Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Anti-Trump Media Pincer Movement Proceeding Apace

Donald Trump as the Main$tream Media Views Him

I'm a bit late blogging today, having spent the morning in a hospital waiting room.  While waiting with a relative to see a specialist...I was subjected to the US News via the typical Big Screen TV on the wall with the sound turned off...but captions on.  I couldn't help but note that, even with the sound turned off, the news coverage was a barrage of non-stop, anti-Trump fear and loathing propaganda.

The latest in the relentless escalation of cabal efforts to "legally" eject Trump from the political campaign for the US Presidency is proceeding apace.  Some posts ago, I reference Julian Assange's view of how the Atlanticist ziofascist cabal a sort of "pincer" movement when it detects an opposing target.  The main$tream media is only one flank of a strategy that also includes corporate, military, judicial, security, police, religious and political authorities who coalesce to swarm the target and bring it down like a pack of hyenas (Assange didn't use the "hyenas" metaphor...that's mine :)

Assange said that once the pincer movement zeros in for the's almost unstoppable.  He knows because he has been the target of the pincer movement.  We've also seen it many times in the US political realm:  Teddy Kennedy,...Gary Condit, Howard Dean ("The Dean Scream") and now, Donald Trump.  We haven't seen the pincer strategy at this level many times in the past few decades, mainly because potential candidates are taken out much earlier in the campaign.  But here it is....and there it was on the Waiting Room TV....talking heads saying things like "not fit to be president"...totally "out of control" and "his own party is breaking up over his candidacy".

This, while Trump has been leading Killary in the last few polls, her DNC speech was a snooze-fest and they had to pay folks $50 to sit in the seats.  Is the mainstream media even mentioning such events?  No...because they've had their orders and now they're all lined up like a flank of hyenas...for the final charge.  Because, if it doesn't work this time...then they'll have to move on to other options. 

Like this

Hyenas Fight in Territorial Battle

or this.

The only good news is...

The more intense the effort to get rid of Donald Trump is, the more authentic he must be as a threat to the a candidate who could represent the majority of Americans in a final battle against the occupying Ziofacist cabal. If they assassinate him, it will, unfortunately, be proof positive. So, while Trump is a flawed candidate, as I've said many times, he is the only hope and perhaps the last hope for the US. If Killary gets in....she will make Erdogan's post failed-coup purge look like a Sunday School Picnic.

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