Thursday, August 11, 2016

UPDATED: What's Going On Behind The Systemic Lawlessness of Western Police Forces?

UPDATE:  August 14, 2016 - US Man arrested and jailed for "Recruiting ISIS fighters" says he's been an FBI Informant for years.

Aaron Driver - Recently killed by Police in Ontario
Police "Goof Ball Patsy" du Jour?

Another day, another police patsy goes down.  This time in Ontario.  Young Aaron Driver, photo above, was killed by police during some kind of  incident...the details of which are probably inconsequential...because they will never be confirmed as fact, one way or the other.  Here's the report from the BBC.

The important thing to note is the standard reaction from those who actually knew the young is typical "disbelief":
Leonard Tailleur, Driver's former lawyer, said it was "absolutely shocking" to hear about what happened.

Mr Tailleur, who represented Driver in 2015 and early 2016, said his client had never indicated he would engage in terrorist activities.

"He was such a passive individual. He was not an aggressive person," he told the Globe and Mail

The interesting thing to note about Mr. Driver's comes just two weeks after the shocking verdict by the judge in the Canadian Terror Patsies case out here in British Columbia.  In that case, the BC Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce, threw out the conviction of the young, befuddled, impoverished couple and accused the police of "creating terrorists". Even more shocking, perhaps, than the verdict, is the way the JM$M has totally ignored the monstrous implications of what the judge said about the police...and the media's lack of follow-up by asking the politicians to be held responsible.  No one has even broached the topic with le Dauphin.  The closest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has come to commenting on the decision...was to order a committee led by the failed politician ("2 seat Kim") Campbell to review the process of appointing Supreme Court Judges...attempting to (intimidate) Shoot the Messenger, perchance?

But this is a much bigger issue than Canadian terror patsies....I've been following the murder of another youth, Freddie Gray, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  There have been several videos posted that attempt to clear up the several mysteries surrounding his death.  Here are two of them:   

How the Prosecutors and Defense were conniving
with the Bench to destroy the case
against the killers of Freddie Gray

How the Media is muddying the case
against the killers of Freddie Gray

What do Freddie Gray, John Nuttall, Aaron Driver, et al have in common?

In the absolute absence of and refusal by the media (the so-called Fifth Estate) to examine these cases--there are hundreds now...throughout North America and Western Europe--where young men (mainly but not solely of colour) have been targeted, harassed/mentored, either killed or convicted and sent to prison...someone has to try to make sense of it.  The woman who made the second video linked above states it very well when she says there has been a systemic, deliberate attempt to subvert justice in an effort to continue this targeting of young men with impunity.

Here's my theory...for what it's worth.

The CIA and other Rogue Agencies [in the case of Canada-- our security agencies have been penetrated by foreign moles/CSIS, bent on destroying the remnants of Canadian sovereignty] have installed moles in each and every police department in North America and most in Western Europe.  These moles have been designated to identify and radicalize young men for the purpose of creating black ops mercenary armies.  The regular armies being no longer able to fight "4th generation warfare".

There are at least three prongs to this operation:

First: they antagonize blacks and visible minorities and then identify leaders, put them into the private-for-profit jail system--where they can be radicalized/trained on the public dimeKilling some indiscriminately serves to radicalize the rest.  Once trained and radicalized...they can be "set free" and spirited off to foreign lands to fight wars as part of proxy armies (ISIS, al Nusra, et. al)

Second:  They "mentor" vulnerable and weak-brained individuals (patsies) and set them up to perform domestic terror ops.  This accomplishes two goals: (1) Terrorizing the public into accepting the need for draconian security laws (corrupts the legal system) and more security agencies (make work project) and;  (2) Further corrupts (blackmails) and compromises the police officers....creating a network of Fascist State Gestapo-style police forces.

Third:  Harmonize [degrade and corrupt] all the police, legal and political systems throughout the west in preparation for the NWO.

Hoaxes Complete the "Matrix Effect"

Just as an addendum to this theory...they also play games with the public and "mind Fu#k" them with hoaxes.  This serves as a distraction and keeps the alternate media busy.  It also adds to the public creating an aura of unreality...what is real and what is not?  Are we living in a matrix? 

In the latest hoax, Chicago police chased an unarmed man down the street and shot him to death in someone's back yard.  Videos of the incident instantly went "viral"..the fact that I saw it on "Mashable" was a real red flag.  Then the entire incident disappeared from the media radar.

I don't believe the Chicago chase incident actually happened.  There were a lot of anomalies with the videos presented...

Screen Shot from Latest Police Video
showing killing of unarmed Black Male Teenager

The most obvious anomalies were the lack of video (body cam) on the actual police shooter. He conveniently jumped over a high fence and shot the youth out of camera range.  Another anomaly was there were no people on the street and few cars in the area during the entire shooting.  Nobody came out of their homes.  Even the back yard where the police gathered after the "shooting".....huffing and out of shape they were.  Nobody at all came out of their homes to see what all the commotion was?!?  Was this all yet another of the "drills" that have confused so many police narratives in the past decade or so...ever since the multi-drills that were going on on 9/11 ?!

I'm not saying that I'm right about all of the theory stated above...but somebody has to ask the questions...someone has to speak out about the systemic corruption of our police forces, justice system and so-called (laughably) "security" agencies.  If anyone has a better theory or has evidence to refute mine...I'd be interested in hearing about it.


james@wpc said...

This makes a lot of sense to me, Greencrow. Also, by taking out the natural leaders of a community, the rest are left to rely on the media/authorities for direction. This was a fundamental component of the brainwashing that the American POW's underwent at the hands of the Chinese army in Korea and why it was so effective.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

The media does play a pivotal role in this. Note how NBC was caught in the act of promoting the failed Turkish coup recently. NBC broadcast lies about the whereabouts of Erdogan in the crucial first minutes of the coup. That tells me that NBC is a criminal organization and should have its broadcasting license revoked. It is this kind of systemic criminality and partnership between the security agencies, media, police and "justice" system that are eating away at the democratic institutions of the West and setting it up for catastrophe.

Penny said...


big red flag:

"the young man born into a Christian family of military personnel"


What Aaron Driver means for the debate on amending Bill C-51
Case of ISIS sympathizer comes amid outstanding question of anti-terror laws

I would say Bill C51 and governmental tyranny is the biggest beneficiary via their homegrown terrorist/lonewolf

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

The timing, in terms of the upcoming amendment of Bill C-51, IS crucial to understanding this latest incident. But it is getting so formulaic. The most egregious aspect is the complete abdication of responsibility and dereliction of duty of the press in following up on the anomalies and...most of all...not asking Trudeau what he thought about Justice Bruce's shocking, and monstrous, allegations against the police in the Nuttall/Korody case. Are we living in a parallel universe here??

Anonymous said...

Consider a more plausible operations explanation. Driver is a "mole" for the agency, he was never "executed'. This way, they control the action, less "loose" ends. Yet they achieve same desired effect. The use of "Driver" as the supposed execution occurs in a "Taxi", nice dramatic effect, eh. MSM provides convenient backstories including hilarious 90 minute CBC interview last year or so. Obvious deception.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

The CBC is a complete asset of the perps at this point in Canadian history. What with the old fossils Mansbridge and Brian Stewart. Stewart is a troll for the cabal. I can't even watch the CBC news and haven't for years. I just check on the CBC website to keep up with the latest lies.