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CawRANT Events #35

CawRANT Events #35

Good morning blog readers!  It is a very dark and rainy day on the Wet Coast.  Hallowe'en Day and Night will be a slog through the showers for the "Trick or Treaters". It's supposed to rain all week. Since it's definitely an "inside day"'s a perfect day for a RANT!  There's so much to discuss after all the geopolitically seismic and traumatic events of the past weekend.  But, first, I want to give myself a wee pat on the back.  Working as my own think tank here in the North West hinterland, even I've been surprised at how prescient some of my assessments and predictions have been.  Sure, I've made some mistakes....such as when I predicted last year that Trump would not even be in the running for President of the United States, so outlandish was his candidacy.  Wrongo!

But, lately, I've been right on how Trump would prevail over Hillary, who has always been deeply unpopular.  Re this latest debacle over the "Weiner e-mails" (more about that later) I suggested that Comey went public at the nth hour in order to cover his own @$$ amidst threats to go public within the agency.  Then Paul Craig Roberts said a contact at the FBI told him as much.  I was also very early to identify the secret "civil war" going on below the M$M radar...between the US government agencies and institutions.

But on with today's RANT and, as I usually try to do...start out locally and move outwards, ending globally...

Some good environmental news

I'm pleased to report first hand that the annual salmon run this Fall is a bumper crop of big salmon.  Regular readers know my three dogs and I do a daily walk through a beautiful urban forest bordering a salmon stream.  Every year around this time the salmon return upstream to spawn.  Some years are good, some not so much.  This year is the best I've ever seen in over 20 years of watching!  With Fukishima, whatever, who knew it could be so great?  Here's a photo taken by a member of the community at another nearby stream:

We do have hatcheries on all the rivers that release salmon fry each this could have something to do with the big run...but the fry have to go into the Pacific Ocean where they are exposed to all the elements... before they can return years later to spawn.

Justin Trudeau Signs an Agreement about which Canadians
know absolutely nothing (and he probably doesn't either)

Justin Trudeau, Globalist Gopher, Signs CETA Treaty

Last week, amongst all the US election hubbub, Canadians were treated to the spectacle of their prime minister running off to Europe to sign a trade treaty that had never been spoken of before in Canada.  The Belgium people had rejected the treaty and it had to be shoved down their gullets...but at least they knew enough about it to reject it.  Canadians knew (and know) NOTHING about this treaty.  It has never, to my knowledge, been discussed in the Canadian parliament.  Surely, it has not been brought to a referendum, as is recommended in the analysis below:

U.N. Rights Expert Urges Nations Not to Sign ‘Flawed’ CETA Treaty  

GENEVA (28 October 2016) – The trade deal set to be signed by the European Union and Canada is a corporate-driven, fundamentally flawed treaty which should not be signed or ratified without a referendum in each country concerned, a United Nations human rights expert says.
Alfred de Zayas, the UN Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, deplored the pressures brought on the Belgian regional parliament of Wallonia, which initially said it would not approve the treaty but later said its concerns had been met. “A culture of bullying and intimidation becomes apparent when it comes to trade agreements that currently get priority over human rights,” the expert said.

In his reports to the Human Rights Council and General Assembly Mr. de Zayas has previously warned that CETA is incompatible with the rule of law, democracy and human rights, and substantiated  how and  why before the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.  

He believes that both CETA and TTIP – the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership currently being negotiated by the EU and the US – give undue power to corporations at the expense of national governments and human rights, and deplores that the mere existence of investor-state dispute settlement generates a regulatory chill. 

“The danger of CETA and TTIP being signed and one day entering into force is so serious that every stakeholder, especially parliamentarians from EU Member States, should now be given the opportunity to articulate the pros and cons. The corporate-driven agenda gravely endangers labour, health and other social legislation, and there is no justification to fast-track it” Mr. de Zayas said. 

“Civil society should demand referendums on the approval of CETA or any other such mega-treaty that has been negotiated behind closed doors,” he noted.

IMO, the reason behind the "fast track" signing of the CETA agreement was 1) to provide a media distraction to the US election crisis; 2) force le Dauphin to perform yet another circus "trained bear" act to prove his loyalty to the perps; 3) provide a precedent to get other western countries to sign...sans referendum...

