Saturday, September 10, 2016

UPDATED: No justice for the victims of 9/11 but lots of justice for the victims on the "Dateline NBC" TV show

UPDATED:  September 10, 2016 Yet another 9/11 commentary by one of the greatest Americans alive today, blogger and former US federal government official Paul Craig Roberts. Roberts is one of the handful of prominent Americans brave enough to tell the truth about 9/11 

Falling Couple

Falling Victims of 9/11

More Images of the Falling Victims of 9/11

Tomorrow is the 15th Anniversary of the 9/11 Atrocity....the mass murder of over 3,000 innocent Americans who were working in or happened to be visiting the WTC on September 11, 2011.  I have always been amazed at how the criminally complicit Western Main$tream Media has been able to divert public focus away from the individuals who were wantonly and cold bloodedly murdered on that day.  The perps particularly don't like photos being shown of the "jumpers"....they insist it's "insensitive".....not as insensitive as forcing them to leap from a 100 story building, perhaps, but insensitive just the same.  That's why I'm showing the photos of the jumpers.  These were real human beings....just going about their daily routines...when the perps decided to use their atrocious deaths as a pretext to set in motion the PNAC "attack 7 countries in 5 years" goal that the neocons in the Pentagon had set for the US military.

The story is that people were exiting the buildings in an orderly fashion after the "planes hit" but were ordered back into the buildings by some anonymous voice on a loudspeaker in order to keep the casualty numbers as high as possible.  I remember commenting on forums that if we could find out who made the announcements to return to the buildings...we would be on the way to solving the crime.  But, like so many other pieces of blatant evidence and clues, lying in plain sight....this clue was studiously ignored by the "investigation".

I was watching "DatelineNBC" on TV last night.  I like the way the police on the episodes always meticulously examine all the evidence in the the murder under investigation.  No evidentiary stone is left unturned.  The case inevitably ends up in an open court where the evidence is presented and the perp is invariably convicted....and appropriately sentenced Even though the Dateline stories are based on true cases....this kind of retributive justice is only meant for the unwashed peons and the ignorant middle class in the United States.  The elite, the deep state, with its corrupted and subverted agencies like the CIA can get away with the kind of atrocities that happened on 9/11 and afterwards...including the wanton murder of millions in far away countries on the basis of lies.

Each person in the photographs above deserved  precisely the kind of investigation depicted on "Dateline".....preserved crime scene, following up all leads.....identifying and pursuing "persons of interest"....arrest, charging and open trial of ALL suspects....with presentation of ALL relevant evidence.  That Americans can't see the discrepancy between the justice depicted on shows like Dateline...and the "justice" afforded to the 9/11 victims is one of the most disturbing things about US society.

The Apotheosis of Hypocrisy

Why weren't the victims in the above photographs given the "DatelineNBC" style of "justice"?  Indeed, they haven't received any justice at all to this day....and their spirits are screaming for justice from their graves...if they even have any graves....

Pulverized and Vaporized Victims of 9/11
Richard Gage asks some important questions

As a yearly substitute for justice, the still powerful perps of 9/11, who run the rogue Deep State government that still controls the US to this day...drag out any number of distractions, distortions and red herrings.  This year, they seem to be going with the "Let's blame the Saudis" caper.  Any falsehood, no matter how transparent and venal is preferable to justice for the victims.

Yes there's justice for the victims on "Dateline", but no justice for the fallen of 9/11.  I have an idea...why doesn't "Dateline" cover what happened on 9/11!?  Oh, I forgot...NBC is the same TV network that recently lied about Turkey's President Erdogan's whereabouts the night of the attempted Turkish coup...thus outing themselves as assets of the CIA.


RickB said...

Very appropriately compelling post and commentary. Thank you.

wallflower said...

Hi Greencrow, first time commenting on your blog. Thank you for keeping us "in memory" because as time passes so do the details. For that I am utterly grateful to youtube and ya'll.

