Sunday, September 18, 2016

US Syrian War Atrocity - Who Did It?

WANTED - Ashton Carter
US Secretary of Defense
for ordering war crimes against the
sovereign state of Syria OR
gross negligence/incompetence
leading to mass death/casualties

Who is responsible for the latest international crisis caused by ostensible "mistakes" by the US Air Force...leading to mass death and casualties?  The circle of suspects is narrowing.  Sunday pundits and alternate bloggers, notably Wayne Madsen, have pointed their fingers at the above suspect, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

“I would blame squarely [US] Defense Secretary [Ashton] Carter for this war atrocity,” Madsen said, adding that Carter wants to let Takfiri terrorists “run amok.”

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 80 soldiers were killed in the attacks.

The Syrian General Command referred to the incident as a “serious and blatant aggression” against the Syrian army, adding that it was also “conclusive evidence" that the US-led coalition is supporting Daesh militants.

Immediately after the US attack, Daesh launched a major offensive in the region and briefly took control of it before Syrian forces managed to retake it.

Russia blasted the attacks, with Vitaly Churkin, Moscow’s ambassador to the UN, saying that the US airstrikes did not seem to be a mistake

In my first post yesterday, after news broke of yet another "tragic mistake" of the US air force...causing mass deaths and casualties....I suggested that Russia demand that whoever was responsible for the "self admitted" negligence should be fired a way of proving that it was, indeed an accident.

That step [common place in the parallel universe that applies to all humanity save the US government] is NEVER taken by the United States.  They never accept responsibility and/or punish the guilty/grossly and criminally negligent bureaucrat.  Also cause for termination was the deportment of so-called "diplomat", US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power yesterday in refusing to sit down and talk with the Russian Ambassador...calling his legitimate calling of a UNSC meeting a "stunt".  If Samantha Power cannot conduct herself in a diplomatic/professional manner...she should get out of the UN.

WANTED: UN Ambassador Samantha Power
  for undermining and endangering World Peace
by refusing to sit down in a professional diplomatic
manner to discuss an international crisis

In fact, this brings to mind my long held opinion that the United Nations should be moved out of New York and the US.  It should be placed on an island in an ocean...making everyone have to travel long distances to get there.  I have suggested the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean....this would have the dual advantage of removing it as a secret rendition destination for the perps. Maybe if Power had to fly a long distance to reach her job, and not just walk down the street...she might have more respect for her office and the institution of the United Nations.  Additionally, it is far too easy for American Ziofascists to create an intimidating/threatening atmosphere and/or cause serious distraction to events at the United Nations--by placing well timed bombs in garbage containers like they did last night.  The criminally culpable mainstream media obediently placed a cone of silence around Power's unprofessional deportment at the UN while endlessly perseverating about the false flag explosions.

There's also a rumour that the usual suspects are going to activate domestic sleeper cell "ISIS" terror groups for a spate of false flags, starting last night and leading up to the (s)election.  Yet another good reason to move the UN.

So, in summary, there is no cloud that doesn't have a silver lining.  Although the US military seems to think it has got away with yet another cowardly sucker punch of an innocent and unsuspecting victim...there have been some positives emerging from the war crime.  Below is a list of some of them:

-  It has become crystal clear that there are at least two warring factions in the US government.  In future, Russia and the rest of the world is going to demand to know exactly what faction they are dealing with.  All peace agreements will have to be signed by the State Department AND the Department of Defense.

- At least two suspects have been identified as being part of the faction that will not go along with the Lavrov/Kerry peace agreement.  This faction was likely behind the US air attack on Syria.  Ashton Carter and Samantha Power (wife of arch neocon Cass Sunstein) appear to be part of this faction.

-  The Syrian army was later able to retake the ground lost in the surprise attack by the US and ISIS yesterday.  Russia was able to wipe out the terrorists with airstrikes.

-  It has become even more apparent that, due to the lack of respect for diplomacy and/or the United Nations by factions within the US government...the United Nations should at long last be moved out of the United States.


Greg Bacon said...

1. Admit nothing.
2. Deny everything.
3. Make counter-accusations.

That is the thug life, as Power knows.

Luckily for the Pentagon, someone set off a bomb in the NYC area and left a pressure cooker, just like the one used in Boston, on the scene.
Gosh, is that lucky for the Pentagon or what!!!

greencrow said...

Motto of the Neocon: "When in doubt, set off an anonymous bomb".

Northerntruthseeker said...

Are you ready for this one... According to Russia Today, the Russian Federation is "backing down" from their stance that the US is 100% responsible for this atrocity... Now they are saying that the incident 'borders' between "negligence" and "assisting ISIS"!

Someone got to the Russians, or even better the Russians see the terrible game the US is playing and how they do indeed want to escalate the situation into a full blown world war, which is something the Russians do NOT want at all.

Yes, the US is sick... And their leadership is now pure evil....

Anonymous said...

That bitch is married to a zionist and that fat war monger is married to israel,God help us gc.

greencrow said...


I would say that Russia is splitting some very fine hairs in drawing a distinction between their earlier stance and their new one. Either way, the US is criminally culpable. My concern is that their goal is to see Syria become another Palestine....with the US like Israel...shooting fish in a pond.

greencrow said...

Geraldine Batt:

Yes, and the worst part about Ms Power is....she was born in Ireland!!!

One would have thought she would be immune from such fanaticism!

opit said...

I didn't bother reading the article, but saw a squib that Putin was vastly not amused and was 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' - and he has a record of knowing how to be 'assertive'. This to the fiction of accidental action

greencrow said...

Hi opit

When trying to analyze Putin's reactions to a crisis I always keep in mind that he is a lawyer. In fact, I believe he has a Master of Laws in International Agreements (someone can correct me if I'm mistaken). What he likes to do is draw the opposition in to negotiation (his forte) and get them to sign an agreement.

Then, if they break the agreement (which the US has been doing with impunity for decades) they can be called to account...later, if not sooner. So on another, more ethereal level...this is a titanic struggle between the rule of law and chaos.

That's probably how Putin sees it, anyway.