Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Orwellian Newspeak by Obama - Media goes into hyperdrive after Clinton Black Swan Event

Black Swan

As the dust continues to settle from last Sunday's 9/11 ground zero collapse of Hillary Clinton, it's starting to look more and more like a Black Swan Event...something unexpected that stands out against the pattern of contrived media "white swan" events.  Rather than, as I first thought, yet another rung in the ladder up to the alibi to allow Clinton to bail from a campaign that is going very, very badly for her...and as WikiLeaks' Assange has promised, will get much worse.  So, while Hillary no doubt has mental health issues...she also likely has some serious medical issues that unexpectedly cropped up at the memorial service.  Probably the timing, rather than the medical situation itself was the "Black Swan."

Why do I suspect it was more likely a Black Swan event?  Due to the way the culpable, corrupted Main$tream Media has reacted since. Rather than try to penetrate further into the wall Hillary has built around her dubious health...the M$M has gone into full distraction/defense/hyperbole mode.  Hillary herself has led the way by going on CNN Anderson Cooper's show and, instead of coming clean about her health...obfuscated and demanded Trump's Income Tax records.

The media including the CIA asset, Washington Post has, itself, resorted to (planted) ridiculous "conspiracy theories" like Trump and Russia may have "poisoned" Hillary.

"...The Post's suggestion that the President of the Russian Federation could be involved in a plot to poison the Democratic candidate for President of the United States is the ultimate in shoddy journalism. The only "poison" in the current presidential campaign is that being spread by the Clinton campaign and its allies like the Post that wish to turn the new Cold War started by the Obama administration into a Hot War under Clinton. The United States and the world can ill-afford a Clinton presidency that would base its policies on the world stage on kooky conspiracy theories." Wayne Madsen

Most compellingly, Obama himself went on the campaign trail and and into full attack/hyperbole mode--attacking Trump's recent appearance on the Larry King show on RT, in order to deflect attention away from the Hillary mess:

From RT

The US president [Obama] went further, comparing Putin to Saddam Hussein.
“When the interviewer asks him [Trump], ‘why do you support this guy [Putin]?’ He says, ‘He is a strong guy. Look, he’s got an 82 percent poll rating.’ Well, yes, Saddam Hussein had a 90 percent poll rating. If you control the media and you’ve taken away everybody's civil liberties, and you jail dissidents, that's what happens,” Obama told a Hillary Clinton rally in Philadelphia.

Sooooooooooo.....according to the Obomber sock puppet....being popular with the citizens is a...negative (perhaps even cause for dismissal from office)....and Saddam was popular only because he "controlled the media and had taken away Iraqis civil liberties and jailed dissidents."  Refresh my memory...what was the "Patriot Act" if not taking away civil liberties.  Who is Chelsea Manning if not a "jailed dissident"?

Even though the United States has admitted it invaded Iraq on the basis of is still trying to justify the invasion/destruction of a sovereign nation on the basis of Saddam not being a nice guy...even though....wait for it....he had a 90% poll rating.  Ouch!  I'm going to get a sick headache if I continue to parse Obama's deep Orwellian doublespeak.

But, unfortunately, it works with American citizens.  I keep thinking about one of my favourite 9/11 stories.  About five years ago now, I went to a convention for people in the construction industry.  My partner worked in construction and that's why I was there.  The keynote speaker happened to be  head of an engineering firm in New York City. He was touted as an internationally recognized leader in his field. Great! I thought.  After his speech I'll buttonhole him about 9/11 and see what he knows.  I might get some inside information.

So, I went up to him after his speech and he was more or less alone.  I introduced myself and said I was interested in his personal memories and opinions on 9/11.  He gave me a blank look. I asked him if he had been living in New York during the event and he said he had.  I listed a few of the anomalies in the official story and particularly the WTC7 building that had collapsed later on in the day, not having been hit by a plane.  He looked  at me with a completely blank look.  He knew nothing about WTC7 and nothing about any of the other anomalies.  I must have had a very surprised look on my face because the event organizer came over and took the guy away from me by the arm.

It was a real insight into how clueless [in the literal sense of the word] Americans are.  And it convinced me ever since to never underestimate how much Americans will accept...even when it defies logic and common sense.  And, if you don't see the connection between this post and the previous post about the lack of real leadership in the haven't been paying attention.


Anonymous said...

CG, you wrote,"So, while Hillary no doubt has mental health issues...she also likely has some serious medical issues that unexpectedly cropped up at the memorial service."

The thing is she has been very ill for a long time. It was not that unexpected as she travels in a fully equipped ambulance (a painted black Chevy Express 1500)and an MD, who is a specialist in seizure disorders, is always by her side. She cannot walk very far with out help, and she can manage only a block or two maximum with help, as we have seen through her campaign. She cannot climb stairs without several people holding her up. She has had multiple seizures on camera. She was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in 2011, but may have Parkinson's Disease as her father did.

Any healthcare professional knows this is not trivial and knows that this "fall" on 9/11 was not unexpected, nor was it 'fainting from dehydration'. Notice how calm the security service personnel were, trying to hide what was going on, and how calm and controlled her handlers were, stuffing her into the van to hastily get her out of sight, leaving her shoe on the sidewalk, with no regard for her comfort or safety.

The later diagnosis of pneumonia as the cause of the episode is not very credible because if she has such a severe case to be so hypoxemic as to fall down, she would be in the hospital in critical care, not bouncing on a sidewalk contagiously kissing a child 90 minutes later, looking pounds thinner. If it were a real emergency, she would have been at the hospital and there would have been a press conference there.

The long, loose jackets and slacks she wears are to conceal a urinary catheter and leg bag, which is occasionally visible when she walks.

A presidential candidate who has not been able to give a live press conference in the past 275 days, and who was absent from the presidential debates for over ten minutes clearly has something to hide.

The coughing jags are likely from aspiration, a common thing with Parkinson's Disease, and she might well have an aspiration pneumonia which would explain why they let her be around children (including Chelsea's)--that type of pneumonia, if she has it, is not contagious.

The sub-cerebral seizures are characteristics of VaD and PD and her nearby doctor carries a diazepam auto-injector to try and control them. A PD flare, with stiffening will not be helped by that however. It is know form the "leaked' emails that she is taking a number of drugs including Provigil,and Briviact.

Can this person be in the white house?

We know they are all puppets, but this is getting like "Weekend at Bernie's".

ABC news NYC affiliate channel 7 aired two separate stories that Hillary had died on top of everything else, exposing the scripted nature of the MSM.If Dr. Drew was fired from CNN (after 15 years with a popular show)for just asking questions about Hillary's health, then the stooges who reported her death will probably be added to the ever growing Clinton body count.


greencrow said...

Hmmm, a lot of information here Laskarina. Some of it may be factual and some may be disinformation. All of it has previously been printed in the M$M and/or [leaked to] the Internet. It does support what I said in my post about the the M$M going into "hyperdrive".

RickB said...

Perhaps the conversation with the "engineer" helped him realize what a blithering idiot he is. One can only hope.

greencrow said...

Hi RickB

I have always wondered whether the engineer was pretending not to know about the alternate theories as to what happened on 9/11. In the end, I have to trust my instinct and experience at reading faces. As a former CP social worker, I learned to read faces very well. IMO, he honestly did not have a clue what I was talking was shocking.