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UPDATED: With a Trump Landslide a Possibility...Truth and Reconciliation Must Be Considered

UPDATED:  September 22, 2016 - "Must Watch" Video of UN Peace Delegation to Syria gives press conference.  Several of the delegates talk about the importance of "Truth and Reconciliation" and "Restorative Justice" vis a vis healing the conflict caused by USrael in Syria.  It shows how common and accepted the concepts are elsewhere.

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Occurrences - News Journalism and More has kindly linked to my post below concerning Truth and Reconciliation over the 9/11 (events and aftermath).  I appreciate the "Occurrences" Blog very much as it simplifies the daily task of getting an overview of geopolitical events from the alternative blog perspective AND it has an ecumenical approach, inclusive of the lesser known blogs like mine.  So, below is what Occurrences said about my proposal, built on that of Carl Herman, to have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up to (finally) begin the long delayed journey towards Truth, Justice and Healing from the crimes and aftermath of 9/11.  I will have more thoughts and comments to follow:

The blogger known as Greencrow presents an interesting discussion of the Truth and Reconciliation ideas promulgated by Carl Herman and noted here at Washington’s Blog just recently. I urge you to read them and Greencrow’s response.

She works on what she calls a sliding scale as she is willing to address and accept the idea under certain circumstances. For example, she mentions the window for admission of guilt as ranging from a few days up to 30. She suggests a mandatory prison term of a year for any found guilty of anything to do with 9/11. She mentions the force of law, the publication of findings, the awards of damages using monies seized from the perpetrating organizations (noting the media, especially), etc. She says something must come of the effort. She does not mention how “we” will summon the force of the law when the force of the law is tightly controlled by the perps themselves. The real difficulty is the slide from admission of culpability into change, transformation, etc. I suggest that since all corporations have the standing of persons they be indicted for murder and the companies or agencies found guilty be banished (put to legal death). But she’s seconded the discussion started by Carl Herman. The floor is now open for the input of all. Raise the questions and issues in your own communities, families, churches, circles of discussion and places of employment.

First, just one correction.  I believe I said that the window for amnesty (I said immunity) would be for ANYONE who came forward with truth and evidence within the window of opportunity time frame.  Even if the individual were guilty of crimes relating to 9/11...I believe if they came forward with hard evidence they should be granted complete immunity.  This would not only encourage individuals to come forward, but it would compensate for the extreme danger they would put themselves in by doing so.

I considered the question of how to "summon the law" when the law is controlled by the perps themselves in the comments following the post.  In a response to wallflower I suggested setting up an international court of prominent folks who are "honest brokers"...and courageous, I might add... because being on such a commission might be dangerous to your health.  I even had the temerity to "list" a few and included myself at the end. I was going to put a smiley face after but decided not to.   I thought, why volunteer others but not myself?

Finally, the reason I started to seriously consider Truth and Reconciliation as an option is because I am now thinking that Donald Trump will (unless he is assassinated and/or there is an enormous False Flag...unfortunately this is a distinct possibility) become the next President of the United States.  Here is a recent poll from

If the election were held today, who would you vote for? (The corporate media is rigging their polls)


3% (58 votes)


97% (1955 votes)
Total votes: 2013

I don't think the cabal can rig the election, given the numbers reported above.  They are now considering their options...and so should we.  We Should never corner a dangerous animal.  We should always allow them an escape route and then try to capture them without endangering ourselves.  Think about it.  Unless the perps are given a way out...they could pull a "Samson Option" (go nuclear) or some such.

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission will solve several urgent issues that will likely arise if Trump is elected:

1.  Trump will have to deal with all the horrific mess left by Billary/Dubya/Obomber AS WELL AS the unfinished business of the non-9/11 investigation.  Let's allow him to tackle the problems of the United States and take this off his hands.

2.  The Perps will be put off balance by the consideration that some of their number could be opting to go before the Commission and spill the beans.  Of course, witnesses will be allowed to testify in secret at first due to the extreme danger they will be in.  AND this will mess greatly with the minds of the perps.  As time goes by, more and more of them will turn themselves in.

3.  The risk of assassination to Trump will be lessened because the entire matter (of the 9/11 crimes and aftermath) will be out of Trump's hands.  He will be able to claim he is unable to even discuss the matter because "it is before the Commission".  Again, he will be able to do what he's been elected for.

4.  Some of the perpetrators of the crimes of 9/11 are probably already ready to come forward and "ease the burden on their hearts".  So much time has passed, but the grief and the destruction goes on.  Surely, some of them would welcome the opportunity to come clean before they "meet their maker".  All they need is a safe forum.  And they don't want to risk the uncertainty of a Trump presidency, where he comes across some unpleasant "discoveries" on his desk....and is forced to act on the information.

The missing piece of the puzzle, I have to admit, is the "catalyzing event" (lol, even I have to laugh at this twisted use of the neocon "Pearl Harbour" metaphor).  Some might say just the election of Trump might be enough.  I have my doubts.  I think there needs to be something more....perhaps getting Putin so mad (provoking him in Syria, for instance) that he tells the world what HE knows about 9/11.  Now, THAT might do it.

