Monday, September 19, 2016

"Win Win" - The Rovian Rogue Deep State Mind

Syrian Army

The International Community is still in shock over the events of the past weekend--a high level stand off between the two super powers...on the sands of Syria and then in the halls of the United Nations. But, when you analyze it, the plan as leaked below, that involves co-ordination between the US, ISIS in attacking the Syrian Army, is genius. One wonders whether turdblossom, Karl Rove, even had a hand in concocting it.

Here is the latest revelation...and I will have more thoughts and comments to follow:

The ISIS launched attacks on the Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzor only 7 minutes after the US-led coalition's airstrikes on Saturday, a military source said, adding that the air and ground assault were highly coordinated, According to FNA report.
The source said after the coalition's pounding of the Syrian army near Deir Ezzor airbase, the ISIS could take full control of al-Tharda mountain and then Deir Ezzor military base, adding that the army and national defense forces deployed near the airbase immediately won it back from the terrorists by launching a counterattack.

Noting that Deir Ezzor is now almost in tranquility and no change has occurred in the military map of the region, the source said by attacking the Syrian army positions, the US seeks to prevent military operations to break the terrorists' siege on the city.

The source said the simultaneous raid of the ISIL terrorists immediately after the coalition airstrikes is the best evidence of the high coordination done between the US and the terrorists.
Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that four strikes against Syrian positions had been delivered by US-led coalition aircraft, including two F-16 jet fighters and two A-10 support aircraft.

The Syrian military called the bombing a "serious and blatant aggression" against Syrian forces, and said it was "conclusive evidence" that the US and its allies support ISIL militants.

Also on Sunday, the Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman blasted Washington over the recent airstrikes near Deir Ezzor, and said such moves serves the interests of the ISIS terror group.

"If previously we had suspicions that Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly known as al-Nusra Front) is protected this way, now, after Saturday airstrikes on the Syrian army we come to a really terrifying conclusion for the entire world: The White House is defending the ISIL," Maria Zakharova said.

"We demand a full and detailed explanation from Washington. That explanation must be given at the UN Security Council," she added.

Russia has demanded full and detailed explanation from Washington over the incident in Deir Ezzor, in which 62 Syrian troops were killed and over 100 injured.

Think about it.  The United States has all these ISIS proxy forces on their hands in the middle east.  They're becoming an embarrassment and an encumbrance.  First, because everybody knows that the US is up to it's @$$ in terrorist, head-chopping balaclava-hooded alligators and, second, because now they're getting out of control.  Whether they were ever in control of their makers is another issue entirely.

Now, with Turkey threatening to roam off the range and the proxies even running a few American special forces out of town in northern Syria the other day...the situation was critical.  What to do!  What to do? Fortunately, there are a few genius strategists available...perhaps including Karl Rove...perhaps not....who devised the perfect plan.  Even with all the kerfuffle at the UN still stands up to scrutiny.  It still attained its goals.

First, line up all the superfluous proxies and co-ordinate an assault on the Syrian soldiers who were laying siege to an ISIS-held town.  Then "mistakenly" bomb the Syrian soldiers.  Then, have ISIS attack the town as sort of a "mopping up" exercise.  By this time, no doubt, the Russians will have detected the illegal bombing of the Syrians and the Russian jets will fly in to kill the ISIS proxies.  Voila!  It's a "Win Win". Two birds with one stone....the Yanks got to kill a lot of Syrian soldiers...AND then the Rooskies were used to eliminate the troublesome proxies!

A few half-hearted mea culpas at the United Nations afterwards is a very small price to pay.

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