Thursday, September 29, 2016

Duterte: Someone's Not Long For this they say....

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

As a child, whenever one of us (I was raised in a family of nine children, five boys and four girls) misbehaved, my mother would call out from the kitchen...where she spent 90% of her time...."Someone is not long for this world!"

I used the same warning phrase on my children....and now I'm shouting it out to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.  This guy has suicidal ideation for sure.  He's been taunting the Obama/Deep State Regime of the United States for months now.

US playing "Wack-a-Mole" against the International Community of Nations

The Deep State must be feeling like it's playing a game of "wack-a-mole" in the Western Hemisphere these days.  No sooner did they wack Venezuela's Chavez and Brazil's Dilma Rousseff, but this Philippino, Duterte pops up in their place.  I don't follow Philippines politics that closely, but it looks from this vantage point that the Philippines electorate perhaps put the motor mouth in office just to distance themselves from their occupier.  The Philippines has been occupied by the United States for least since WWII.  There are huge US military bases dotting the islands of the Philippines.  The people always gamely try to kick the US bases out of their country but, unfortunately and by pure coincidence...they always get a rash of terrorist militia infesting their remote islands committing atrocities whenever they do.  And, of course, the US then has to come and eradicate the nasty invaders.  Whatever.

Recently, the head of the occupied United Nations Secretariat, Ban Ki-Moon was haranguing Duterte on his harsh treatment of the drug runners that are currently overrunning the island [in place of the former terrorist militia, perchance?].

"I am inviting the United Nations' Ban Ki ... what's the name of that devil? ... Ban Ki-moon

From RT:
"...The Philippines president called his US counterpart a “son of a b*tch/whore” earlier this month after hearing news that the US leader was to address the country’s ‘war on drugs.’ The comment, which Duterte later said was not directed towards Obama, led to the White House canceling scheduled talks between the two leaders.

Duterte says he wants U.S. special forces out of southern Philippines

This outburst was shortly followed by Duterte ordering US troops to leave the south of his country, after blaming them for inflaming tensions with the local Muslim population.
“For as long as we stay with America, we will never have peace in that land,” Duterte said, as cited by the AP.
In his speech on Thursday, Duterte gave a hint of a possible warming of ties with China by telling businessmen from the country, “You will see me often in China." 
He did not expand on that particular point, but did mention that he planned to visit China before the end of the year and would be promoting the rights of fishermen from the Philippines to be left to fish in the Scarborough Shoal without any restrictions.
Duterte has already said that the Philippines will pursue “independent” foreign and military policies separate from US interests in the region and may look towards closer ties with China and Russia."

While Obama has largely ignored the outbursts of the Philippines can be sure that behind the scenes...Duterte is being measured for a coffin.

Duterte ready to "Cross the Rubicon"?

While there can be no doubt, Duterte building a strong, independent image at home thinks he is  helping his future electoral chances, one wonders if there is anything else behind this waving-a-red-flag-at-a-bull posturing.  I don't want to be completely cynical, and speculate that the US has set Duterte up as a straw man or a stalking horse...or both.  But it does seem a bit over the top.  With the US "pivot" towards Asia and its aggressive military stances towards China and North Korea....perhaps this is just a ruse/excuse to invade the Philippines and set up "martial law"....on the basis of the premise that Duterte called Obama “son of a b*tch/whore”.  Unfortunately, many Americans would just consider that common logic and inevitable consequences!

Just the other day, Duterte publicly said he was ready to "Cross the Rubicon", to drop Philipines's association/occupation by the US and garner closer relations with China and Russia.  Well, you know what they say...."If something appears too good to be true".....

WAIT!  Is Duterte's successor already waiting in the wings???

Filipino senator fears for her safety over opposition to President Duterte

Leila de Lima says she has been harassed, threatened since heading inquiry into country's war on drugs

Just this morning the CBC posted this report:

Filipino Sen. Leila de Lima initiated an inquiry into the 'extrajudicial' killings that have taken place since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office at the end of June (David Doyle/CBC)

De Lima is the Philippines' fiercest critic of the country's new strongman president Rodrigo Duterte, and she says his "personal vendetta" has her scared for her safety.

Duterte, referred to in the media as "Duterte Harry," has implemented an internationally condemned war on drugs in which more than 3,400 alleged drug dealers and users have been killed. But there is also a battle at the heart of government between Duterte and de Lima, stemming largely from de Lima's opposition to the way the war on drugs has been carried out. 

The hearings into the killings took a dramatic turn last week with the testimony of Edgar Matobato, a self-confessed former assassin from the Davao Death Squad vigilante group that has allegedly killed thousands of criminals in the city of Davao.

Matobato said Duterte, who spent more than 20 years as mayor of Davao, had ordered the killings of criminals and his opponents by the group. Matobato also claimed that Duterte had personally killed a justice department official with an Uzi submachine gun and had even ordered a (failed) assassination attempt on de Lima in 2009.

Duterte's office has denied all the claims and says there are inconsistencies in Matobato's evidence. The president has said he does not know Matobato.

though she says friends have asked why she does not stop her campaign, she has no intention of giving up.
"I have a choice," she said. "Surrendering everything and just keeping quiet and probably resigning from this post [as senator] and just waiting for all of those cases to be filed against me — or fight.

"I choose to fight, for as long as I can, for as long as I will be allowed to do so, for as long as I am alive."

Usually, when USrael plans a regime change, they have a puppet already waiting in the wings.  In this case, Sen. Leila de Lima fits the profile.  Already in the government, taking the moral highroad...even against a real and effective war on drugs (actually cleaning up the drug dealers)...and a woman.  Historically, the US likes to choose women puppets.   There have already been two woman Presidents of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino and Gloria Arroyo.  IMO, the reason the USrael prefers women leaders of vassal states, particularly in the third world, is that it knows that there is always a bedrock of sex discrimination in these nations (actually, everywhere) they can depend on...and that if the woman leader steps out of line...or beyond her station...they can easily appeal to and arouse this fundamental discrimination.  It's kind of like the blackmail they have over Obama (never allowed to meet with Putin alone) due to his closet homosexuality.

So, in summary, it looks as though a regime change is imminent in the Philippines.  With the planned "pivot" of the USrael MIC towards China and North Korea, they need a compliant puppet in charge and a state of martial law in this regional vassal, if possible.  They, no doubt, would also like to purge the Philippine government and military of any young upstarts who may gravitate to the "independence" that Duterte appears to proffer.  Duterte is mysteriously courting disaster and reprisal and the main$tream media is already signaling who his successor might be.


james@wpc said...

Yeah, I've puzzled over this guy and his big mouth, too, Greencrow. Maybe sometimes a megalomaniac with a big mouth is just a megalomaniac with a big mouth!

I'm reminded of the Godfather saying to his son, Michael, (this is in the book but not the movie) "Some people go around saying, "Kill me, kill me, kill me" "

greencrow said...

No, James...the more I think about it...the more I think that Duterte is just a straw man...being set up to draw in followers, independent thinking Philippinos who would fall for the trap being set for them.