Friday, August 5, 2016

UPDATED: Let the Games Begin

UPDATE:  August 6, 2016  Again, GATCF readers read it here first!  I said in this and in previous posts that the "McLaren Report", (a failed political "game") incriminating the Russian athletes and requesting a blanket ban of Russia from the 2016 Olympics, was a bunch of hooey, concocted by the "usual zuspects" in order to isolate Russia and "punish it" for not being a vassal state.  Here, Global Research has come to the same conclusion.  But I went deeper and said that Canada was chosen to carry the water bucket to humiliate and test the loyalty of le Dauphin and to "vaccinate" Canada against forging a positive independent, diplomatic relationship with Russia.  I can only hope that Russia also "looks deeper"--into Canadians' real respect and affection for Russia--and try to look past the coercive BS.

The Liar

Like Pavlov's dogs...I have developed a physiological/psychological aversion to the Olympics...I get an attack of fear and trepidation.  Why?  Because the Ziofascist Cabal that occupies the Western Atlanticist Empire always uses the Olympics as a cover for their blood-lust military aggression...that's why.

As we approach the Opening Ceremonies to the Rio 2016 Olympics it is almost like walking up steps to an ancient altar of sacrifice...the lighting of the torch signals the letting of blood some form of hideous desecration...somewhere else...far away...where death and destruction can go almost unnoticed in the noise and distraction of the Olympics.  The juxtaposition of light and darkness/War and Peace appeals to their nature.

The CBC noted recently that the Canadian water-carrying effort to get Russia banned from the Olympics was an abysmal failure.

IOC approves entry of 271 Russian athletes for Rio

"Russian Olympic Committee president Alexander Zhukov told reporters earlier that 271 of his country's athletes had been cleared.

"We have good news for the fans of the Russian Olympic team," he said. "The majority of the sports have been admitted in full."

"As of today," Zhukov added, "I think there is no other team that is so clean and so carefully controlled than the Russian one."....
......The rule was part of the stricter eligibility criteria set up by the IOC in the wake of McLaren's report, which accused the Russian sports ministry of orchestrating a doping program that involved athletes in more than two dozen summer and winter Olympic sports."

USrael, getting Canada to carry the water by writing the "McLaren Report" denouncing Russia was not only another humiliating "test of loyalty" for PM Trudeau...but yet another geopolitical vaccination of Canada against contacting "Russian diplomatic flu" somewhere down the line.

So, the Olympic Games are set to begin under the usual ominous clouds of war building around the planet.  Rumours have it that the Ukraine Junta is set to attack the ethnically Russian provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk again....Check.  The US-backed attempted Turkish coup has rendered Turkey unstable and the coup meisters are still holed up in the NATO nuclear Air Force Base at Incirlik...Check.  The Liar just gave a disgusting, lie-o-minute press conference at the Pentagon...where he blamed the death and destruction in Syria guessed it...Assad himself (with Russia).  The Liar said that the US would continue its efforts to "free" [aka destroy] Syria....Check.  The frothing-at-the-mouth US Navy is conducting "war drills" in the South China Sea and the Baltic...two places they have no business in...Check.

The Olympic Games also commence under the threat of the extreme crisis in the US election...with one candidate the "Must Have" of the 9/11 criminal cabal...who may face justice if she's not (s)elected and the other a deeply flawed but independent loose cannon...who MUST not attain the White the view of the 9/11 perps. Something is going to give on this front and they may again use the cover of the Olympics to do away with Trump.  He could be assassinated...or just have a "nervous breakdown" like the presstitute media has been intimating.

So, in Summary, the perps have traditionally used the Olympics as cover for their criminal activities and 2016 will likely be no different.  You see...the old buggers who run the Deep State don't care about youth.  The only interest they have in a young body is as fresh meat to bugger, or use as cannon fodder in their wars.  Thus, the celebration of sport is like a ceremonial "Black Mass" for the Satanists.

Let the Games Begin.

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