Monday, September 26, 2016

UPDATED: The First Presidential Debate - Thoughts off the top

UPDATE: |September 28, 2016 Another good analysis by Andrew Napolitano
September 27, 2016 - I have embedded some new links below where other sources back up my real time stream-of-conscious notes on the debate.  Also, here is a very good analysis by Pepe Escobar.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Not watching full time but checking in every few moments.  It's excruciating, but whatever doesn't kill you....Here are a few impressions off the top...

Question about the Economy

Clinton has Trump right where she wants him...narcissistically talking about his businesses.  She pressed him on his Income Taxes and bankruptcies and he fell right into the trap.  He should have answered briefly and moved on.  Note that Hillary Clinton had one thing to say about her e-mails..."It was a mistake"

One annoying thing is you can hear Trump's breathing. You can hear him taking loud breaths in between statements. Is this deliberate [sound editing]?  I think so.

The Birther Issue - another non-issue

The Birther issue is another trick question.  The alternative community (who are completely dismissed by the PTB...we don't exist) still believes there is a discrepancy between what Obama says and the facts surrounding his birth.  His birth certificate was actually a "registration of birth" not a birth certificate.  The hospital in Hawaii has no record of him being born there.

Donald still going on about opening his clubs and his businesses.  The guy just doesn't have a debating background.  He does not have a debating "parlance" and understanding of the nuances if you will. 

Cyber Security

Another Putin attack from Hillary.  This is her Ace card on Trump.  Trump's answering this question well....turning the focus on the way the DNC treated Bernie Sanders....saying nobody knows whether it was Russia who hacked the DNC.


Hillary going on about defeating ISIS on she's saying "our friends the Kurds"  Yes, don't we know about that...."squeezing them [ISIS] in Syria".  What a liar!  She knows exactly WHO is behind ISIS.  One of ISIS's leaders said just today that Americans are funding and giving military weapons DIRECTLY to ISIS.  She is lying directly to the American people about ISIS.

Trump is getting back on this point (the creation of ISIS). 

Hillary deviously turning the topic back to domestic terrorism...another governmental creation.


Hillary going on about Trump's dissing of Muslims. This is a weakness on his part and she knows it.  Now he's going on about NATO and how the member nations don't pay their share.  The fact is that NATO has been co-opted by the USrael in order to build its hegemony around the world.


They tried to get Trump on being in favour of going to war on Iraq.  He seems to have successfully defeated that argument.  She immediately changed the topic.

She gets him on temperament when she says he said he would "blow some sailors out of the water"  Donald's loose lips coming back to haunt him.  Neither of them makes any serious or credible statements on nuclear proliferation.  She wins the debate point on temperament when she mentions "Twitter".  Case closed.  I've said forever that everyone should get off that silo form of synthetic communication.


This is a topic that Trump knows nothing about.  Money given to Iran?  First of all the US froze all Iran's bank accounts in America at the time of the hostage crisis and they have been frozen for decades.  Doesn't the US owe Iran interest on these accounts?  Now I hear the US is taking this money to pay victims of 9/11.  Did Iran have anything to do with 9/11?!

She's walking all over him on this issue.

Hillary's Stamina

This question seems to show that the moderator is pro Hillary...The way the question was phrased.  Now, Hillary's playing the feminist card.  This is not going good for her.  It is making her look petty and the question IS petty.

He's going after her on the negative ads.  This was a good strategy.  Point for Donald.

Final Question

Support the people's choice?  Hillary says she will.  Trump wants to "Make American Great Again".

END OF DEBATE  - Thank heaven no one got hurt,  Hopefully Trump will get some good advice how to improve his performance.

Final thoughts:  Whew! Neither of these candidates is very smart.  No wonder Hillary hates Putin.  He's going to run intellectual rings around her.  But she'll get along with le Dauphin just fine!  Hillary has the advantage of her legal background.  She talks like a lawyer.  Trump doesn't and it's hurting him in the debate.  He has to have more facts and more relevant points to make on each issue...not just meandering around, talking about opening a club here and there.  When he said he was opening a club on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House and so would "get there one way or the other" I cringed and turned off my computer for a break!

Donald is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Unfortunately, Hillary is the sharpest knife in the every sense of that metaphor.  She's scary how she can gloss over all the blood dripping from the Clinton/Bush/Obama era.  It does NOT bode well for the future.


greencrow said...

Well, another country heard from...Russia

The Saker has weighed in with his analysis of the Debate and is in agreement with my assessment that Trump was outgunned by the slippery as in slippery with blood...Hillary.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Hi gc, taking a little artistic license here, this was like watching the Comte de Froufrou arguing with the Prince of Kiev over the future of France/Russia about one year before the match got struck then/there.

They are about to be swept away, all of their stupid hair styles and theories. All of it.

All their fair weather buddies will be in Patagonia safe and sound and kvetching about how they had to flee again from intolerance.

Penny said...

"our friends the Kurds" eh?
US/Israel/NATO proxies, always- same as ISIS

BuelahMan said...

I have to ask any thinking people out there if they honestly believe that these two are the best America has to offer.

And if they are not, why are we offered them to sElect from?

Of course, trump is an idiot. He didn't make his money by being smart. He made it by sucking off the jew.

Of course Hillary is a murderous clown with no business as POTUS (neither does Trump have any business being POTUS, except to make Israel Great Again).

Another election. Another time B'Man is correct about the force fed Kabuki so many gullibles fall for.

greencrow said...


I agree that last night's event was a historic moment of allegorical truth. Trump's best worst line was "Netanyahu is not a Happy Camper". Gawd! After last night I feel humanity is cornered...with no way out. As Saker said in his RANT. We thought Trump was going to get rid of Hillary. Now it appears it's up to Putin and god help us all.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes, the Kurds...Hillary's bet buds. I thought of you when she said that.

greencrow said...

Hi BuelahMan:

I have to admit that the thought did cross my mind last night...what if Donald is just playing dumb in an effort to roll over for Hillary...the way that Kerry rolled over for Dubya?

Is he really that dumb/uninformed/lacking in organized though? We'll find out conclusively in the next debate.