day

Folks, this was always in the cards.  Many months ago, but long after Hillary was anointed Deep State Candidate, they knew that she was deeply unpopular and that her corrupt past was always going to haunt her.  But they didn't have any other suitable candidate.  You see, corrupt, fully blackmailable and psychopathic candidates aren't all that easy to find...even in Amerika.

So...they had no choice but to hang in with Hillary...but all the while keep a torrent of bad media, dirty political tricks and sham controversies swirling around Trump in the hopes that something would stick and he would end up looking as bad as Hillary, so that the election could be rigged and Kerry's election was stolen back in 2000.

But then, something happened...the Trump campaign finally got through to the populace that he was "last chance motel"....or at least "last chance to fill up your tank with gas"....before thousands of miles of bumpy road through a war torn wilderness.  It appears from the "real" polls that Americans finally "get it" and, as I predicted in a recent appears they're going to vote overwhelmingly for Trump.

Also, it appeared more and more that a vote for Hillary was a vote for WWIII, because that's what the perps were planning...A NUCLEAR cover up the major treason and corruption soon to be publicized in the next dump of e-mails:

Bombshell Revelations will bring down Hillary

What to do...What to DO!  Well, first of these creeps always do...unceremoniously dump the loser.  She will be cut loose [by the CYA FBI]and left to the so-called American "justice" system.  If she and her allies in the CIA Deep State faction fight will see it in false flags, fires and explosions.  There are rumours....discussed in the above video...that Obama...and probably Hillary/Bill as well are going to flee the US to avoid prosecution.

Let's face it...there were sufficient e-mails and other evidence of massive corruption years ago related to the Clintons that they could and should have been indicted months if not years ago.  Why now?  Because she's losing, that's why.  They want it to appear that "Hillary lost"....not that "Trump won".  They might even pull Hillary at the last moment due to "health issues". Why?  Because they want Trump's presidency to start off as somewhat illegitimate...a "tainted mandate"...if a mandate at all.  It will give them some measure of control over Trump.  That's all they want and need....control.

Oh, and BTW, I have a related theory about why Putin has refused the Russian military's request to renew Russian air attacks against terrorist enclaves in Syria.  Putin knows that the US use Russian planes in the air as cover for their own attacks.  In mid October the US Air Force "accidentally" came into very close contact with Russian Jets in pre-arranged air corridors over Syria.  IMO, the perps are planning to attack Russian Jets or use Russian jets as cover to commit an atrocity (and blame Russia) as a 11th hour diversion to the US election debacle.  Thus, Putin's refusal to even have Russian jets in the air is yet another chessmaster move.

Needless to say.  The next two weeks are going to be some of the most pivotal days, geopolitically speaking, in modern history.  Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Trump could be a newish beginning, but, his stand against iran ? ?? Why gc, why.

greencrow said...

Hi Geraldine:

Because Trump is awful but he's not horrific, like Hillary. I've said all along that Trump's stand on Iran is just plain stupid. But I guess that's the stand he had to take to keep some Jews on his side.

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray you are correct .

james@wpc said...

Perhaps Trump is saying he stands with israel regarding Iran because he knows that neither israel nor the US can attack Iran without suffering serious damage themselves (S300).

The US and israel cannot do anything to Iran that they haven't already tried, so Trump is not effectively committing himself to anything. But it sounds good for his jewish backers

greencrow said...

Makes sense to me, James. I still believe that Trump's massive ego leads him to believe that he will be the one to solve the Israeli/Palestinian rubic's cube.