In summary, I think this is an idea that really needs to be considered...while we still have some options. 


james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
this is a legal issue and there is a practice in place already to deal with this. It's called "turning State's evidence". Of course, the legal system would need to be cleansed first for this to work - as it would for any T&R Commission to work.

Efforts would be better spent looking at the legal system first. With the corruption swept from the legal system, everything else will fall into place as a consequence of the law being applied correctly.

One of my bugbears is that the legal system undergirds and facilitates ALL other corruption.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Yes, the legal system should be the first recourse. But 15 years have passed and the legal system hasn't done squat. Oh yes, I almost forgot, there IS a dual citizen judge in New York who has paid off all the families for their silence....

Sometimes, like in apartheid South Africa and with the indigenous communities of Canada, the public needs to be able to publically witness to the truth before the judicial wheels are prompted to start turning again...if they ever will.

james@wpc said...

If Truth and Reconciliation Commissions were ever to become Truth and RESTITUTION Commissions with full legal authority, THEN you might achieve something of lasting benefit. Until then, you will always have a 'damage control operation' on your hands, as the T&R Comms in SA and Canada have turned out to be.

greencrow said...

There is an element of CYA in all Truth and Reconciliation Commissions. It is a matter of the "glass half full". Either we go on ad infinitum with NO JUSTICE for the victims of 9/ have the same perps in power no matter what political party gets elected....committing the same genocides, mass murders and planetary destruction. How much longer?

Ed(itor) said...

A response from the editor at Occurrences....

Thanks for the compliment, thanks for extending the discussion, and keep up the good work.


Ed(itor) said...

A response from the Ed(tor) of Occurrences... thanks for the compliment, thanks for extending the discussion, and keep up the good work. And raise a glass to the memory of Kenny....

greencrow said...

Hi Ed:

You're welcome! and thanks for the reminder to remember Kenny. PBUH. He passed from this mortal coil on September 18, 2015. To this day, when something BIG happens...I sometimes wonder "What would Kenny think"?

Kenny was a great writer and blogger. He was also a superlative mentor of other "would be" bloggers. We miss him but try to carry on his spirit. I really miss that guy.

wallflower said...

Hey Greencrow,

I agree with James@wpc. "States evidence" has not worked...and it still incriminates innocent people. The whole system is rotten to the core. First the Law and its givers/enforcers need to be held higher...and there is not one who can safely stand on his own innocence. Corruption breeds corruption. And to be honest, Trump is going to bring this about. He IS a lackey for Israel BIG TIME. The election is rigged by not only big money donors, but by manipulation and deception of votes/voters. Trump and Clinton are two faces of the same coin. You may not believe this...but as a student of the fall of the Roman Empire is on the verge of another fall/collapse. The scenes of today vs. the history of Rome match with all of its 'democracy' intact. The West (democracy) was made in the image of the Roman Empire, operates in its same shadow, and in it's identical corruption will find it's end. Your commission is noble, but it absolutely will not find a platform under, in, or around Trump. It's not a matter of a glass full or empty...its a matter of having no glass at all. Trump is a con, Clinton is a murderer, and they both are mouthpieces to the same evil stronghold...Israel.

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower:

Thanks for your comment...and for keeping this thread alive! : )

All it takes is one honest judge to cleanse the system...just as all it takes is one rotten apple (judge) to contaminate the barrel.

You have given me an opportunity to make a marvelous suggestion to Donald Trump. During the first upcoming debate, he should make an announcement that as soon as he is sworn in, he will set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate 9/11 and its aftermath.

This would be a genius move on the level of Karl Rove because it would:

1. Surprise/scare the hell out of the perps and you might even see it reflected in the surprise on Hillary Clinton's face! Don't forget, it was her husband, Billary, who set up the 9/11 attacks. They were good to go when Dubya took over.

2. What could Hillary and her ilk say in response? Could they say they objected? On what grounds. Any objection to bringing closure to the country and to the families would bring suspicion of complicity in the events. This would go for the main$tream media as well. Any objection will be evidence of "something to hide".

3. It would get Trump off the hook during the rest of the campaign and afterwards...he could deflect all questions about 9/11 to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He might even start throwing out possible names for members of the committee.

4. Finally, it would be hugely popular with at least 50% of Americans who don't believe the official story.

Can someone post this on "Twitter"? I don't go there but understand Trump does. All this political strategizing takes me back to my early and brief career as a "backroom boy" for a federal politician. It's a win/win for everyone....except the 9/11 perps.

greencrow said...

Oh...and if Trump refuses and/or gives lame excuses...listen carefully. In his response, you will also learn who, if anyone, pulls his strings. Some already have their suspicions...IMO, his response will provide conclusive proof.

Like I say...It's win/win for everyone but the criminally complicit.

Ed(itor) said...

Go for it, GC. I don't have a Twiter account but there are other ways. We blog. Despite the best efforts of some major companies in the blogosphere, people do read us. I'm "0ut of the office" at the moment so let me ask you to let that multi-pointed proposition percolator a while, then re-visit it, polish it up if it needs it or add to it as time goes on, and then type it up into a neat little package. You can do it as your own blog entry -- it is your creation, after all -- but I will "mirror" it and forward it to others.

