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UPDATED WITH BREAKING NEWS: Waiting for the other shoe to drop - must watch videos and more

UPDATED:  September 17, 2016 Events are moving very quickly they often do when control begins slipping from the PTB.  First, as my blogging colleague Penny For Your Thoughts has reported, the US has attacked Syrian soldiers near an airbase in Syria and killed and wounded around 100.  This is a provocative escalation that can only be seen as an attempt to create a timely diversion.  Secondly, on the domestic front, a Democratic Senator has announced that Trump will have "blood on his hands should Hillary be assassinated"....all very foreboding.

Hillary's shoe left on pavement after her 9/11 collapse
Has her electoral coach turned into a pumpkin???

Time for another update on the most "deplorable" election in the history of Democracy.  Not just the history of the United States, but the entire history of democracy...going way back to the Magna Carta signed on the fields of Runnymede, England by a tyrannical king.  The bought and paid for criminally culpable US Main$tream media is relentlessly focusing on Hillary's health.  Here is a report I copied from a few days ago:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign: ‘Nothing short of a disaster’

The repercussions just keep rolling in: Hillary Clinton’s recent decision to call Donald Trump’s fans a “basketful of deplorables” has turned into “nothing short of a crisis” for the Democratic presidential nominee, says veteran pollster John Zogby. Ah, but it gets worse. “The entire fainting and pneumonia issue is nothing short of a disaster,” he continues, noting that the distress and drama of Mrs. Clinton’s health challenges have prompted voters to ask visceral questions about her truthfulness and judgment.

“This has all been badly done. New polls have come out that show Clinton down 5 points in Ohio, down in Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada and Iowa — and none of these polls reflect more than just one day’s sample. A new CBS Tracking Poll now shows her leading Trump 42 percent to 40 percent. I probably shouldn’t speculate, but I suspect she will lose a few more points,” Mr. Zogby continues.

“But the real crisis here is how she gets back on track. She will most likely have a good debate performance on Sept. 26. But then she still has to deal with the ‘deplorables’ thing because of what it reveals about her and her supporters. And then the release of her emails in October. She is in a tough spot.”

In my last post on the topic, I stepped back from my initial position, somewhat, which was that the Health issues of Hillary were just an act/smokescreen.  I originally posited that she has a borderline personality disorder, which I still believe.  Like many people "suffering" from BPD...she was feigning health concerns, typically "concussions" to cover up and explain anti social and/or unethical/criminal behavior.  After reviewing more information on her recent 9/11 collapse and the aftermath...I granted that Hillary might also have some serious chronic health issues, in addition to the diagnosis of pneumonia.  Her hocking up a hairball sized ball of green phlegm during her speech, the Friday night prior to the Sunday, September 11, 2016 collapse, drew me to this explanation for her recent behavior.

Other blogging colleagues, including Northerntruthseeker yesterday, are even speculating that she might be dead or dying due to rampant inconsistencies in the media coverage of her campaign appearances.  I viewed the video put up by NTS and agree that there is something sinister about her "non appearance" at campaign events.  Folks, one would have thought that after the scandal surrounding her collapse and the secret prior diagnosis of pneumonia, Hillary's campaign managers would have picked up the pace and the quality of her interractions with the public through the media.  One would have thought there would be videos and/or photos of her lying in bed there was of John Kerry subsequent to his "bicycle accident" last year.  This would have been the responsible way of assuring the public that she was indeed alive and recovering from her obvious serious health issues.

But NO!  The mystery continues to surround Hillary and her health.  Why?  Why all the drama and mystery?  IMO, it is to continue to divert from an even more deadly crisis surrounding the Hillary electoral campaign...the allegations of mammoth fraud regarding her "pay to play" Clinton Foundation.  Fraud and corruption on a scale that boggles the mind.  How could these people, Hill and Billary, be SO greedy?!  Read the next several paragraphs and watch the accompanying videos and you will likely agree that the health issue IS being used to divert focus from the criminal fraud issue which is evidenced in the private e-mails of Hillary Clinton.  I will have further thoughts and comments to follow:

As promised, WikiLeaks dumped another batch of e-mails from Hillary's e-mail server this week.  Main$tream Media is downplaying the information contained in the extent of burying it.  Who is so powerful behind the scenes in the Western media that can run them like a military steel drum band?  I guess if you leave a few "cautionary tales" the bullet ridden body of Sean Rich on the empty early morning streets of Washington, CAN control events via the "news".

The alternate media is looking at the information in the e-mails and here is a very good "must watch" summary of some of it:

Reviewing the latest batch of Hillary e-mails
on NextNews.  According to this video
Sean Rich died after whistleblowing this information
Tip of the Hat to American Everyman for
this link

According to the video, lucrative and powerful government positions were being sold to the highest bidders (read donors) by officials in the Democratic fund the Clinton campaign.  One ambassador received her position within hours of handing over her cheque. Refresh my memory...isn't selling government jobs against the law?  Shouldn't someone be arrested?  According to the commentator in the video...this scandal should rival or be greater than the crimes of Watergate...why isn't it?

Bill Still Reporting
The Greatest Fraud in US History
100 BILLION dollars????!!!

A very good summary
of the blockbuster news that is being covered up
by Hillary's "Health Issues"

Colin Powell and Bohemian Grove

Yes, folks, the public is still waiting for the other shoe to drop...and for Hillary to finally drop out of the race.  Otherwise, the run up to November 4th could be a very long "Weekend at Bernie's'".  Certainly, with the above information no doubt going to be brought up during the coming debates...Hillary is going to have to pull some rabbits out of hats to divert attention from it.  Meanwhile, Hillary's "friend" Colin Powell, through HIS hacked e-mails is providing even more scandal as potential grist for the coming debates "mill".

One really wonders why these political elites don't ASS-U-me that all their e-mails are subject to hacking.  In the past week we've had former Bush factotum, four star general Colin Powell coming out with all nature of embarrassing revelations.  Canadians were tickled indeed (NOT) to learn that our former prime minister Stephen Harper sat beside Colin at the occult man-fest Bohemian Grove.

Colin Powell, is a veritable "chatty Cathy" as it turns out, e-mailing all sorts of people with delicious morsels of political observations...

"Hillary screws everything up" Israel has nukes....

Donald is a "disgrace"...and a "Pariah"....The only good news is that, according to Colin, Donald Trump is not on the list of Bohemian Grove attendees

Powell's Bohemian Grove Revelations
prove that Trump is an "Outsider"

Back to Hillary...Colin observed that she has "unbridled ambition" while Bill was still fornicating with "Bimbos" back in the home.

Summary and Conclusions:

This is one of those issues where Murphy's Law rules.  No sooner will I suggest that I'm leaning back towards the health being a smokescreen to divert and cover up from all the other absolutely shocking and [in a parallel universe] politically fatal issues...than Hillary will hock up another hairball.  Suffice it to say (yuk) it is a "fluid" situation.

But my advice to readers is...keep your eyes on the bouncing ball.  And the bouncing ball is the "Pay to Play" Clinton Foundation scandal being covered up by the FBI's withholding of and the [criminally illegal] destruction of Hillary's e-mails.


Penny said...

apologies gc- the US has intentionally struck SAA at Deir a Zour- killing 62 injuring at least 100- after which ISIS over ran the base

this is ugly

greencrow said...

OK Penny, I will have a look. What links should I and the readers go to? I will check your blog.