Saturday, September 17, 2016

UPDATED: Russia - No More Mr. Nice Guy

UPDATED:  September 18, 2016 I have added the video and relevant text of the Churkin UN press conference.  One of the most important events of the Syrian war to date.

Who's responsible?  Mr. Belalov. 

I think anyone who watches Russian Ambassador to the UN Churkin's Press conference of today will understand who he's speaking for. It is highly recommended for all to carefully watch the entire press conference... because here is the sea change.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.  From now on the world will see the same Putin that Russians have been seeing for the past 26 years.  This is the guy who dragged Russia out of the Gorbachev/Yeltsin gutter.  This is the man who has been the elephant in the room of the current US (s)election.  You know, the guy who has revolutionized the standard the world now sets for leaders....he has set the bar so high that the US presidential candidates look like pygmies.

Today, Churkin accused the US military of something they've been getting away with for a decade and a half...taking sucker punches.  They took one at Canada in 2002 and I've never forgotten "the Tarnak Farm Incident".  It set me on the road to being a keyboard warrior and a truther.

Most importantly, Churkin said something I've been saying for several months now.  Probably the most important observation I've made so far as a keyboard warrior/blogger.  I have been saying that the United States is embroiled in a secret, undeclared civil war.  Warring factions in the Pentagon, CIA other "letter agencies" and White House have been fighting an undeclared war of attrition at home and abroad.  Churkin says "things have gotten out of control" and the Russians don't know who is in control in Washington any more.  I've been saying that for months.

“....The beginning of work of the Joint Implementation Group was supposed to be September 19. So if the US wanted to conduct an effective strike on Al-Nusra or ISIS, in Deir ez-Zor or anywhere else, they could wait two more days and coordinate with our military and be sure that they are striking the right people.”
“Instead they chose to conduct this reckless operation,” Churkin said.
He also noted that the US has been voicing its concern over the humanitarian situation in Syria, claiming that because of it, “there are no conditions to start implementing the arrangements of the Joint Implementation Group.” But the Syrian government cleared all obstacles for the humanitarian aid it be delivered, leaving the US with “no serious ground” to halt or postpone the start date of the JIG’s work.
“So it may well be, one has to conclude, that the airstrike has been conducted in order to disrupt the operation of the Joint Implementation Group and actually not to allow it to be set in motion,” Churkin said. “It may well be that the United States is trying to hide the fact that they are actually not in control of the situation, that they allowed the situation to get out of control.”

It's not that complicated.  Geopolitics rarely is.  What is going on is that the "usual suspects"...the Ziofascist cabal behind the 9/11 coup...have been desperate to start WWIII, but a few "moderately sane" people in the US government understand that the Russians would splatter them all over the place.... in the same way they splattered the ISIS attackers around the Syrian desert today...the ones who had the Syrian soldiers surrounded, and then attacked after the US jets delivered their "sucker punch' air strike.  What was supposed to be a "mopping up" exercise by ISIS turned into a Russian rout.

The US civil war is between the "sane Washingtonians" vs. the "usual suspects".  Churkin laid it on the line.  It's now up to Washington to save itself by ridding the US of the terror supporters.  Russia has run out of patience. The next move is up to Washington.

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