Thursday, August 11, 2016

Turkey and Russia to have joint Air Operations against ISIS ....out of Incirlik?!!!

A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet lands at Incirlik
air base in Adana, Turkey © Murad Sezer / Reuters

According to a report in this morning's RT
Turkey will resume airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syria, and has asked Russia to carry out joint operations against its “common enemy.” Ankara halted strikes after the downing of a Russian plane by Turkish forces last year.

Given the significant photo of a Turkish plane landing at Incirlik Air Base (copied above) who could fault me for "jumping to the conclusion" that the Russians and the Turks would conduct their joint air operations out of.....wait for it....Incirlik Air Base.  You know that air's the one in Turkey where between 50 and 90 NATO bombs are stored.  It was suspected of being the hub of the recent coup-plotters and from where Turkish planes were hijacked and/or re-fueled in the abortive July 15, 2016 coup attempt against Turkish President Erdogan.  Currently the base is in lock-down, surrounded by 7,000 Turkish soldiers.

Interestingly, I remember an earlier prior-coup attempt discussion of Russia operating out of Incirlik.  It happened earlier this summer but was quickly dismissed.  Having Russia operating out of Incirlik would complicate matters tremendously.  But perhaps that's the security that Turkey feels it needs to offset the continued threat presented to the Erdogan government by the Incirlik Air Base.

More from the RT report:

We will discuss all the details. We have always called on Russia to carry out anti-Daesh [IS] operations together," he said, adding that the proposal is still "on the table."

The foreign minister went on to tout the benefits of closer cooperation between Turkey and Russia, particularly in preventing incidents like the downing of the Russian plane by Turkish forces in November 2015.

"Many countries are engaged in Syria actively. There could be mistakes," he said. "In order to prevent that, we need to put into practice the solidarity and cooperation [mechanism] between us including sharing of real-time intelligence."

And just in case there is some criticism of Turkey for taking such an independent stance....PressTV already has the Turkish Government Response:

Turkey's ambassador to Russia says NATO is in no position to dictate to Ankara which country it can build relations with.

The remarks by Umit Yardim on Thursday came amid reports that the Western alliance was seriously concerned about recent contacts between Turkish and Russian leaders.

"In no way can NATO limit our contacts with other countries... It means NATO has no right to dictate its terms and tell us who we should or should not meet and communicate with," Yardim said in Moscow.

All this diplomatic saber rattling comes while Turkey is still recovering from the shock of the attempted coup and the realization that Erdogan's nemesis, CIA asset Fethulah Gulen, is still holed up in Pennsylvania and even though Erdogan has sent "85 boxes" of evidence to support its two requests for extradition of Gulen...there has been scant response from Washington.  In a speech to Turkish supporters following his return from St. Petersburg, Erdogan demanded that the US "choose Turkey or Gulen".

I wonder if most Americans even know what a steaming cow paddy their letter agency, the rogue CIA, has got them into in Turkey.

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