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UPDATED: The Fentanyl Crisis...Who's Making It and Pushing It?

UPDATE:  September 6, 2016  The Crown is requesting a sentence of 18 years for "Kingpin" fentanyl dealer Walter James McCormick of North Vancouver, BC.  Read the details HERE.  Too bad there's no photo available of "The Pusher".

UPDATE:  September 3, 2016 Pursuant to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request it was revealed that a large amount of fentanyl was stolen from the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria on Vancouver Island in 2015. While the hospital did advise Health Canada of the theft of the dangerous drug, Health Canada did not make the theft public.  It is not known whether this drug made it onto the streets of the Vancouver Lower Mainland and is responsible for the epidemic of fentanyl deaths.

Gwynevere Staddon
2000 - 2016

Who killed Gwynevere Staddon?

Gwyn Staddon was a local girl.  She attended the same high school as my two sons graduated from a decade or so ago.  She hung out at the same eateries and public venues.  She died in the local Starbucks washroom...a washroom I had been in many times before I decided to boycott Starbucks in a personal strike against Ziofascism.

Gwynevere died of a fentanyl overdose.  I have written about the OxyContin/fentanyl epidemic in Canada and specifically in the Lower Vancouver Mainland before and will link it here.  Gwyn was just one of the latest victims.  You can read about her tragic story and how it has affected her family and friends here.

I have copied the entire CBC report below and will have my own further thoughts and comments to follow:

Just a couple of grains of this poison can kill you
A dose the size of a grain of salt has sent hundreds to early graves across Canada, and forced B.C. to decare a public health emergency in April, just a month after his brother died.

Hard core addicts, teen experimenters and weekend partiers have been dropping dead at an alarming rate, most after unknowingly consuming home-made fentanyl smuggled out of China.

READ MORE: Our continuing fentanyl coverage

Even though addicts know the risk, they also know a quick call to a dealer will stop the sweating, vomiting, and what many describe as the unbearable pain of withdrawal.

"Why feel like crap when I can feel good for $20? Then they're going to spend that $20 a day, day after day," said Jansen, after watching the same pattern with his brother and Staddon. 
Girlfriend vowed to get clean

"She sat with me at the funeral," says Nick Jansen of girlfriend Gwynevere Staddon, seen here the day of his brother's memorial service. (Michelle Jansen)

Jansen's frustration and grief is compounded by the fact that Staddon knew the risks of illicit fentanyl, because she helped Jansen get through his brother's tragic death.

"She was supporting me through the whole thing. She was holding me saying — this is enough."

"That made me feel hopeful that this was the end, that this was the last bitter pill I would have to swallow with this fentanyl crisis in my circle of family and loved ones."

But it wasn't. Staddon's repeated promises to stop using were no match for the power of her addiction. He said his family and hers tried to find a rehab centre but no publicly funded beds were available.

"We tried calling a number of places and the only place that would take her was a detox facilty," said Jansen.

A barista found her, unresponsive, in a Starbucks bathroom in Port Moody. Paramedics were unable to revive her. Several of Staddon's family and friends say she told them her body could handle fentanyl and she would never overdose.

Some people are interested in what personality traits and vulnerabilities led Gwyn and other youth like the brother of the young man interviewed above to take OxyContin and it's synthetic and much more powerful replacement, fentanyl.  I am not so interested in those questions [there will always be vulnerable and curious youth...ready to run risks] as I am in Who is making and pushing the drug?  Regular readers of this blog will know the impact that Gary Webb and his writing has had on my thinking about drugs.  Gary taught me that these drugs can't make it to the street without a lot of help from some very elite and powerful government agencies themselves.  These corrupt agencies assist the drug runners in direct and indirect ways.  Gary found out that the CIA, facilitated by corrupt politicians, was actually flying the cocaine into the US, from where it was sold as crack cocaine on the streets of Los Angeles.

I'm wondering what government agencies are facilitating the burgeoning supply of OxyContin and fentanyl on Vancouver streets...even reaching into the "safe" suburbs and targeting beautiful and talented young women like Gwyn.  Why don't the police track down the dealers, arrest them and find out who the suppliers are...and follow the money trail right to the producers?  It's not so hard to do...Gary did it.  I guess it's what happened to Gary Webb afterwards...that might act as somewhat of a cautionary tale for investigators/police authorities.

Then, there are other agencies who make sure there are no less harmful substitutes for OxyContin/fentanyl competing in the market.  Here is an example of the DEA banning a traditional pain killer, Kratom, so that it doesn't bite into the O/F market:  I have printed the entire report below and will have more comments to follow:

On the basis of 100 reports of "bad reactions"
a year, the DEA is banning Kratom Sept 30
without any consultations. Kratom is a traditional pain killer which has helped millions but cuts the profits of Jewish-owned pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma.
Purdue produces the additive OxyContin, a chemical cousin of Heroin, which has
caused a national epidemic of both drugs. There were 16,000 deaths due to opioid overdoses in 2010.

Instead of banning OxyContin, the DEA is banning a harmless substitute.

by Sid Green

Kratom, also known as Mytrogena Speciosa, is a plant that grows in South-East Asia.

From the coffee family, it has been used in the traditional medicine of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China since ancient times. In small doses, it is a stimulant used by day laborers to increase productivity and reduce the effect of pain at work.

At higher doses, it reduces chronic pain. It binds to opioidmu receptors, but chemically, it is not an opiate or opioid.