....but all it did was to prove once again to Canadians that Justin is (yet another) neocon, globalist, war mongering sock puppet. 

Trudeau also recently gave a speech before the United Nations.  This was yet another instance of le Dauphin carrying the water can for the globalists.  Can he do NOTHING else????

What Trudeau did not say is more important.
He did not say that the illegal regime change operation, sold under the guise of the “Responsibility to Protect’ (R2P) doctrine, completely destroyed Libya and made it into a hotbed for terrorists, including ISIS.

He did not say that Canada necessarily advances the reach and scope of terrorism by publicly supporting illegal regime change, by implementing illegal sanctions, by bombing and/or supporting bombing missions in Syria; by supporting all of the terrorists in Syria; by supporting the Wahhabi ideology and terror financiers, and by supporting all other countries, including NATO, that are trying to destroy Syria.

The list of omissions demonstrates the lie of Trudeau’s statement.

Trudeau ignored the reality that “cessations of hostilities” provide the terrorists with opportunities to regroup and rearm, and he ignored the fact that his words offer support to Canada’s terrorist proxies, and that they strengthen the West’s propaganda apparatus which presents the terrorists as the “good guys”, as amply documented by the West’s support and adoration of the terrorist-embedded White Helmets.

To be blunt, the script that the Prime Minister read advances the cancer of terrorism in the Middle East, and sets the stage for more war crimes, beneath the lie of “collective responsibility”.

Canadian citizens have the “collective responsibility” to learn the truth, and to hold our apparently propagandized politicians to account.
Canada should send a non-partisan fact-finding delegation to Syria; we should make amends for our government’s criminality; we should cease our alliance, and arms trade, with Wahhabi Saudi Arabia; we should end our illegal sanctions against Syria; we should leave NATO; and we should denounce all countries that willfully support terrorism.

Syrians have suffered enough.

The Syrians, being bombed out of their homes and cities by the West...have been sent on forced migrations by the millions, mainly to Europe where they sit in urban tent cities that the media has now taken to calling "Jungles"

Refugee "Jungles" in Europe

Still talking about Europe...I noted in the main$tream media recently a tendency or "meme" building up where the refugees fleeing from the war torn Middle East to Europe were ending up in makeshift urban tent cities, camps or "jungles".  This use of the adjective "jungle" to describe the camps seems racist to me...very close to calling the inhabitants "jungle bunnies".  How long before that happens?

I'm descended from Irish immigrants on both sides of the family.  It is embedded in my DNA to understand what lies (in both senses of that word) behind mass immigration.  Mass immigration is NEVER an accident or happenstance.  It's a tool, a mechanism used by the banksters for economic control.  That's it!  In the case of the Irish fleeing the "potato famine" in Ireland in the 1800's, the potato famine was manufactured by the English overlords to chase the Irish farmers off the land and out of the country.  They needed willing pioneer homesteaders in North America (and Australia) to till and populate the land.  In the case of the Irish...we were hated by the white population already settled in Canada.  We were called "drunken Irish"..."No Irish Need Apply" was a sign regularly seen in shop windows.  This forced the Irish to accept the sh!t live in substandard housing and to break the land in the wilderness of the prairie provinces.  Sound familiar?  The strategy is as old as the hills...but it works every time.  Soros and his bankster ilk are driving the latest human migrants to Europe to destroy the unions, social programs and culture, lower living standards and divide the populations. 

Calling their tent cities "jungles" is the same as the "No Irish Need Apply" signs.  Any bozo who watched any one of the dozens of videos of the drone camera surveillance of damage done by Western proxy armies to Syrian cities and to Libya as a whole would not question why these people compliantly left their homes.  Their homes no longer existed. They were deliberately destroyed by the very powers that were now directing the oppression against them in the countries of refuge.  Beating them down, forcing them to take the sh!t jobs.

