Monday, September 12, 2016

CawRANT Events #31

CawRANT Events#31

It is a beautiful, sunny Monday morning on the West Coast and time for another CawRANT.  I have not done one of these semi-regular posts for a while due to holidays and pressure of time-sensitive geopolitical events...such as what was happening with the US election during the past week.  Now, it's time for a RANT!

I started off typing this CawRANT event post and was one paragraph into it when suddenly, everything I had just typed disappeared.  I was posting about the mess my Blogroll was in during the past week.... where "certain" blogs were no longer time sensitive and regularly updatedNow that 9/11 is over, it appears that the Blogroll is back to its former functional self.  All the favourite blogs are being updated and moved to the top of the blogroll as per usual...Perhaps it was only a glitch.  I don't want to appear paranoid...after all, why would a mega company care about my little blog, which according to stats... only averages a couple hundred hits a day. ; )

Hillary Clinton's Health Issues

Alternative bloggers and main$tream bloggers alike have been commenting on the recent Clinton Medical Crisis, that occurred in NYC during the 9/11 memorial yesterday.  American Everyman correctly observes that the "Conspiracy Theorists", rather than the Main$tream Media, were right about this one.  This, IMO, is yet another nail in the coffin of the big networks who, right up until the colostomy bag pin popped out of the bottom of collapsing Hillary's pant leg, insisted that she had no serious health issues.

The M$M even dutifully published the information that she was suffering from pneumonia...neglecting to observe her close and potentially contaminating encounter with a young child outside Chelsea's apartment building.'s Paul Joseph Watson dissects
Hillary's possible medical issues

In the video above, which has been circulating for some weeks, but which I only watched this morning, Paul Joseph Watson of dissects Hillary's historical medical issues and, towards the end, includes possible personality disorder...which is what I suspected in my post of yesterday.

Mass media outlets are starting to ruminate on the implications for the US Democratic Process of Hillary's health.  This is a very serious consideration and should be a topic considered by all...there should not be any media censorship of the alternative media for covering any aspect of this Crisis of Democracy...for that is very much what it appears to be.  Media are starting to present different scenarios of what could happen should Hillary drop out.  The obvious and correct solution would be to allow runner-up Bernie Sanders to take over the electoral helm.

Russian/US Peace Treaty re Syria

Everybody is asking me what I think about the Russian/US agreement regarding the four year war against Syria.  The terms and conditions are supposed to go into effect today.  Actually, nobody is asking me what I think about the treaty...but I will offer my druthers just the same.  First of all, if it meets with Assad's approval...who am I to complain about it?  It is horribly complicated...with five separate sub-agreements, so they say.  Pivotal to note is that this agreement did not include ISIS or any of its various apparitions/stages of metamorphosis.  So, it is unlikely that it will bring about peace and tranquility to Syria.  The "usual suspects" will just retreat to their fall-back position, like they have in Afghanistan, Iraq and places all over the world...detonating cowardly, anonymous "suicide" bombs... destroying civilian life and property.  This is what they dooooooooooooo.  I long ago stopped believing that any of them were actual "suicide" bombs...they're just pre-planted truck/car or roadside bombs that are remotely triggered.  I do believe that Russia and the US are both just taking time out for domestic election purposes.

Canadian Fentanyl Crisis

There was another report about the local fentanyl crisis in the Canadian media this morning.  Apparently, a young man from the neighbourhood is in dire straits waiting for a treatment bed for his fentanyl addiction.  He was living under a bridge with his pregnant girlfriend last December when both of them overdosed and had to be revived by paramedics.

My opinion on this is that drug addiction treatment programs should be run like a military bootcamp. The addicts should go to a facility far away from their home and out of their "street life" comfort zone.  Their days should be spent like days in a boot camp. They should be subjected to discipline and "counselling" in all aspects of their daily life.  All aspects of their recovery should be monitored, such as diet, exercise, skill building for employment, basic high school and university education, spirituality.  This is the only way to get at the root of the addiction.  Any other form of treatment is just temporary warehousing.

More News on Leviathan II capsize?

I still regularly check for updates on the Whale Watching boat capsize off northern Vancouver Island last October.  24 were on board and six passengers killed.  There is the official government website on the tragedy but that website hasn't been updated in months.  The investigation seemed to have stalled right after the whale-watching company filed a statement of defense in court a few months ago.  In that statement of defense...they claimed innocence of all responsibility for the capsize, and said it may have been caused by "parties unknown" at the present time.  This shocking claim was not pursued by the mainstream media nor any other source.

Trainee at the wheel?

I did find an interesting report about a similar incident in the UK.  Apparently, there was a collision between a UK nuclear trident submarine and another vessel off the coast of Gibraltar.  The collision was blamed on "trainees" at the helm of the nuclear sub.  Even more compelling was the report just last month....of a collision between a US nuclear sub and a "support vessel" off the coast of Washington State just to the south of us.  We know that the US navy sails military vessels and trains regularly (including firing depleted uranium torpedoes in the past into our fishing waters) in Canadian waters, and so I'm wondering if a similar collision could have been the cause of the capsize of the Leviathan certainly would account for the deathly silence in the media, government and courts about what happened to that vessel and its passengers.

Well, it's such a lovely day here on the West Coast that I do believe I will get out and enjoy the sunshine.  That's it for this Rant, bye for now.


BuelahMan said...

Notice the date:

tsisageya said...

My wish is that people would STOP showing infowars as evidence of ANYTHING. Ugh!

Do it right, or don't do it at all.

greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya

Thanks for your comment. My view is that nobody has a franchise on the truth. infowars had a video [widely shared] of the incident. I showed it....people can view it and make up their own minds.

greencrow said...

Hi BuelahMan

Yes, I am aware that you've been saying for some time that Hillary will not be president.

wallflower said...

Hillary Supporters Endorse KARL MARX as Her Pick for Vice President! - SIGN PETITION TO APPROVE HIM

...and you wonder "why" America is going south.

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower

I always enjoy Mark Dice...have him on my "favourites" blogroll. I consider him "eye candy" along with this guy...believe it or not of the leaders of the Donetsk militia.

There might be snow on the roof but there's still fire in the

wallflower said...

ha ha ha ha....

they remind me of Hogan's Hero's (telling my age)

thanks for the link!