Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Shout Out to Economists....what are we to make of THIS?!

Saudi Arabia Summit file photo

It would be great if someone with a background in economics could watch the video below...or listen to it is more exact...because it is just one guy speaking...quite convincingly as it turns out...about a major event he predicts will happen shortly.  Also, there is some more background on the issue at this link and also HERE.  Not knowing enough about economics...I'm not able to follow all the twists and turns he describes but briefly and as far as I can make out.  He's saying that the whole issue of allowing victims of 9/11 sue the Saudi Arabia government is a false flag.  He says the Federal Reserve Bankers are setting up a Collapse of the economy and are going to base it on Saudi Arabia pulling all their money out of the that the collapse which is coming anyway...can be blamed on the Saudis and on the US lawmakers in the Senate who vetoed Obama's bill.

So listen to the video and see if it makes sense if you believe such a scenario could occur.  Comments are appreciated.  Thanks.


Penny said...

Saudi Arabia is no longer as useful as they were- when this happens...
well you know the drill GC- You're done for!
Saudi Arabia can't exist in the remade ME

james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
I'm not an economist though I have had an interest in the field for decades. Here are some thoughts for what they are worth
The Fed is not interested in crashing the value of the $US. All its actions (since 2008) are aimed at holding up its value. These include

-keeping the price of gold and oil artificially low to keep the value of the dollar high. They have a direct inverse relationship.
-bombing anyone who wants to sell their oil for anything other than $US
-shutting down tax havens around the world and opening up the US as a tax haven to drive all that slush money into US banks where it will have to be denominated in $US. This puts the money into $US and out of circulation which lowers the amount of dollars available in international markets (like sales of US Treasuries) and thus keeping the value higher.

The Fed was once aiming to crash the $US dollar and bring in the One World Currency and this was the purpose of the global financial meltdown in 2008 but the US did not control the oil fields by then (as planned) and so it fizzled (long version here and short version here). There is no currency for the Bankers to start up or take over to replace the $US so it is not going to happen now.

The presenter of the video said at one stage that the release of the 28 pages was orchestrated. I agree. But the whole thing is orchestrated. It's all theatre. How do we know that the Saudis are threatening to cash in their treasuries? From “US lawmakers”! This would be Congressmen – who are controlled by AIPAC. The bill was proposed by Congress (AIPAC) and vetoed by Obama (AIPAC) and overruled by Congress (AIPAC). This is a game aimed at Saudi Arabia and controlled by Israel and the bankers. At the very least it is a distraction away from israel's role in the WTC towers demolition.

Strange how presumably none of the 9/11 families are having this salient fact pointed out to them by any of their lawyers!

If the Saudis wanted to crash the dollar, a more effective and profitable measure would be to cut back oil production and drive the price of oil up.

But what would happen if the Saudis really did want to sell $750b worth of treasuries? The Fed/US Treasury may simply refuse to pay them. After all, they are holding Germany's gold that it wants back and the Fed is refusing to repatriate it.
If they did pay the Saudis their money, the asset values (real estate, equities, Picassos) around the world would go up a little and the value of the dollar would go down a little just like in the QE issues – more dollars chasing the same amount of assets. It would only crash the dollar if it turned out to be the final straw that broke the camel's back or it was perceived that it would be the final straw. No one would know till it happens, imho.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Saudi Arabia is a liability for the USrael at this point in history for sure. It is a living mockery of their pretense to equal treatment of women and individual freedom. In other words, it is just another nation ripe for "regime change".

greencrow said...


Thanks for your concise analysis of a very complicated issue. It is a relief to hear you don't think "Chicken Little" is least at this point in time. I thought that the US had started to make small payments of gold to Germany? Or, was that the gold they forced Canada to give up (all the gold we had) [sarc]?

The thing that grabbed me about the video is that it finally produced some rationale for the perps' focus on the Saudis and the 28 pages of nothing (black felt pen lines). Otherwise that makes no have it being the lead into yet another false flag at least justifies all the effort.

james@wpc said...

I should have mentioned that the whole thing about Russia and China is about isolating them trade wise and therefore removing their currencies as competitors to the US$. A nice little war would facilitate that nicely.

If there is a military confrontation between the US and Russia and the US gets a bloody nose (very likely), then I would expect to see the $US slide precipitously. The US can't afford a bloody nose for this reason and is why they have been trying to push other countries out into the Russian traffic instead. Turkey fell out of favour a couple of years ago when it balked at invading Syria.

Anyway, back to your points, Greencrow, I read a while back that the Fed promised to deliver a token amount of Gold to Germany but haven't heard whether it followed through or not.

The X2 guy certainly has picked the perps way of thinking but I think there is a bigger picture here. The Sauds have been getting increasingly pissed off at th US for not intervening in Syria more openly and have been voicing their displeasure. The US has been hanging back for the above reason but dare not share that reasoning with the Saudis for obvious reason that power is all about perception.

So the 28 pages is all about making trouble fo SA and making it look like the opening move of a colour revolution aimed at them if they don't behave. The oil pice drop is really hurting them and isn't Woking out as promised - no surprise there!

greencrow said...

Hi James:

The big question is....why does Saudi Arabia want regime change in Syria?

james@wpc said...

Saudi Arabia is part of the proposed Qatari-Turkey pipeline. See

You will also see an aspect of Erdogan's interest in all this when you look at the route of the pipelines

Search Assad's Four Seas Strategy for some more background. That's where the shit started.

See also this old post of mine for more on Saudi Arabia's interest in Syria-

greencrow said...

Thanks, James. I'll have a look. Pretty damn drastic...wiping out a country over a pipeline.

james@wpc said...

Pretty damn drastic...wiping out a country over a pipeline.

Not if you are a psychopath!

There's lots of things that flow on from the pipeline (pardon the pun) including ruling the world for some.

So "we think the price is worth it"

greencrow said...

Still, I think the "Nile to the Euphrates" is the #1 reason to destroy the "seven countries in five years". The other reasons are just the usual "permission to loot, pillage, rape and plunder" given to combatants throughout history.