Monday, August 15, 2016

UPDATE: US Nukes at Incirlik - Just Do The Right Thing!

UPDATE:  August 16, 2016 PressTV  has an analysis of the Incirlik situation by US geopolitical analyst Scott Bennett in which he reiterates the information already known about the electricity being shut off (no mention of it being restored) and the stored nuclear arsenal.

US Soldiers Loading Bombs at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey
file photo courtesy RT

First, a little update on my experience so far with my new laptop and Windows 10.  After two weeks of using it I can say that the only good thing about having Windows 10 is that I am no longer harassed to GET Windows 10.  No more annoying pop-ups when I open my desktop asking/pleading and threatening about downloading (or is it uploading) Windows 10 on an old laptop which could not take the added memory load.

Other than that...Windows 10 is VERY slow and glitchy.  So many times I'm reading a report and the screen "freezes" and I'm forced to wait and fidget with it to try and get it to scroll.  But...and I DO have a point here : ) IMO, it's nothing compared to what is coming our way we try to make our way around the Internet.  As a geopolitical blogger I have to surf to some fairly sketchy web sites and even though I have Kasperksy anti-virus software...I still get messages about "malware attacks"....I also want to regularly go to websites like RT which are currently under DDOS attack by the western corporate media giants/military industrial complex who can't tolerate a winner.  RT is beating the American mainstream media hands down and the mainstream media...obligated to spread lies on a 24/7 no match.  So now a thimpk tank has written a report recommending cyber-warfare against RT.

So, if something dramatic happens on either of the two current geopolitical hot spots...Turkey/Syria and/or Ukraine/Crimea, you can bet that RT will go down.  In fact, that's how you will KNOW that something is going on...RT will be dead in the water.  It's really too bad that the US mainstream media hasn't allowed even ONE network to tell the truth.  Greenwald, for instance, says that the US Media is 100% against Trump.  Any thinking American should ask him or herself "Why?"  What is it about Clinton that makes it 100% certain according to the media...that she needs to be president?  What is being kept hidden here?  That's easy...what's being hidden is that The US Media is one of the main pillars of the globalist cabal.

But finally to the topic of my post, the ongoing crisis at the NATO Air Force Base in Incirlik, Turkey. And there is a connection with the above rambling.  According to the latest report from RT
Incirlik Air Base is still under the lockdown that started shortly after the failed coup attempt of July 15th....a month ago.  The base, with its American soldiers guarding their nuclear arsenal, is surrounded by 7000 Turkish soldiers.  The Turks have also surrounded it with tanks and trucks and anything heavy enough to prevent a mass breakout.  Amazingly, according to the RT report, it appears that the electricity is still shut off.  The report mentions that the electricity was shut off but nowhere does it mention it being turned back on.  I have kept close watch in all the media for such a report and have not seen a reliable one yet.

There have been a couple of reports in the western press arguing that the US 50 to 90 nukes aren't "safe" at Incirlik and should be moved.  I always allow myself a small sardonic smile when I read this kind of stuff.  When are nukes "safe"?  Apparently these are particularly old nukes whose "best before" date has expired.  Why these countries allowed their sovereignty to be compromised to such a disastrous extent by weaponry which can only be effective if blown up by, say, a bomb dropped from above, is a mystery....viewed in 20/20 hindsight.  But there it is.  These bombs are like having a huge manacle, welded to a huge ball and chain...attached to the ankle of Turkey and the other host countries. 

After the near death experience of the July 15th failed coup attempt...the Turks are slowly waking up to the reality of what a danger the foreign occupation and weaponry of the Incirlik Turkish base is to their existential survival as a nation.  Of course they want the nukes and their coup-plotters gone.  Of course they do.  But it is a very delicate process.  You have to make them "want" to leave.  You have to make them think it was "their" idea.  You have to allow them to save face.

You see, the United States of America has a very bad history with nukes.  Just 71 years ago there was a mass genocide of hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians living in two different cities...Hiroshima and Nagasaki. My geopolitical blogging colleague and compatriot, Northerntruthseeker, posted an excellent remembrance of that war crime for all to read not too long ago.   In his post, he describes how history was hijacked shortly after WWII and lies put in place of the truth behind the Japanese nuclear holocaust.  The war was essentially over, but the Yanks hadn't blown their nuclear wad yet.  That's about the jist of it.

So, as I said...the US has a terrible history and reputation when it comes to the use of nuclear weapons...and we won't even discuss the years of nuclear "testing" in the western states of the US and in the Pacific.  Yes, the US has a terrible history and reputation.......but it could redeem itself here and now with the situation of Incirlik.

The world is watching to see if the US has learned ANYTHING about the responsible care and control of nuclear weapons (leaving aside the argument that there is no such thing).  Will the United States resist the urge to try and salvage some monstrous radioactive "silver lining" out of the failed Turkish coup/Incirlik debacle?  Will it insist on some horrible price being paid by the Turks if they don't kowtow to NATO hegemony?  Will the Turks have to pay a Hiroshimian or Nagasakian price?

Or, will the US just grow up and accept responsibility and do the right thing?  When John Kerry goes to Turkey to meet Erdogan on August 24th, 2016, in just a week and a half from now...we will know the answers to the questions posed above.  We will know whether the US is mindful of its horrible past and wants to reassure the world it has changed and there will not be a threepeat

The US needs to apologize to Turkey, remove its nukes quietly and without conditions and show that it deserves the trust and responsibility vested in it as a world the countries who it calls "allies".


