Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Another Snow Job...Attack on Canada's Universal Medicare taking place in BC Court

Creeping US-Style Medicare Attempts

In February of 2003 I visited New York City.  As luck would have it, our first time visit to this US megalopolis coincided with a "Storm of the Century".  How well I remember the visit.  We stayed in a hotel across from Central Park.  The first day was clear but brutally cold.  We went sight seeing on a double decker bus and sat on the second tier....the wind chill must have been -20.  We saw the 9/11 "ground zero" ... got out and walked around.  It was just a normal construction site at that time.

That night...the blizzard struck.  Zero visibility from our hotel room.  The snow fell for a day and a half.  We were "snowed in" in NYC.  The city was shut down.  Once the snow stopped falling, we ventured out to Central Park.  Incredibly, we were the only people walking around in that world-famous park.  It was virgin snow and a winter fairyland.  Then we went back to our suite and watched TV for what seemed like hours.  We were a captive audience for American TV. It was then that I got a glimpse of why the US medical system is such an abominable mess.  There were hours of non-stop advertisements for the "medical system".  Health insurers used up literally millions of advertising dollars on ads for services that people didn't really have an option but to purchase.  Why was this advertising for a "necessity" permitted? I asked myself.  Doesn't that drive up the cost of the "product"?

All of the above is a preamble to what is now happening in a BC court room.  Once again, the Canadian Universal Medicare system is under assault.  It has happened on a regular basis all my life...combined with the steady erosion of quality of services.  All this is a desperate effort to "harmonize" North American social services in the relentless march towards a North American Union.  Canada's health care system has always been one of the major stumbling blocks in the march.  The United States wants it's health care dollars to go to corporations like Big Pharma and to advertising agencies and the co-opted Main$tream Media...and that's where they do go.

In Canada...the health care tax payer dollars go exclusively to providing services.  No middle far at least.  Obama made a pathetic effort to harmonize the system with his "Obamacare"...but "forgot" to eliminate the corporatist the project is an abysmal failure.

Now they're trying the age-old "foot in the door"/"thin edge of the wedge" stunt.  They've attempted this before...with meagre results.  This time they seem determined to set up "privately run/user pay" clinics for cherry-picked medical procedures....A deep-pocketed group of doctors and special interest corporatist groups is funding the legal challenge to the Canada Health Care Act.  I predict it will previous efforts have.  Canadians might be "insouciant" [to use a favourite expression of fellow blogger Paul Craig Roberts] about a lot of things...but not about our healthcare.  Many a Canadian corrupt/bought politician has had his/her career founder on the rocky shoals of Privatizing our Health Care System.

But the steady erosion of Canadian Universal Healthcare will no doubt proceed apace.  One of the biggest enemies of Canadian Universal Healthcare, IMO, is a mega insurance agency called "Manulife".  This Mega Insurance Agency puts out advertising as if we were already living in the United acts like Universal Health Care has already been destroyed.  Ads, day and night 24/7, telling Canadians that they "need" extra coverage for essential medical care.  The Blitz is on.  And I shout at the TV....  GIT OUTTA HERE!!!!

As I said earlier in this post and as I've said for years....MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE IS NOT OPTIONAL...IT DOES NOT NEED TAXPAYER DOLLARS SPENT ON ADS AND MERCHANDISING.  If you removed the useless and parasitical middle men from Health Care...middle men like insurance agencies, ad companies and the main$tream media....there would be enough dollars to completely cover all citizens in Canada AND the United States!


J. Spears said...

Except in universal healthcare you would have nothing.
You need Ayurveda, you need holistic, you need naturopathic.
You need homeopathy. You need supplements. You need food medicine. You need herbal medicine.
In the US you can't have any of these. You have allopathic medicine exclusively.
You will get vaccines. You will be forced to have chemotherapy, or surgery or radiation. You will die from the therapies. You will impair your health.
You are F--ked without medical choice.
Universal healthcare without complete freedom of choice is a fool's errand.
Because the criminal bureaucracy will dictate the medicine.
The power of the state will dictate therapies and therapeutic outcomes.
If you have cash and can pay for your own medical choice, you can actually survive.
Good medicine is medical freedom, something that runs counter to universal healthcare.

greencrow said...

Hi J. Spears:

Thanks very much for commenting on this important subject! I agree that "Universal healthcare without complete freedom of choice is a fool's errand." For the last several decades...charlatans have infiltrated the medical realm with mass, multiple vaccinations, bogus chemotherapy and other demonic "medical procedures". I am encouraged by the return of naturopathic medicines that have proven effective over centuries. Freedom of choice should always be the bottom line for mentally competent adults. Sometimes, death is the sanest choice.

No system is perfect, but Canadian Universal Health Care is recognized by the vast majority of Canadians as a treasure we received from a great Canadian, Tommy Douglas, and we must protect it at all costs from regular attacks from home and abroad.