Tuesday, September 27, 2016

UPDATED: The Smoking Gun....aka TOW Missiles....but it's 'Water off a Duck's Back' to USrael

UPDATED:  September 28, 2016 - in a telephone call of today's date, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov told US Head of the State Department, John Kerry about the smoking gun video below.  The video confirms that the US is directly supplying al Nusra with TOW missiles and expertise.  The report did not say what John (never let the facts get in the way of a good ultimatum) Kerry's response was.

Smoking Gun Video of al Nusra
admitting America directly supplies them
with Missiles

Al Nusra says that America supplies TOW missiles (the difference maker according to this commanding jihadist) directly to them...along with specialist American trainers to help them learn the complicated satellite/weapons system.  HERE is a link to a NEO article from December 2014 regarding the TOW missiles being given to al quaeda.  IMO, there really is no difference between any of the western proxy fighters in the Middle East and the media and everyone should stop the stupidity that there is!

Lemmeeseee.....who's gonna pay for this black swan truth bomb.  Will it be the American/Israeli suppliers of the weaponry to al Nusra in Syria?  No. Will it be the politicians and so-called "diplomats" who lie about it at the UNSC? No.  Will it be al Nusra itself who is using the American weaponry to murder Syrian men, women and children?  Absolutely NOT!

It's gonna be that German interviewer to the left in the video above.  This guy better take public transit from now on.  His car's gonna be rigged with explosives and he's going to have an "unfortunate accident" just like Michael Hastings.

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