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

As usual gc this one has that certain "stink" about it. It has that certain cretin pong one always gets reeking around KScoppery as DIcke says. Remember when all the royalty were helpless, no Jamesh Bond then?, to help the Tsar and yet could smuggle Lenin from Candida Canada to Russia in a freight car? Ah the feigned impotence, they were glad to see the Tsarina and family lynched, sweet.

Remember the snatch teams ready to go and lift the Pak nukes years ago? Where are they now? Oh where are Big Arnie and Carl Weathers to save us all from eeeveeel? Oh the the big strong hard on US military machine that cost gazzillions is all limp now. BWAHAHAAAAA.

I make it 5 and counting on the missing nuke legends. 1940s, Patagonia, South Afrika, USSR breakup and now some poisoned NATO tacnukes. BTW it takes more resources than the whole intensive care budget for one university hospital to care for one nuke. And of course the curse of Dimona. Anyone else notice how it resembles an SS R&D lab? All roads lead to the RCE/TA firebase.

So when the "event" arrives, as it will most certainly, no one will be able to do a nucleotide finger print Sherlockian ID will they Shylock? Sorted innit?

james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
why is the media 100% against Trump? I think he is being 'dipped' too, as well as Hillary as I mentioned the other day.

Well, my post and possible explanation of all that is head-scratching about this election is up. You can find it here Hillary Has Lived By The Sword

Penny said...

Hey GC:
I'm very leery about the continued claims of Incirlik being locked down ..
The RT news coincides with this think tank (stimson) claiming it's a 'roll of the dice' regarding the nukes at Incirlik--
I covered that in this post from yesterday

Reminds one of GWB and the smoking gun in a mushroom cloud rhetoric. When Dunford came to Incirlik recently no mention of blockade, he met with his counter parts and all seemed to be well.. so me personally, I'm having difficulty with the claim of continued blockade- that's a lot of soldiers...not sure that Turkey can spare them

Long story short the whole thing smells of narrative creation for future use
The bombs are old and the US will, if they haven't already, move them. I find it doubtful they would leave them there- too easy to trace them back to the US-
However, all the psycho elites and the sycophantic media need do is convince the people of the danger...... And you know the rest

greencrow said...

Hi INCOMING!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your comment. Yes there are a lot of "missing nukes" roaming around the world. Thanks to the usual suspects. These particular nukes (at Incirlik) were deliberately placed as a blackmail/means of control of the European NATO countries. Similar Nuke arsenals are also strategically placed in Belgium, Italy, Greece and some other countries, I understand. Oh, and I'm sure there are some nukes secreted away here in Canada....probably up north. It's what they doooooooooooo!

greencrow said...

Hi James:

There is absolutely no doubt that the PTB are in desperation mode and there's nothing off the table insofar as how they will react as the presidential campaign progresses. They could assassinate either candidate as part of a wider plot to get their "man" into the White House and blame foreign states for the assassination in the process.

The main difficulty is they have absolutely no credibility or soft power you showed with your pictures and videos above. The perps are running on empty/fumes. More concerning even than what's going on in the US is what's going on in Europe...particularly Germany. Did you see the video of the German president walking down the street with the crowd shouting "Get Out! Get Out!"? The Germans have had it with Western BS and warmongering and mass migrations. If they team up with Russia (this has Always been the West's worst nightmare from prior to WWI and was the reason for the two World prevent a Russian/German alliance) then it's game over for the London/New York Bankster axis.

So, in summary, the perps need to watch who they assassinate...more for how it will affect the US reputation world wide than how it will affect the brainwashed, compliant sheeple at home. They will believe anything the MSM tells them. An assassination of another American leader could (ironically) be the end of NATO. So while it could happen...I don't think it will. But there are definitely some big surprises in store!

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

I read your post yesterday and was aware of your views on Incirlik. I guess we'll just have to find out on August 24th when John Kerry visits Turkey what the status of the Air Base and the nukes is. I am sure if RT was wrong in its assessment that the Western media would be blathering away about how "wrong" RT is in its report.

With the tense stand-off over the extradition of Gulen, the allegations against the US general Campbell and the arrest of the Turkish Commander of the Air Base...all for involvement in the attempted would seem to me that if Erdogan were to lift the lock down and allow things to return to "normal" he would have another risk having another coup attempt in short order. So I say that the lock down is still in effect and the West is attempting to cover it up/downplay it because it is an EXTREME embarrassment to them....geostrategically, of course


greencrow said...

My comment to James, above) was copied from his blog Winter Patriot and so the links I'm referring to in my comment are links he embedded in his post:

james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
I didn't see the video you mentioned about the Germans crying "Get out, get out" but will look for it. I agree nothing is certain and it comes down to trying to calculate what is most likely when we cannot have all the info needed.

I left a longer comment at WPC

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Here is the link to the You Tube video of the crowd behaving aggressively towards the German President.

I'll check WPC for your comment.

Penny said...


not trying to be a pain,but....

It was reported that the electricity was restored to Incirlik- July 23rd/16

U.S. officials say electric power has been restored to the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey.

Power turned back on at Incirlik Air Base, nearly a week after attempted Turkish coup

I also put up a congressional report regarding the nukes

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Due to the extreme embarrassment caused to the US military by the events and current status of Incirlik Air Base...I am discounting all US reports on restoration of electricity (Who Doused the Lights?!) So the WaPo and SanAntonio Times have a conflict of interest and their "evidence" is suspect ("According to US Military....")

It may be that the electricity has been restored and there is at least a 50/50 chance that it has been...but...but...but....why have we not heard that yet from RT or the Turkish authorities? I keep going to the official Turkish website that reported on the coup attempt...nothing there.

So, as I said, the mystery will certainly be solved by August 24th, 2016 when John Kerry visits Turkey in an attempt to sort out the mess.