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CawRANT Events #33

CawRANT events #33

Good morning, folks.  It's a gray, rainy day in the Pacific Northwest.  We've had a series of rainy and blustery storms come through for over a week now.  You have to go out between the storms.  It's supposed to start to clear up starting today.  Today, Monday, makes it two weeks since my abdominal surgery last October 3rd.  As regular readers know, I donated one of my kidneys to my husband.  Both of us are recovering very well.  I am still more tired than usual and need to stop and rest throughout the day. This morning, I slept in till 10 and feel very rested....Time for a RANT!

There is so much to cover in this RANT...stuff from here in Canada and around the world.  Some of it is sad, some VERY scary and I have added a little lightheartedness to look forward to at the end of the tunnel.

First, More Indigenous Suicides in the Canadian North

Last week the CBC reported that three young girls took their own lives within four days.  Here is part of the report:

The northern Saskatchewan communities of La Ronge and Stanley Mission are in shock after three young girls took their own lives within four days.

The girls were 12 to 14 years old.

"Everyone is on edge right now," said Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief, Tammy Cook-Searson. "It's a lot of pain to take when you lose a child and a family member."

Two of the girls were from Stanley Mission. The other girl was from La Ronge. There have been two funerals this week. The final funeral is on Saturday afternoon.

"Right now, we're still grieving, but at the same time we know we have to set up the support systems," said Cook-Searson.

Cook-Searson said she's been in contact with the families of the girls. She said despite their grief, the families have come together to start a difficult conversation about how to stop this from happening to another young person in the community.

"They are devastated by their deaths, but they also have ideas for us too," said Cook-Searson "They've been very supportive of each other..."

I will say here that there has to be some answers to these tragedies. Interesting that the report does not say how the young teens killed themselves...drugs?   My suspicion is that these young girls were compromised years ago.  What was it?  Child sexual abuse?  Parental negligence/violence? Poverty and depression go hand in hand.  The Canadian Federal Government (responsible for Aboriginals in Canada) needs to stop all its international meddling and grandstanding and get to work devising a long term plan for the Canadian North, including its residents.  Housing, education and employment is key. 

Canada cannot preach to others until this epidemic of indigenous suicides is transparently investigated and solved!

Philippines Hurricanes - weaponized weather/geological events?

In my post on Haiti, yesterday, I speculated that the Perps were using weaponized weather to punish countries not falling into the globalist line.  Haiti, Japan and Thailand have been, IMO, previously victimized by man-made hurricanes, combined with underwater nuclear explosions creating catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis.  I discussed how the Perps used a man made earthquake to destroy Haiti in 2010 so that Bill Clinton could take it over, develop it along western lines and use disaster relief as his own piggy bank.

Some conspiracy theorists will not go there (weaponized weather/geological events) and deny the existence of HAARP style weaponry.  I say...if it's possible (and Tesla guides me here) to do these things scientifically, then you can bet that the perps are already doing them.  Anyone who think's they're not either has their heads buried deep in the sand or stuffed up their @$$es.

Witness, how, shortly after Philippines President Duterte started dissing the US, hurricanes started hitting the is a report how one hurricane has already hit the Philippines and a second one is on its way.  With HAARP (and related) technology...the perps can create and move these Hurricanes around the planet like the moveable dial on a Ouija Board.  The only relief would be if Russia has also developed this technology as a counter threat to keep the perps somewhat in check.

Strategy of Tension x 100

Speaking of Russia...the past two weeks have seen a dramatic escalation in the tension and relentless march to some kind of show-down and possible WWIII.  I feel like I'm living in a bubble of knowledge here in my own social circle.  Everyone else is oblivious to what's going on internationally...going their merry way....while the tension and threats keep ratchetting upwards.  One little miscue or over reach on either side could destroy the planet. 

It seems that every time Putin/Russia flex their muscles...the West responds with a media avalanche of vitriol, lies and slander and threats.  As an example, Putin and the rest of the BRICS economic group met in Goa, India last week for a regular meeting.  BRICS, with its membership of Brazil (now sidelined with the coup against the democratically elected Rousseff last summer) Russia, India, China and South the biggest threat to the globalist cartel.  You gotta know that they would try to steal the headlines from such a meeting.

