Friday, September 23, 2016

UPDATED: Post 9/11 Ziofascist Occupation turning US into Palestine

UPDATED:  September 24, 2016 - American Everyman and other alternative bloggers are reporting that this incident may have been staged and/or the victim may have had a loaded gun.  IMO, whether the government is staging terror events and/or Police/Citizen violence has become daily routine in the original thesis...that the US is turning into a Palestine-like society still holds.

Police Shooting of unarmed Keith Scott in front of his Wife

Wife's video

Wife of Keith Scott, Charlotte Shooting Victim, Filmed Fatal Encounter With Police     

RAKEYIA SCOTT: F*ck. Did you shoot him? Did you shoot him? Did you shoot him? He better not be f*cking dead.He better not be f*cking dead. I know that f*cking much. I know that much. He better not be dead. I’m not going to come near you. I’m going to record, though. I’m not coming near you. I’m going to record, though.He better be alive because ...I come You better be alive. How about that?Yes, we here, over here at 50 ... 50 ...9453 Lexington Court. These are the police officers that shot my husband,and he better live. He better live. Because he didn’t do nothing to them.

OFFICER: Is everybody good? Are you good?

RAKEYIA SCOTT: He good. Nobody ... touch nobody, so they’re all good.

OFFICER: You good?

RAKEYIA SCOTT: I know he better live. I know he better live. How about that I’m not coming to you guys, but he’d better live. He better live. You all hear it, you see this, right? He better live.

Webmaster's [Mike Rivero]Commentary:    This is not an issue of race. It is an issue of out-of-control police brutality.


Is there any difference between the incident above and what's been going on in Palestine/Gaza for decades???

I'm still waiting for Americans to get it.  To finally connect the dots between what has been going on in Palestine since 1946 and what has been going on in the United States since 2001.  How long will it take before the similarities between the brutal, occupational Israeli  IDF's treatment of indigenous Palestinians...and the US police forces' treatment of ordinary Americans becomes obvious?

Americans have been an occupied people since the events of September 11, 2001 (some argue long before that).  They have a militarized police force that continually reminds them they are corralling them and shooting them indiscriminately like fish in a barrel.  Witness the typical event above.  So common place now it's becoming banal.

Then we have presidential candidate Donald Trump blandly talking about building high cement walls along borders.  Are people too stupid to realize that walls go both ways????!  How much longer will it be before there are walls around every balkanized community in the US...with entry and exit points guarded by police forces? They're already playing around with supply and quality of water and other essential resources to American communities.  Wait till they're all "gated".

Israeli techniques have been schooled into the heads of Western police recruits for the past several decades.  The above atrocity is from a script.  It is not an accident.  This is the way it's going to be from now on.  Systematic killings in the street...and police getting away with it. [thus setting precedents]  Divide and conquer of all racial and social minoritiesBalkanization for greater control.  Endless violence for generational trauma and compliance.

You are occupied!  Either fight back....or Get out while you can!

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