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UPDATE: The Clinton - Crimea Connection

UPDATE:  August 14, 2016:  Here is a very good summary of events in Crimea taken from The Saker.  It confirms everything I have said and linked below.  It does NOT have the video interrogation of Panov but does show him in a brief clip.  It does link the terror operation to the Clinton Election Campaign but does not report on a financial link.

Evgeny Panov
Ukrainian Military Terrorist "Sings like a Canary"

I love that expression "sing like a canary" commonly used to describe captured criminals confessing to their crimes.  The reason I like it so much is because I happen to have several canaries as pets and, on a daily basis, am serenaded by their beautiful tweets, trills and twitters.  No one who has never heard a canary sing...can really understand the significance of the above metaphor.

Evgeny Panov, the soldier in the video linked above, was one of the captured Ukrainian terrorists who skulked across the border to Crimea with the intention of blowing up infrastructure and civilians with a view to causing destabilization in Crimea society in the run-up to the upcoming elections.  Here is a report from "What Does It Mean"....this is a source that, while discredited by most in the alternative news community...does have some excellent links (such as the video above) to support some of its reports: 
the terror acts targeted critically important infrastructure and life support systems on the Black Sea peninsula and that one FSB officer was killed during the operation to detain the terrorists; and that later a serviceman of Russia’s Defense Ministry was killed as the saboteurs made a second attempt of intrusion.

Two of the captured saboteurs, Evgeny Panov and Ridvan Suleymanov, gave detailed video confessions, this report notes, admitting that they were Ukrainian nationals working for the HUR-MOU and were under the command of Captain Vladimir Serdyuk who headed the 37th battalion of the 56th brigade of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence.

Now, apparently, it is this Captain Vladimir Serdyuk mentioned in the last sentence in the quote above who is the link to Hillary Clinton.  Apparently, the money to fund the Crimea terror op came right from the Hillary "fund" (can we even call it a "charitable" fund when the goals are so heinous?)  They went through PriceWaterHouseCooper.  Here is the quote which links the Ukrainian terrorists with Hillary Clinton:
Important to note about Ukrainian intelligence officer Captain Vladimir Serdyuk, this report continues, is that he was previously identified by The Investigative Committee (SLEDKOM) as being in financial documents seized during the 29 July raid on the Moscow offices of the financial services giant PricewaterhouseCoopers—that is Hillary Clinton’s main conduit for transferring and receiving illegal payments from her illegal financial organization called the Clinton Foundation that the US Congress had labeled as “corrupt and lawless”.

Hillary Clinton’s payments to Captain Serdyuk funneled through the Moscow offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers, this report explains, were used to establish safe houses in Ukraine to smuggle into Iraq and Syria Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terrorists from Central Asia—but were suddenly closed down after the capture of his agents Panov and Suleymanov in Crimea by the FSB, and who confessed to knowing about this operation.

Also important to note about Hillary Clinton’s secretive payments to Captain Serdyuk, this report continues, is that the monies she used to pay him originated from Viktor Pinchuk—who aside from being the second richest man in Ukraine (and one of the wealthiest in the world), the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) had previously identified as having paid the Clinton Foundation nearly $9 million, and pledged nearly $30 million more, to overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine—and that the head of the global security firm Stratfor (aka the shadow CIA) called “the most blatant coup in history”.

Viktor Pinchuk, Tony Bliar and Clinton

Summary and Conclusions:

Even if you don't believe a single thing that Sorcha Fal says (and much of it is laughable hyperbole) you can't dispute the video or many of the other links sourced in the report above.  It makes just as much sense as the excrement that is being poured on the heads of the American public on a daily 24/7 basis by the likes of NBC (Nothing But Crap).  So...the "Clinton Foundation" which even the US Congress has called a "complete fraud" being used, not only to line the purses of Hillary and Billary...but to foment coups and terror ops in far off lands on behalf of the Rogue CIA and USrael Deep State.

The good news is that the CIA black ops schemes and factotems are no match for the far.... and with operatives like Panov "singing like canaries"....this latest havoc was avoided.  But It shows the desperation of the Clinton Camp to create international chaos and even World War III in order to get their "man" into office.  I am also concerned that Donald Trump may be a "bait and switch" candidate, who will roll over and put all four paws in the air at some point during the did John Kerry in 2000.

Significantly, the craven and horrific implications of the plot...had it come to fruition...explains the atypical reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin...which I described in my previous post.  It's not like Putin to get so angry with his "partners" [sarc] that he calls them "puppets" and slams negotiation doors "Minsk" in their faces.  But, taken in the light of this new information...that the USraeli Clintonian Camp is ready and willing to actually invade Russian Territory to get Killary elected....Putin's public response makes perfect sense.

Stay tuned.


james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
There is another scenario that would better fall in line with Sorcha Faal's disinformation brief and that it that Clinton and the Russian Govt are both being "dipped" in spook parlance. They are being portrayed as personal enemies so if anything were to happen to dear Hillary before the election, we will know who to blame - The Russians!!

Anonymous said...

What's the point in putting al mandarin as a link site,I can't read it,for goodness sake gc,this blog is going down hill fast,you have not reported on Syria for far to long,get a grip gc.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous

Are you saying that you saw the video of Panov "singing like a canary" on any other website? If so, and you can link it...I will apologize for sourcing Fal. I go where the important links are. If they were on NBC...I would even hold my nose and go there. Luckily, no important news has been reported on NBCNNABCBSCBCBBCFAUX for years so I haven't had to go there...except to check lies. Insofar as reporting on Syria...Penny For Your Thoughts

does an excellent job of covering Syria. I don't feel obligated to repeat her work here. But thanks for your comment. I do need to "get a grip"

greencrow said...

Hi James.

Do you think the intrusion into Russian territory "Crimea" by the Ukrainian Intelligence was a false flag? I don't....I believe it actually happened and that two Russian soldiers were killed as a result. I believe that Putin believes the incident was part of a MUCH bigger operation and that is why Russia is massing military on the border.

You are correct that the US election is somehow involved and the dynamics are unclear at this point.

james@wpc said...

It was not a false flag op and I agree with the rest of your statement.

The disinfo that Faal is promoting is the link between the Ukraine attack and Clinton finance (highly unlikely - more likely CIA or any number of people) which sets the scene for a later disinfo campaign linking a future attack of some sort on Clinton to Russia.

I need to do a post on this as i believe that Clinton is being "dipped" as is Russia.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

I look forward to your post. Link it to this and I will publish.


james@wpc said...

Ok. I do my best to make time to write it :)