Fast forward to 2016 in the USA. It is now a popular supplement used by thousands of people to reduce the effects of chronic pain, and to fight depression and PTSD. There have never been any deaths resulting from it and it is impossible to overdose because if one consumes an unhealthy quantity, the body vomits it up.

Kratom has helped people who have suffered from dependence on opiates to taper off of them finally. It also helps former addicts deal with cravings. It has been used for many years under the radar but everyone knew that at some point the corporate establishment would interfere to maximize their profits.

This supplement is cutting into the profits made by the Pharmaceutical corporations. The Pharmaceutical (which means sorcery in Septuagint Greek) corporations sell opiates which have caused addiction & abuse epidemics such as: Oxycontin & Percocet.

In fact, the ((Sackler family,)) on the Forbes 2015 list of the richest families in America, made their $14 billion dollar fortune off Oxycontin, which has resulted in tens of thousands of overdoses and a national epidemic of addiction across U.S. cities. It can be crushed and snorted. and has made over 35 billion dollars in sales since it was launched by the Sackler family's Purdue Pharma.

The main difference between Kratom and OxyContin is that synthetic opiates like Oxycontin slow down breathing, and thus cause death at certain doses.

Kratom does not slow breathing, because it is a natural plant, not a synthetic compound. However it does cut into the Sackler's profits and provides solutions to those suffering from pain who do not wish to take synthetic chemical drugs from Pharmaceutical Corporations.

The DEA, which is an agency which is dependent on funding by the Pharmaceutical companies, and their associates, has now added Mitrogena Speciosa (Kratom) to the Schedule 1 list including Heroin and LSD. This is criminal, cruel, and insane.

Now users who use this herb for relief of pain and other symptoms will be criminalized and can be "legally" thrown into private prisons. Populations will suffer from arrest rates just like in the case of disproportionate arrests for Marijuana. People will do prison time for using an herb which does not even cause intoxication.

This is because the Sackler family wants to maximize its profits that it has made off of its deadly notorious drug OxyContin. OxyContin has caused untold death and destruction in our society, and is widely overprescribed. It is highly accessible and easy for youth to find and abuse.

Kratom has no abuse potential. This legislature criminalizes normative citizens for utilizing a substance that has been used for thousands of years in Traditional South Eastern and Chinese medicine. It does not even carry the stigma of intoxication. Interested American citizens may sign this petition against it becoming a Schedule 1 substance which takes effect on Sept. 30th.

The Sackler family seems to be a typical Illuminati family

So, we see how the wealthy and powerful pharmaceutical companies are bribing and corrupting the government agencies in order to protect and favour their death-dealing drugs. The entities behind the recent epidemic of OxyContin/fentanyl overdoses and deaths are....let's not mince words...mass murderers.  They killed Gwyn Staddon just as much as if they stabbed her in the heart.  They make money off of and deal in death and despair.  They are not new in society...they've been Parasiting off human vulnerabilities for centuries. Remember the opium trade to China [resulting in the "Opium Wars" of the 1800's] an effort to destroy the country and people?  Who was behind that?  IMO, the same perps. These entities have always been in the drug and porn business.  The Chinese finally identified and kicked them out...for their own survival.  Canada will have to do the same.  Does the current government have the courage and conviction to do anything about the evil?

"The Pusher" - Sung by "Steppenwolf" - a Canadian Band


Penny said...

I was talking to hubby about this subject, just today.
It's Canada wide and it's a big problem- and what a beautiful young tragic :(

His thought on this dependence of pain killers was possibly..

Stems from the fact that as soon as people have an ache, any ache, they 'take a pill', they have zero pain tolerance, making them prime targets for all these pills and then they become addicts..

because heaven forbid you feel a bit of pain and learn to tolerate and/ or address it without a pill! (example stretches for muscle pain. plain old ice/heat)

big pharma can't make money that way!

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for your comment. While I did not personally know Gwyn, I feel her loss personally...having walked the same streets and lived only blocks away from her. More needs to be done on all the fronts in the war against drugs. Education and counselling, including treatment facilities and beds. Gwyn's boyfriend said that the youth are attracted to "the bigger high" that is promised in OxyContin/fentanyl. While the first few times it's a social status "fitting in with the IN crowd thing" it soon becomes a "bete noir"...a black beast that controls the individual completely and is bent on destroying them.

Who allows such substances into the society? That was my focus. I was also going to put in a paragraph about a report I read recently that the US refuses to share any information or co-operate with other countries, such as Russia, who want to regulate bioweapons (which fentanyl is). Consequently, nobody knows who is doing what to produce dangerous drugs. The writer of the report asked the question: "Why does the US not want to co-operate in a program to regulate dangerous substances?"

greencrow said...

re the reference in the second paragraph of my comment above about the refusal of the US to share information or co-operate with other countries about bioweapon is the link:

Greg Bacon said...

Fentanyl is a potent drug used to knock-out patients for surgery. It's not something one can cook-up in their bathtub, so if its on the streets, someone in the supply chain is seeing that it makes it to the dealers.

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Yes, that's exactly my point. These drugs would not be on the street unless some very powerful entities were facilitating their distribution/sale. At $20 per hit, fentanyl seems to have been designed for the teen market. But the most diabolical thing about fentanyl is, unlike heroin, there's no drug antidote for it. It's like they wanted to correct the "deficiency" in heroin...where people who took overdose's could be revived.