Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Truth and Reconciliation - Refuge of Scoundrals? Or, Only Hope for the Planet?

Truth and Reconciliation

"01% criminals CAN’T surrender without admission of killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions. Consider Truth & Reconciliation as our best wedge to divide the truly-evil from those ready to reclaim their hearts." Carl Herman

Carl Herman, over at Washingtons Blog has apparently been writing for some time about setting up a "Truth and Reconciliation" Committee for the neocon crimes of 9/11...much like the one set up in South Africa at the end of apartheid, to deal with the criminal elements in society who were behind the crimes of racism and genocide. I haven't read any of his earlier writings but believe the concept is very timely and well worth discussing.

The concept of Truth and Reconciliation has been around, no doubt, for as along as warfare and atrocities have been around...forever.  But I became aware of it at the time that South African Apartheid came to an end and Nelson Mandela was released from a quarter of a century in solitary confinement.  Religious leader, Desmond Tutu's name became synonymous with Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa.  Truth and Reconciliation has also been used by the Canadian Federal Government to deal with the racism and genocidal policies towards First Nations/Indigenous people of Canada.

Something in my gut tells me that Truth and Reconciliation is simply letting the perps off the hook...denying the victims justice and, therefore, setting up humanity for a repeat of the neverending cycle of war/atrocities/peace/ nauseam.  The Perps must LOVE these committees..."something for nothing and the chicks for free", kind of thing.

But something in my head tells me that Truth and Reconciliation is the only way to prevent even more atrocious atrocities...if such a concept is possible.  The Rats, when cornered, can and will lash out with such venom that their earlier acts will pale in comparison.  In the current situation...we're even staring nuclear Armageddon in the eye.

So, on balance, I am willing to consider Truth and Reconciliation as a way to defuse the neocon, globalist, Ziofascist, warmongering perps who committed 9/11 and all the succeeding false flags, wars, destruction of nations for the end of grabbing their land, destruction of culture/heritage sites, causing mass migration to destroy culture, create social instability and cheap, compliant labour, human trafficking, "mistaken bombings" etc, etc.

Just getting a bit of the truth, in and of itself, would be worthwhile for me to hear before I leave this mortal coil.  But there MUST be truth before there's reconciliation!

I propose Truth--and only afterwards--Reconciliation on a sliding scale as follows:

1. A date is set and a window of opportunity is opened. Say three days--or three months, whatever. Those who come forward to the committee (in public or in secret) within the time frame to confess and provide evidence will be given complete immunity from prosecution.

2.  After the designated time period, the window of opportunity will close and there will be a minimum of one year imprisonment for the crimes...and moving upwards from there.

3.  Those who are implicated by the evidence but do not come forward will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law...including the death penalty (and I am NOT a believer of the death penalty...except for the crimes of 9/11 and the crimes predicated on that heinous atrocity).

4.  All the hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation committee will have the force of law...including the right to subpoena and the ability to arrest and bring any and all charged with crimes to justice.

5.  Appropriate financial and other compensation will be provided to the victims out of the funds confiscated from the wealth of the perpetrators....including corporations and mass media networks.

6.  Special attention will be paid to the role of the mainstream media in the crimes.  Corporate owners will be identified and, if found responsible, will be subjected to the same justice as military, political and other perpetrators.

7.  The members of the committee will produce and publish a comprehensive Report on their findings which will be available in hard cover and on-line for all to read.

Readers who can think of other points not covered in the above are encouraged to suggest same in the comments below.  This is only a preliminary sketching out of the Truth and Reconciliation Concept.  No doubt I will be posting again on this topic.  For ease of searching, I have added another topic label "Truth and Reconciliation".


wallflower said...

Hey Greencrow,

Indeed something positive must come forth with truth. I commend your thoughts and concepts...but as I read I felt that the foundation was missing. Meaning...there must be a Law that the Truth can stand on. Here in the US, the Law has been so perverted that its concept is only a byword. Because of consistent Amendments, Justices who have been bought off, and Lawyers who have fallen into the same pit renders the Law null and void. So, for the Law to become a law again it must be made by those who deem trustworthy, peaceful, faithful to the point of death, noble, truthful, fearless, honorable, decent, respectful, kind and direct, etc. And who will appoint those? Always in the past it was the self-righteous religious folk whose hypocrisy speaks louder than their this thought of Truth and Reconciliation will end like you mentioned "another cycle of". Yes it will take certain enlightened individuals to bring an end to the status quo. The system as we know it is complete rust, mold, and rot, and will need a complete overhaul. We will need the percentage of citizens (not corporate) willing to start over again without money, capitalism, greed, slavery, and violence to end the democracy as we know it...the one that never listened to First Nations and chose violence instead leading to self annihilation instead.

Take care and thank you.

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower:

Thanks for your thoughtful comments. As I have noted many times on this blog, the US system of justice has become completely null and void, bought and paid for. Perhaps the Truth and Reconciliation Committee should be run by a group of internationally recognized honest brokers. I can think of a few off the top:

Jessie Ventura
Ron Paul
George Galloway
Gilad Atzmon
Cindy Sheehan
Cinthia McKinney
Catherine Bruce (BC judge who saw through the CSIS black op re: Nuttal/Korody)
A member of the Martin Luther King family (any member will do)
A member of the Kennedy family (Bobby Kennedy preferably)
Mike Rivero
Joaquin Flores
Roger Waters
Norman Finklestein
Robert McIlvaine
Paul Craig Roberts
William Rodriguiez

That's enough for now. But there should be more jurists...some from Russia, India, and other non-aligned nations.

greencrow said...

I need to add another name to the list of potential Truth and Reconciliation Commissioners above:

Kevin Ryan

greencrow said...

Here is another "must have" member of any 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation Commission...General Wesley Clark