Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In Wake of Terror Patsies Fiasco...Le Dauphin gets Supreme Court Judge Appointment Marching Orders

Trudeau gets Marching Orders on "Fixing"
the process of appointments to Canada's Supreme Court

There's a saying that "there are no coincidences in politics"...or something like that.  The saying comes to mind when reading today's headlines in the Vancouver Sun.  Apparently Canada's perennial Wet Behind The Ears...wide-eyed le Dauphin Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has announced that Canada needs a new format for appointing Supreme Court Justices.

This announcement comes less than a week after the total embarrassment caused to Ottawa by the decision in the Canadian Terror Patsies Case. Convicted Defendants John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were set free and the case against them thrown out by BC Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce...in a scathing "Reasons for Judgement" where she accused the police and the agencies (CSIS) involved...of breaking the Canadian Criminal Code and bringing disrepute to the justice system in Canada.

Le Dauphin, instead of announcing arrests for breach of the criminal code, or at the very least a commission to investigate Police and CSIS corruption...goes after the messenger (the justice system) instead.  As I said in my first post after the decision.. it appears the problem in the eyes of the authorities was not the morality, the sovereign independence or the legality of the police caper...it was the fact they did not have a corrupt judge to go along with their corrupt police practices.  I cynically observed that "corruption of the justice system had not kept pace with police corruption in Canada".  Well, Trudeau's out to fix the problem.  He's going to have "2 seat Kim Campbell"...need I say more...head a commission to come up with new ways of selecting Supreme Court Judges.  This is just, IMO, a high profile start to show the deep state we mean bidness.  Canada will no doubt then move on to "reforming" the appointment of all judges in Canada.  We might even move to politicize them by having judges be elected like in the US...dotchaknow.

Two more thoughts on the aftermath of the Patsies Case.  Vancouver Sun reporter Ian Mulgrew, in his rambling and at times incoherent (very unusual for him) analysis of the trial...makes the same "mistake" as Justice Catherine Bruce did in her Reasons for Judgement...He mistakes the forest for the trees.  Bruce famously said: "The world has enough terrorists.  We don't need the police to create more."  As shockingly candid as this quote appears to be...it misses the mark.  Anyone who studies geopolitics and the operations of the Deep State (which Bruce obviously has not) knows there are actually very few "real" terrorists in the world.  Most of the terrorists who have plagued modern society in the contemporary epidemic of false flags and false flag hoaxes have been and are created by the deep state. What Bruce might have said instead was "We need the flunkies who are creating terrorists...like the RCMP and their CSIS handlers...taking orders from Langley, Virginia via Ottawa...to stop immediately!"  Now THAT would have been a real shocker!  And Mulgrew makes the same "naïve" mistake in his analysis...He pretends that the Nuttall/Korody case was a one-off.  That the main lesson to be learned was not to ignore the social and mental health vulnerabilities of "would be terrorists". Not that the RCMP and CSIS were following a standard template for creating "terrorists"...given to them by entities who are part of a world-wide network of manufactured "Gladio-style" terror that has been going on since the end of WWII at least.

In the Canadian Patsies case...the execution was so amateur (as the retired Police Chief admitted) that it blew up in the faces of the perps.  That's the only difference between the Vancouver Terror Patsies case and the recent false flags in France, Germany and Turkey, etc., etc.. It was a case of over-reach on the part of the Canadian perps...but they felt confident...after all, they HAD pulled off Air India, hadn't they?

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