This is something that always grabs me when watching 9/11 video recordings. This particular video and many others begin with the simple fact that "someone" was recording the first plane crash into the Trade Tower. I ask...Why doesn't anyone question that particular action? Conveniently happened to be standing with fire fighters at that point in time...?

I didn't know so much about the bone fragments (shame on me) but suffice it to say it's another aspect of the blow back of endless lies (that I hope are being compiled and kept).

Here's hoping for truth... 7 Evaluation is a two-year study by Dr. J Leroy Hulsey, Chair of UAF's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, and two Ph.D. research assistants. It is being crowd-funded through the nonprofit organization Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. [Although it confounds me how they will be able to prosecute the guilty parties. They laugh with impunity.]
A lot of Stein supporters (Green Party) are demanding 9/11 truth.

greencrow said...

You're welcome RickB. The victims of 9/11 will haunt me to my dying day. I think about them every day and grieve for them and their families every day. To see the 9/11 perps brought to justice would be the greatest moment of my life...if it ever happened.

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

Thank you very much for your comment. Thanks also for the link:

....which I encourage everyone to view. The retelling of the story of the "jumpers" is particularly heartbreaking. That these courageous souls, who endured such unspeakable agony in the final moments of their lives, have been so abandoned by the "justice system" of the United States will forever stain the reputation of that so-called "civilized democracy".

Yes, the United States abandoned and desecrated the memory of the "jumpers" by denying them common justice of a civilized society. May the perps burn in hell for this despicable act!

Greg Bacon said...

One of my fav 9/11 lies is the one told about Flight 93 that got shot down in Shanksville, PA. Remember, we were told that there wasn’t any jet debris left because the ground had liquefied and swallowed the plane up?
200,000 pounds of plane and passengers disappeared into the Earth? Amazing!

Another amazing bending of the rules of physical science, which seemed to be perverted on that day and only on that day!

Joking aside, we don’t have another 15 years to keep exposing the LIES about 9/11, since the real perps are well aware the truth is being outed.
But we’re dealing with some world-class psychos who will do anything, even starting WW III and turning the Earth into radioactive rubble to avoid punishment.

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Yes, the shoot-down of the plane over Shanksville has been the subject of a lollapalooza of lies....including a movie that makes me want to barf if I even see s short clip of it somewhere. The plane was shot down in mid air by a reserve pilot who even got a medal for it later!

So far, all along the way, the perps best friends have been the sheeple majority who "can't handle the truth". I know about these folks because I'm related to some of them. You can argue all you want with them about the laws of physics and all the other anomalies of that can win every sub-argument...but when you finally have them down on the mat...argumentatively speaking....they will always respond in the same way: "I DON'T CARE!!! IT DOESN'T AFFECT MY LIFE!!!

They (the 67% majority of sheeple) can't handle the truth that there is so much evil in the world. They don't have the courage to stand and fight. That's why they're the greatest friends of the perps. The perps know that as long as they give the 67% their I-phones and other toys...they can do what they want.

If the sheeple start feeling the pinch of economic or social discomfort...they might start to wake up...and it's then, as you say, the "world-class psychos...will do anything...even starting avoid punishment"


wallflower said...

Hey Greencrow,

For some reason I visited that video you linked to in reply to me ( that I've seen several times before. But I just learned something new about it...(maybe you have already known).

@ 16:08 a Demolitions Expert by the name of Danny Jowenko was asked about B-7 at that time he didn't know what or where this building was. After he gave his "expert" knowledge about B-7 he was dumbfounded to find out the truth. On August 12, 2013 he dies in a one car "accident"...

Also...Phone Call With Danny Jowenko- Died 3 days latter After PressTv interview

[I guess I'm a little late in finding this out...but maybe there are others who are still in the dark.] Thanks again, take care.

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower:

Thanks for drawing this to our attention. I did know that Jowenko died but was unaware of the exact circumstances, or that his death occurred just 3 days after a PressTV interview. I will have to watch that video.

Yes, it does appear that Jowenko was taken out, just like so many other eye-witnesses to crimes of the Deep State have been. Don't forget, they have a "legal" assassination program running out of the White House.