Sunday, August 28, 2016

UPDATED: When Seabirds Cry

UPDATED:  September 7, 2016 The Public has been urged to avoid eating fish caught in the Vancouver Island endangered chinook and coho fisheries.  This underlines the endangered status of these fisheries. indication of "why" the fisheries are endangered.  GET RID OF NUCLEAR POWER ON EARTH!!!!

Common Merganser

Numbers of Chinook Salmon returning to Vancouver Island on the Pacific West Coast are at an all time low.  The fishery is collapsing all along the coast.  Fisherpersons are crying the blues and wondering what happened to the fish.

One thing different I've noticed on our annual Gulf Island sailing holiday is the quality of the sea bird cries.  Being a lifelong lover of birds...crows and all birds...I listen to their "communications" carefully and, after many years have even been able to sense what they're saying, well, kind of, anyway.

This year the seabirds, seagulls, blue herons and other birds cries have a distressed sound.  Usually a bird will cry for a minute or two then "forgit aboudit" and fly off.  This year the cries, particularly from the sea gulls, are a high pitched wail, and go on for several minutes at least.  I listened to a few such cries before beginning to wonder what was the cause of the distress.  Then I saw on the News.  Chinook salmon returning to the Pacific West Coast are at an all time low, according to news reports.

Well, I'm not surprised.  Having followed the Fu*kUshima disaster when it occurred on March 11, 2011, I posted an analysis called "Fu*k U Shima - Dead Planet Walking."  Well, it was no surprise to me to hear on the local news tonight that the Chinook Salmon Fishery is collapsing.

Port Alberni Vancouver Island Fish Processing Plant 

I feel bad for the fisherpersons and the other humans who depend on the fisheries for livelihood.  But I feel even worse for the birds....they haven't fu*ked around with the environment.  They didn't come up with the diabolical computer virus "Stuxnet" that infected Siemens computers in nuclear power plants in Japan and destroyed their ability to withstand the deliberately caused "earthquakes" that occurred near the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, built, inexplicably, right on the Pacific Ocean coastline.  When the Fukushima nuclear power plants were destroyed, nuclear radiation then leaked...and continues to leak, unabated, by the tons into the Pacific Ocean, effectively killing it forever.

Why did the perps [the computer virus has been traced back to USrael] create the Stuxnet virus?  Well, they really wanted to destroy the Iranian power plant. But, as viruses tend to do...the Stuxnet virus went "viral".  That's the official unofficial story, anyway.  The truth is probably more in the existential realm....someone(s) wanted to kill off all living things on Planet Earth....because that's what's happening...only in sloooooowww motion.

And, so the "experts" insist they have absolutely NO IDEA why the Chinook are not returning to spawn in the rivers of the Pacific North West.  It's all a BIG mystery!

But the seabirds cry.  They, at least, know.

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