Sure enough, there were two such stories to siphon off media focus on the BRICS meeting.  First, was the rumoured build-up of US/NATO military power on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia...just a cruise missile's throw away from Goa.  Apparently, planes are so numerous they've been parked on the highway and ships are in anchor gridlock in the surrounding Indian Ocean.  I don't know whether this alternative media was true or was planted dysinfo...but I saw it as a direct threat to the BRICS meeting.

The second story was the assassination of the commander of the Donetsk army, "Motorola".  He was cowardly murdered by way of a bomb planted in the elevator of his apartment building.  First, why was this high target individual living in civilian housing?  He and his colleagues like his best friend "Givi" should be lodged with their families on secure military bases.  Russia should look into having these set up.  Secondly, The methodology (IED in an elevator) is pure Ziofascism.  Bombing is what they dooooooo.  It stinks of ziofacism and I can smell it all the way over to here.  So we know that Israel is playing a major role in the Ukraine conflict (as if we didn't already know that...after the MH17 incident.)
I would ask my readers not to underestimate the importance of this incident.  This was not only a dagger to the heart of Novorossiyan was aimed at Putin himself.  It was putting him on notice (like he isn't already on notice) that a campaign of high target assassinations has begun in Ukraine/Russia and the efforts will escalate right up to Putin himself.  That's the message of the assassination of Motorola.

Quid pro quo

Meanwhile, back in the West...where we Truthers are being held hostage by a "bodyguard of lies"...WikiLeaks has been revealing the scope and extent of government and Clinton corruption.  Just as one small example, here is a report on how Clinton was dangling FBI promotions and assignments before the FBI agents as reward for burying some of the damning Clinton e-mails as "classified".

It will take years to go through all the WikiLeaks evidence against Clinton.  I referred to some of it in my post of yesterday about how the leaks have revealed how the Clinton Foundation misused billions of Haitian aid for their own investment and personal bank accounts.  Most of the coverage of the WikiLeaks scandals and other government war crimes such as what is really going on in Aleppo...have come from the intrepid Russian news channel RT.

It was only a matter of time before the US 'gubermint' responded.  Today a declaration of war on freedom of the press and the alternative media (including the blogosphere) was made:

Going for the Russia media jugular

RT Bank Accounts Blocked in UK

Fittingly, the announcement came from the arch liar, BBC.  All the RT bank accounts are going to be blocked in the UK.  If you watch the video above, you will learn the implications this has for all media and including us bloggers.  According to the above report, The government is going to give itself the power to freeze all personal bank accounts in the alternate media.  In my case, I don't pay anything to run this blog (Blogger offers this excellent service for far at least) but they could freeze my personal bank accounts and even my old age pension! 

The war on truth has begun in earnest and as I've said...even if we have to resort to handwritten pamphlets pinned to telephone posts in our own communities, humanity is hard-wired to seek the truth to bring order to our environment.  Ergo, this dark, foreboding threat is a threat against all humanity.

Light at the end of the dark tunnel

As promised, I saved a few light-hearted tidbits for last.  This past Saturday Night was the season opener for my hockey team, The Vancouver Canucks.  All the sports pundits are predicting that this could be the worse year yet for the Canucks and they could, horror of all horrors, finish LAST in the league (last season they were third last).  Some locals even wrote a very funny parody song about it that you can watch here.

The good news is that in their first two games of the season, The Canucks posted two dramatic come-from-behind victories.  So, we're unbeaten so far!

Lastly, I have a news story from my hometown, Sudbury Ontario.  When I was growing up in Sudbury, it seemed that every home in our neighbourhood had a big crab apple tree in the back yard.  Johnny Appleseed must have run out of "real" apple trees when he came up north to plant trees in Canada.  Our home was no exception and we had a huge crab apple tree in our back yard that my mother used to make my brothers climb every fall to collect the apples.  She made crab apple jellies and jams and even pies!  One time my brother fell out of the tree and broke his arm.

Well, here is a story about four bears eating crab apples in a tree in Sudbury, Ontario.  Enjoy.

That's about it for this cawRANT, folks, have to get out for a fresh air walk.  Bye for now.

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