I surmise, to the best of my IT abilities, that I have a worldwide readership that numbers over ten thousand. I'm not boasting; I'm not even really sure. But many of my readers have their own web sites and put me on their internal blogroll. I installed the system Feedlot which monitors traffic, so I can see (and I can see even more detail inside my own "dashboard") who is reading me. Lately there are a lot of people (and bots) scanning the archives topically. I know I have readers from Google News, CNN and others; these people want to keep their fingers on the pulse too. The reason I have so many readers, as do you and many of the people in Kenny's world, is that the world is hungry for investigative reporting and analysis that goes way beyond the mainstream media and its propaganda and disinformation. I was encouraged to make the stretch into a higher "league" by Kenny and I miss him too.

Ed(itor) said...

Oh, and by the way, this discussion gives me an opening to talk about one of my favorite ideas. It is perhaps self-serving, but I feel that there ought to be a "league" of people like us -- you can nominate many names I'd nominate too -- to compare and share notes. In particular, I'd like to learn from others what they know about the technical side of blogging, the IT skills, the right approaches, etc. Such "collaboration" does not mean that we'd have to give up or merge/submerge our own identities, political leanings, or spirit. Each would always have the freedom to retain their own sovereignty. But each of us have special interests and special focal point, and there is a good deal more commonality than difference. The first thing is to draw a map and a list or database of characters; someone asked about Rita from SITE the other day, for example. But your idea about Trump would be an example of how we might double or triple our impact. And it would enhance accuracy, credibility and perhaps even provide for a means of financial support. I do what I do for free, and I will continue to do that. But my "contract" with my host is coming up for renewal. I'd like to insure that it's time well-spent.


greencrow said...

Hi Ed:

Thanks for your further comments. I'm always letting things percolate...walking my dogs and thinking is great percolation. New ideas are constantly emerging.

I hope that this idea, with your help, will get some exposure. The more I think about it...I am amazed that it hasn't cropped up till now. I first thought about it as a result of Carl Herman's he's the originator.

What gravitates me to it, I guess, is it's a symbiosis of my two backgrounds in law and social work. I was a legal secretary in my first career and a frontline child protection social worker in my second career (stay-at-home mom in between...a good background as well, IMO).

In terms of a league of bloggers. IMO, it's essential for geopolitical/truth bloggers to network. It keeps down the paranoia that's an occupational hazard. Also as you suggest, getting tips on technology is desirable. Most of's kind of like a union. We watch each other's backs. If we see something odd about a blog...we can e-mail and ask if the blogger knows about it. We can buck each other up during difficult times and generally provide support.

I have two colleagues (both Canadians like I am) who I keep in touch with from time to time...although we are all adamant individualists and don't always agree on issues...although we do agree on general principles of 9/11 truth, Middle East, etc.


are these bloggers. I know you know them because you frequently link to their posts.

So, we've run the Truth and Reconciliation/Restorative justice idea up the flag pole and now we'll see who salutes.


Ed(itor) said...

Well, I'll do my best to take your ideas and your "prompt" to Trump to a higher level. If you have not done so, you should drop a comment in at George Washington's blog. Some unnamed part-time author at GeoWash was a co-author with Wayne Madsen on one of his books, so talk about networking ...

As for our newly-born "league", I know of and knew you'd add the two you did, because I can see the self-referral net working. I have no problem with them. What I feel would be really advantageous as a "league" benefit is that the network could and would extend to people from different cultures, geographies and viewpoints. And the extended benefit of an interactive league would be that someone could correct me when I make a bonehead mistake. Communications tends to be corrective, insertional and educational; people can learn things they did not know. I have learned much since I got onto the Internet; some would be I have become radicalized. So I want to hear from someone when I make a mindless statement. The network is especially useful when we are talking about regional stories in regions we don't know a lot about. It'd come in handy when time is of the essence and we need to do a lot of fast research on an event, an incident.. when a breaking news story like one of those recent false flag events pops up. And we're going into a time frame when we need to be on alert about such things on the borders of Europe and Russia, or in the Far Pacific, or in the Syrian/Turkish arena. Getting on top of something like that will go a long way towards bringing our favorite cretins to justice.


greencrow said...

Hi Ed:

Great. I was hoping you were interested in the loosely formed group we have. Penny, NTS and I check each other's blogs daily, and I always check when I see you've posted on yours, so we're already doing the "checking in" thing. We also comment on each other's views from time to time....not extensively as we're all busy with our own posts. Penny is our ME expert. I used to do a lot of back and forth with James Corbett of the Corbett Report and was even part of one of his "open source" investigations. That was fun. It was about MH17. If you want to e-mail me without publication you can use the e-mail at the top of my blog. I will look into posting a comment at George Washington's blog. I'm getting the feeling that Americans aren't too familiar with Truth and Reconciliation or Restorative Justice concepts...other than yourself. Has the concept ever been used in the US?