Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad Delivers Message to Perps from Liberated Syrian City

President Dr. Bashar al Assad
Speaking from the Newly Liberated City of Daraya

One of the handful of real leaders in the world, Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad speaks to the media...standing like a warrior in the war torn streets of Daraya.  He says he's addressing his message not to Syrians who already know everything he's feeling...but to the evil warmongers, the international cabal of fascist, globalist, neocons who tried to destroy his country, like they destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.  His country was next on their Pentagon list....of seven countries in five years...but he prevailed.  They are now vanquished, and hiding out in dark corners like the rats that they are.

Assad says again that he will re-conquer all of Syria's stolen lands.  Let's hope that includes the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights [BTW, how come is was okay for Israel to "annex" the Golan Heights but not okay for Russia to "annex" Crimea? ....just one of those hypocritical mysteries of modern geopolitics].

My last comment is directed to Americans....just imagine if your country could have a leader like Assad...or Putin. Just imagine what strides your country would take.  The time has come to ask yourselves:  Who is depriving your country of leadership?  And Why?

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