Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sperm Donor Children...are they victims of psychological abuse?

Conception - Does the "product" have any rights...or choice?

There have been some recent newspaper reports in Canadian Newspapers about issues arising from the growing trend of invitro fertilization using donor sperm. 

Sperm donor convicted felon/schizophrenic

One such story related to a fertility clinic using sperm from a convicted felon who had schizophrenia.  This story is a horror story showing how those who wish to become pregnant by an anonymous donor are at the mercy of the "medical authorities" some of whom attempt to play god in their selection of donors.  It is only years later that the poor victim of these "Svengalis" realize that they've been hoodwinked and must bear the tragic consequences of their decision.

The biological urge to procreate is one of the most powerful urges that humans can have, if not the most powerful.  It can blind a person under its sway from almost all other considerations, including the best interests of the child that will be the product of anonymous donor conception.

Just the other day, the CBC ran a story about such children, now in their teen years, being faced with a life of not knowing 50% of their heritage...going about seeking answers from a sperm donor registry.

Half siblings discover one another after checking a
Sperm Donor Registry for information about
their heritage 

Teen offspring of anonymous sperm donor find each other through online registry
They shared common traits, like musical ability and arched eyebrows — now they share a special bond

...In her desperation to have a baby, Stewart didn't spend much time worrying about her future child's inevitable curiosity about the origin of her natural talents, her blond hair or her almond-shaped eyes — or if there was anyone else out there who shared her DNA.

But as Lexie grew older, her curiosity grew, too.

'I wondered, do they look like me?'

About a year ago, Lexie logged on to the Donor Sibling Registry, a privately run Colorado-based online service that helps unite donor-conceived children with half-brothers and half-sisters around the world

Should individuals wanting to become pregnant also take into consideration the wishes of their future children?  Should they ask themselves if they would want to go through their lives not knowing who their father was...only that he was the number on a vial of sperm?  Perhaps.  But the very women who make the choice to use anonymous sperm are most likely also to be emotionally "blinded" to the ramifications for their children down the road.  I have talked to such women.  You ask them about this, and they give you a blank look and ask:  "Why would it matter?  My children will know that I love them....and that's all that counts."

I have written in the past about "Reproductive Thoughts and Nightmares" and will include the link here.  In that post, I alluded to darker questions about who owns these fertility clinics and who is deciding what sperm will be used to promote certain bloodlines. Some women on welfare are able to become impregnated with anonymous donor sperm at little or no economic cost. It is very sensitive territory and is generally swept under the rug by society.

People, IMO, should be aware what is going on and what is coming down the pike, reproduction-wise.  Here is a report from the BBC about a-sexual reproduction of humans.  According to this report:         

Scientists say early experiments suggest it may one day be possible to make babies without using eggs. They have succeeded in creating healthy baby mice by tricking sperm into believing they were fertilising normal eggs.

The findings in Nature Communications, could, in the distant future, mean women can be removed from the baby-making process, say the researchers. For now, the work helps to explain some of the details of fertilization.
End of mum and dad?

The University of Bath scientists started with an unfertilised egg in their experiments.
They used chemicals to trick it into becoming a pseudo-embryo. These "fake" embryos share much in common with ordinary cells, such as skin cells, in the way they divide and control their DNA.

The researchers reasoned that if injecting sperm into mouse pseudo-embryos could produce healthy babies, then it might one day be possible to achieve a similar result in humans using cells that are not from eggs.

I read an essay not too long ago about humanity needing to draw a line at some point between humans (with all our heritage baggage and non-designer imperfections) and future entities that are almost totally devoid of the essence of humanity...that is...the traditional offispring created by a man and a woman joining together in love to create and raise an offspring.  The two are definitely and will never be EXACTLY THE SAME.  The question is....where is that fork in the road between "normal" humans and entities that have been deprived of their biological history and their human/emotional connections?  In other words their foundations as a normal human being?

Here is another quote taken from the story above about the "sperm donor" children finding their siblings:

Briley's mom, Barb Lewis, said her son always felt like he was missing something.

"It would come up when he was younger. He'd wish he had a dad."

Instead, he had a dog-eared donor file that contained an essay written by the anonymous donor, a photograph taken when he was about seven or eight years old, and other biographical tidbits.

"Now he has a family, I mean a real family ... To him, this is his family," Lewis said.
If this young man has suffered such an emotional loss...does his mother ever feel responsible?  What would she have done differently?  Should society encourage such potential parents to reflect more seriously on these important ramifications PRIOR to choosing an anonymous sperm donor?

And what about the future of humanity....if both parents are eliminated from the biological dynamic.  Will such offspring be even "human" in the full sense of that word?  What is human biology and reproduction anyway?  Is it just another biological toy to be played around with?  Is it just another be profited from?  Is it just another political secretly flood society with certain bloodlines in order to control and dominate?

What ARE we talking about here?


Anonymous said...

Good evening miz crow,of topic here,my daughter is due the hpv vaccination, if this was your daughter would you let her,want her to have it,your opinion on this matter would mean a lot,thanks geraldine.

greencrow said...

Hi Geraldine Batt:

Thank you for your question. I am anti-vax as a general principle and have mentioned as much several times (at least) on this blog. Re the HPV vaccination. This is IMO a complete scam run by Big Pharma and it could be worse...perhaps deliberately damaging the fertility of the young women who have it. The women are not being told about the risk of side effects...short and long term. Does the pharmaceutical company even KNOW long range effects? There is a lot of information on the Internet for your daughter to source. My experience with young people, unfortunately, is that they have been brought up to be so compliant they will listen to some dopey nurse at their high school before their parent. They will get the vaccination just because their friends are getting it.

Bottom line...the vaccination MAY grant the taker immunity from some viruses but not why subject yourself to the risk? Just like the vaccination for shingles. The literature from the pharmaceutical company says it only gives immunity from 50% of the shingles viruses. So, if in the course of a year the person is exposed to shingles viruses 100 times...they have a 100% chance of contacting shingles....PLUS all the risk of side effects from the vaccine.

Get your daughter to read the fine print on the HPV bottle.