Tuesday, August 9, 2016

UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS - Assange admits Seth Rich was Wikileak "source" - United States is awash in Clinton Conspiracy Theories

UPDATE:  August 9, 2016 - in a YouTube Video linked HERE, Julian Assange, admits [correction:  Assange strongly implied but did not say conclusively] that Seth Rich was the source for the WikiLeaks e-mails in the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.  Now it looks like there may be an indictment for murder against Hillary....NOT!

Seth Rich
photo courtesy WEARECHANGE.org

Seth Rich, photographed above, is, according to WEARECHANGE.Org the latest in a long series of people who have died under mysterious circumstances after crossing paths with the Clintons.  The string of deaths is, I believe, over 40 people now and goes way back to their days in Arkansas where Bill was governor and Hillary was a partner in a prominent law firm...a law firm that just happened to get a lot of lucrative contracts from the State government, dotchaknow. Prior to his very untimely death after being shot in the back multiple times on the street in an upscale Washington, DC neighbourhood,  Mr. Rich was working for a computer data processing firm that had contract(s) with the DNC.  Some suspect Rich of being the source of some of the leaks of e-mails to WikiLeaks. Julian Assange, head of WikiLeaks, has offered a $20,000 reward, that will go with the $25,000 reward already offered by the Police Department.  Hmmmm...knowing Hillary's close association with some elements of the CIA....and Billary's longtime friendship with elements in the FBI....one would think this case could be solved....unless.....  Ironic, to say the least, is that WikiLeaks is attempting to uphold justice...rather than hmmmmm...

Speaking of the FBI, Bill Still, an excellent source of alternative news...reports on some possible insider information from the FBI he saw on the Comments Forum "4Channel" on the reasons behind the failure of the FBI to indict Hillary last month over her ongoing e-mail scandal.  Too Big to Fail/Jail (i.e. Too many elites involved in the criminality), according to "anonymous" sources.  That probably means that too many heads from the letter agencies would roll.....CYA...tobesure.

And, finally, here is Dahboo7 reporting on the very latest e-mail dump from WikiLeaks.  This "tranch" is related to Hillary's gonnections with the Gulan CIA asset holed up in Pennsylvania...you know, the one who according to the Turks...was the "mastermind" behind the failed coup against the government of Erdogan.  Apparently there are some very suspicious relationships between Gulen's employees and Hillary's various "charitable" Tax Free fund-raising organizations.

Folks, I read and listened to all this information and, frankly, very little of it is new and/or shocking.  But it doesn't matter how deep into the doo doo Hillary sinks...she is un-indictable under the current American "InJustice System".  She has very powerful and running scared people behind her presidential candidacy. If/when she is elected...IMO...the deaths of the likes of Seth Rich and others will seem like small potatoes...compared with the purges, disappearances....and vendettas.

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