Thursday, September 8, 2016

Turkey/Syrian Update

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Former Lebanese Minister says Erdogan hid at
Russian Base during Attempted Coup.
Tip of the hat to "Ally", a frequent

Very Interesting News from Russia Today.  Watch the above video, where a former Lebanese Minister says Turkey's President Erdogan hid at the Russian Base in Syria during the attempted coup.  This somewhat supports what I speculated shortly after the attempted coup.  In a fit of sheer speculation I said the reason Erdogan's plane wasn't fired on by the coup-meisters was that it was followed by Russian jets.  There was a report that two jets tailed Erdogan's plane but this report was later dismissed in the Main$tream Media.

Since the failed coup, there has been a dramatic turnaround in both countries, Turkey and Syria.  Let's call it the "Putin Magic".  Turkey has become involved in extinguishing the Kurdishrael wet dream for a homeland...composed of land hived off from at least three sovereign nations...including Turkey.  Turkey has attacked ISIS mercs in Syrian communities close to the Turkish border.

Meanwhile, the United States has also been attacking ISIS.  One wonders what the goal of this attacking their former proxies is....perhaps to ingratiate themselves with Turkey...after being implicated in the failed coup.  Regardless, the US is still operating in Syria without the legitimization of the Assad government.  Now, interestingly, Turkey is also officially operating in Syria without the permission of the Assad government....thus thoroughly complicating matters.  But this is what can happen when a world leader builds up trust [you know that implies soft power...long missing from the US foreign relations tool kit].  As an example, Putin may have convinced Assad that having Turkey rid the north of the Kurds and ISIS would be an advantage in safeguarding their border with Turkey...if, for example, Turkey were to agree to return the Syrian refugees and help them settle in the north...this providing a Kurd-free buffer between the countries.  Hmmm...amazing what a little trust can do.  Now Putin must have also promised Assad that, once Erdogan had rid the north of Syria of the homeland-seeking Kurds....Putin would guarantee that Erdogan would retreat back to Turkey.  Erdogan, for his part, agreed to the deal because it's only because Putin is backing him that another attempt wasn't made or theoretically would be made on his life and "regime change" in Turkey.  As I've said previously, due to his near death experience, Erdogan finally knows what side his bread is buttered on.

The August 1st "deadline" demanded by US Secretary of State John Kerry for the removal of Bashar Al Assad seems ever so long ago now....fading into the mists of time.  I'm trying to think of a polite adjective to describe what Putin did to Obama [or whoever has his hand up the Obama sock puppet] vis-à-vis the Turkish coup...sorry, folks, the only word I can think of is "snookered".


Penny said...

hey GC:

good call on the russian jets accompanying Erdogan, it was likely so
it explains why there was no attempt at a shootdown

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Now with this new information...I am leaning towards a scenario where Erdogan fled Turkey in a Russian jet...or helicopter...probably he left in a helicopter, which could have more easily landed on the hotel roof where he was staying...with two Russian jets tailing the craft. That's the only way he could have landed at the Russian base in Syria (on such short notice). Probably, the way things are done at this level....Putin actually warned Obama at the last moment that this is what they were going to do and, if anyone touched any of the planes....woebetied!

gallier2 said...

One of the reason why US now targets ISIS for real is simply to get rid of annoying witnesses. As they start to realize that their whole plan is a dud and that Russia/Syria and now Turkey have the upper hand, it's time to clean house and get rid of the useful idiots, as their usefulness is no more.

greencrow said...

Hi gallier2

You've made an important point. The United States is trying to eradicate any potentially embarrassing patsies...because that's what ISIS is...more patsies, or you could call them proxy/patsies. We don't want them to come under the Geneva convention, now, do we?

Anonymous said...

Great post,thank you,you must be fresh after yet another holiday gc.