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UPDATED: "Craven" Decision: IPC flips over Russian athlete's wheelchairs and kicks crutches out of their hands

Russian Wheelchair Racers

UPDATED:  August 7, 2016  Here are a couple of good comments from the CBC Comments Section on this topic:

Andrea San
Rick Sterling write: "MacLaren said that the Russians did not seem interested in talking and yet in his own report he says: “I've also received unsolicited and extensive narrative with attachments from one important government representative described in this report.” And then he goes on, “it was simply not practical to look at that or interview the Russians.” So it is a completely one-sided report where he basically relied on one witness who was the chief culprit, Grigory Rodchenkov, who now, of course, is in the US."

"McLaren is now saying the goal was never to identify specific individuals. That is not correct. His specific mandate was “to identify any athlete that might have benefited from those alleged manipulations to conceal positive doping tests.”
So this is one of the big travesties here that McLaren had the mandate to investigate this, find out who is guilty, and do some appropriate punishment. Instead, he’s cast suspicion on the entire Russian Olympic team and now the Paralympic team, instead of doing what he was supposed to do."

"So this accusation that it is all state-sponsored – let’s see the evidence of that. Because identifying some people who were cheating or identifying some government officials who got a kickback or some coaches who were banned but are still kind of fictitiously doing some coaching – that proves some violations of policies, that does not prove a state-sponsored violation or state-sponsored open rejection of WADA."

Meanwhile the western media celebrate Al Qaeda semi victory in Aleppo... That's the world we live in.

Otto Vanderberg
The main reason for the removal of Russian Paralympians is this:

Russia - 30 gold medals, 28 silver, 22 bronze (total 80).

USA - 2 gold, 7 silver, 9 bronze (total 18)


Folks, just when you think the evil ones can't sink any lower...they show there's no depth they will not go to to darken the planet.  Aptly named PTB stooge, Philip Craven, head of the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) today, without any warning or opportunity given to the Paralympic athletes from Russia...banned  the Russian Paralympic Team from the Paralympic Games next month...thus destroying the spirit of those games forever.

This is why, as I said in an earlier post...I dread the Olympics.  The Evil Doers just can't leave it a dog with a juicy bone...they have to use the Olympics to manipulate, punish, bully, isolate and destroy.  They are the Eternal Desecrators of all things peaceful and noble.  The ban is based on the same fraudulent "evidence" of doping that can be sourced back to one Russian who lives in the US and is wanted for crimes in Russia.  This is what all the evidence is based on.

Did the perps think about the years of painful training the Paralympic athletes have sacrificed for this moment?  Did they think about the financial devastation that will occur to them and their families if they are unable to compete? NO!  As I said, the ziofascist, globalist, neocon, warmongering Atlanticists who are behind this latest caper don't care about youth...disabled or not.  When they see a young body...all they think about is either buggering it or sending it off to become cannon fodder.  This travesty of sport was carefully timed to explode in Putin's face just as he was preparing to meet Erdogan in St Petersburg next Tuesday.  The perps are gnashing their teeth/fangs at the prospect of Putin and Erdogan getting together and kyboshing their hegemonic wet dream for the planet...must stop the the drumbeat....

But I think they've finally gone too far.  The blaring headlines on the BBC (Britain's Best Calumny) have quickly disappeared....perhaps the bile rose in too many throats all across the planet.

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