Saturday, September 24, 2016

UPDATED: White Helmets are The "Usual Suspects"

UPDATE:  September 24, 2016 BBC is reporting that Millions of Syrians living in Aleppo are now without water.  Syrian forces bombed the water facilities in terrorist-held quarters of the city and, in retaliation, terrorists turned off the water to the rest of the city.  Hmmmmmm is this yet another White Helmet - "humanitarian" initiative to enable the much sought after "No Fly Zone"?  Qui Bono?

White Helmets in Syria
The "Usual Suspect" Bombers?

Recently, during an interview with Associated Press, Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad was asked by the interviewer what he thought of the "White Helmets", a so-called NGO operating in the terrorist held areas of Syria, being nominated for a Nobel Peace Price.  Assad came as close to laughing as he has for months...perhaps years.  And rightly so.  This group is being paid 23 million Dollars per year by the US State Department...hardly an independent their self-promoting literature touts.

This group seems, fortuitously for the terrorists and their handlers, always on hand when there is a bombing, or an assassination, or an anti-Syrian government demonstration.  Watch the video above for proof.  Watch, as the "White Helmets" quickly bag the body of a young man summarily executed in the street by terrorists.  What a coincidence!  Did the altruistic sorts just happen to be walking nearby with a body-bag?

What about the most recent atrocity in Syria?  The bombing of the UN convoy in the terrorist-held area of Aleppo.  A "White Helmet" just happened to be filming in the area and captured the burned out trucks. A few more of these "coinkydynks" and the White Helmets will have to, like "al Jewsra" before them, change their names.  May I suggest "Black Helmets"?

After all he's been through, Assad deserved a good laugh. All kidding aside I don't doubt the Nobel Prize WILL be awarded to the "White Helmets".  After all, they gave it to the Obomber, didn't they?  In answer to the question about "how [he] felt about the nomination of the White Helmets for a Nobel Peace Prize"...after he stopped chuckling, Assad said in his inimical eloquence:  "Before I answer that question, you will have to tell me whether or not the White Helmets are politicized...and whether or not the Nobel Peace Prize has been politicized.  Once I have the answers to those two questions, I will answer your question".


Watch the full interview with Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad:

Yet another fabulous example of
President Assad running rational rhetorical
circles around a robotic M$M interviewer


Penny said...

Well they do call it the 'war theatre' GC??

AQ/ISIS occupying a section of Aleppo dons their white hats and are presented as good guys- white vs black
i said somewhere else it's psychological manipulation 101

We saw the same occuring with ISIS and the Kurds- I have posts on this at my blog
where ISIS would change their garb and blend in with the kurds
in other words they took off the black scarf and put on the colourful one the kurds often wear
we saw this originally when ISIS took Mosul also
so called Iraqi army changed into ISIS and disappeared amongst the ISIS marauders

war theatre!

not the 'war theatre' aka locale - war theatre!- when puppet strings are being pulled

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

You called it "theatre" correctly. Just like they control "Hollywood", the usual suspects control the image of the proxy combatants and enablers (so-called "White Hats" in the Middle East.

I also wonder if it's to Googlize the term "white hat". Previously, white hat when you googled it brought up the "good guys" lying low in the Pentagon who objected to the warmongering. Now, of course if you googled "White Hats" you would get the "Nobel Peace Prize Nominees". No one will ever know that there were or perhaps still are...dissidents in the US War Machine Pentagon...trying to stave off WWIII.