Meanwhile, Russia is making friends all over the world

A few months ago, the main$tream media was all abuzz about the US pressuring Europe to levy sanctions on Russia for ostensive aggression in Ukraine and Syria.  France was forced to renege on its contract to build and deliver two "Mistral" aircraft carriers to Russia.  France was forced to monetarily compensate Russia for the broken contract.  Where did those two custom built for the Russian navy Mistral ships end up?  Well, France sold them to Egypt.  As it turns out, Egypt, having undergone a coup getting rid of the Moslem Brotherhood Puppet set up in Cairo after the Arab Spring....currently has a leader very friendly to Russia.  Now, we have a situation were Egypt and Russia are holding joint naval defense drills in the Mediterranean...with [you guessed it!] the two Mistral ships sold to Egypt and very recently outfitted with Russian helicopters.  Ya gotta love that Grand Chessmaster Putin!

And the Philippines is also on the bubble

Duterte greeting public with Chinese Leader

Now that the vassal states of the US Empire have viable alternatives...there's a major rush for the Fire Exit.  Only Canada's le Daupin is still sitting in his seat.  Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made a historic visit to China last week which was considered a "blow to US Imperialism".

Nobody can say for sure whether this absolutely shocking about-face after a century or more of vassalage foreign policy is for real.  Perhaps Duerte is just "funning" the US.  Perhaps it's all a ploy, as I've suggested in previous posts, to draw real recalcitrants out of the woodwork.  But the Chinese seem to think it's for real.  They've even inked a deal to come to the Philippines and build man-made islands off the coast.  This being the same "island-building technology" that the US is fighting China about in the South China Sea.

Modern Mysteries Continued.....

Prior to ending this RANT I will provide some brief updates to some ongoing geopolitical mysteries I've been following.  Regarding the mystery of the sinking of the Leviathan II off the coast of Vancouver Island last year.  We just passed the one year anniversary of the mysterious "capsizing" of this whale-watching boat--and still there's no report on the cause.  Some of the victims have initiated a legal action against the Whale Watching Company to recover damages while the company filed a statement of defense absolving itself of all liability and referring, cryptically, to "other parties presently unknown" as being the cause of the tragedy.  IMO, the absolute silence of officials and from the main$tream media causes me to trust my first suspicions formed right after the event.  The boat was probably hit by a military device, either a wayward torpedo or a submerged submarine.  They need two years at least to pay off and silence all the witnesses/victims.

Another more recent mystery is the assassination of the Donbass war hero known by the nickname "Motorola". Very little has come out since the murder of the military commander and his bodyguard in the elevator of Motorola's apartment building.  The high level of proficiency in the attack on Motorola points to....a very sophisticated killer.  I note that those close to the scene of the crime point to one or another local factions as possible culprits.  But the greencrow, flying very high with a birds' eye view of the situation points to the "usual suspects".  These are the same slime that go around the world assassinating all sorts of individuals who might lead their people out of the corral funneling them up to the slaughter-house ramp.

Back to Weinergate

Finally, back to the weekend US election debacle.  I haven't checked the headlines in the last hour or more and this is a very fast moving story.  Things could have changed dramatically and will likely take a few more seismic shifts prior to the election.  As it stands, IMO, the 600,000+ e-mails filed under "life insurance" on the Wiener's laptop were likely put there by him as future blackmail.  He probably lifted them off Huma's laptop and kept them there for just such a circumstance where he finds himself in the Clinton clutches.  Anyone knowing the length of their "kill list" would take such a preventative measure.  Huma probably didn't know they were there and will go "states evidence" for immunity from prosecution.  There is probably a lot of incriminating material in the e-mails...perhaps even evidence on ...say as an example...the passing of Seth Rich and other recent Democratic Party demises.

As I said earlier, FBI Director Comey was probably being himself blackmailed into announcing the investigation--by other investigators of the FBI who would have held press conferences if he hadn't sent his letters to Congress.  But a BIG reason all of the FBI finally stood up and did their jobs was the dawning reality that Donald Trump is going to win the Presidency and they would all be up the creek if they didn't legally CYA and quick.

Hillary & Co's options have narrowed greatly over the past few days.  Well, it comes down to two options:  Flee the country....stand and fight.  And these folks almost never stand and fight.  I understand Hillary Swift Banked 4 billion dollar$ to Qatar last week.  Hmmmmm...
Well, that's all for this RANT.  Bye for now.

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