Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Tale of Three Orders for Extradition

Julian Assange - Holed up in the London
Ecuadorian Embassy for three years
avoiding extradition to the US

Sometimes the scofflaw attitude of the current Rogue Deep State government of the United States makes you want to gag.  The hypocrisy is astounding.  One law for the United States and another law for the rest of the planet.  Here are three cases that clearly illustrate what I'm getting at.

Countries sign extradition agreements with one another in order to prevent fugitives from hiding out in one another's countries.  It is a reciprocal arrangement.  The United States thinks extradition is meant for them alone--to chase down whistleblowers and others who fight against their corporatist empire's god-given right to own and manipulate the world's economy.

Julian Assange has been held prisoner in the London Equadorian Embassy for years now because he is a world-class whistleblower through his Internet Website WikiLeaks.  Criminals in the US elite like Hillary Clinton would love to get their hands on him because he's revealing their mendacity and possibly ruining Hillary's electoral chances next November.  So they rigged up a case against him through vassal state Sweden...where Sweden has accused him of rape and wants to extradite him to Sweden--from where he can be sent to the US...and treated like Chelsea Manning.  Ecuador does not have an extradition agreement with the US, so that's why he's "safe" in their Embassy.  It is a complicated ongoing travesty of justice.  But get's worse.

Fugitive Kim Dotcom...Holed up in
New Zealand because the US wants to
punish him for competing with their
corporatist Internet Monopoly

Kim Dotcom of Megaupload fame is holding out in New Zealand.  The US has already destroyed him financially...for inventing a competitor to their Internet Cartel of Google and YouTube, etc.  But now they want to bring him to the US and destroy him personally with their corrupt "legal system" by imprisoning him as an example to anyone else who might want to tread on their turf.  Here is their case against Dotcom.

Despite opposition from the US, a New Zealand court last week granted permission for Kim Dotcom to livestream his legal bid to fight the extradition appeal. Dotcom remains wanted by US authorities who accuse him of copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering in connection with the seized Megaupload site.

Rothken, however, said that the US does not have any legal grounds upon which to indict Kim Dotcom, as there is the so-called Safe Harbor agreement which applies to “ISPs from any criminal liability” and laws with the New Zealand that “do not make any kind of species of alleged infringement even a crime.” Kim Dotcom who lost all his assets because of the US court orders has been indignant about the whole situation.

“The United States has indicted me with copyright infringement even though I’m not directly charged with that infringing of files…and because I use my treaty rights to fight extradition, a US court has found that I’m now a fugitive and under the fugitive disentitlement they have forfeited all my assets which now belong to the United States government,” Dotcom told RT's Max Keiser.

Then, finally, we have the latest case involving extradition agreements between countries and that is the case of CIA asset and alleged mastermind behind the July 15, 2016 failed Turkish coup, Fetulah Gulen.

Turkish Fugitive CIA Asset Fetulah Gulen
Holed up in Pennsylvania under CIA protection
85 boxes of evidence sent by Erdogan is
not enough "proof" to extradite
Gulen back to Turkey

The United States has an extradition agreement with Turkey and no doubt in the past Turkey has rendered a lot of US fugitives to the US under the agreement.  Now, Turkey has requested that the US render CIA asset and world leader of a quasi religious cult--that is also a regime-change mechanism devised by the CIA--back to Turkey to face justice following the failed Turkish coup.

The US has so far demurred...saying that it needs "proof".  Turkey has sent two formal requests for extradition plus 85 boxes of "evidence" in support of the request.  Methinks that's a lot more evidence than the ratshit cases against Assange and Dotcom.  But nosiree.  It will be a cold day in hell before Gulen goes to Turkey.  Moral of the story?  An extradition agreement with the US is not worth the paper it's written on....and, even if you don't have an extradition agreement with the US...they will still hunt down their fugitives on your turf as if it were theirs.


Assange + Kim Dotcom + Gulen = stomach churning hypocrisy

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