Monday, August 29, 2016

UPDATED: Hillary up to her @$$ in Alligators

UPDATED:  September 2, 2016 - Just when you think the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign can't become any more of a mockery of does.  Here is a report from Newsweek that says Hillary told the FBI that she can't remember security briefings...due to the effects of a concussion!  What is this woman still doing in the race?  OMG!

Clinton Presidential Candidacy in Big Trouble
partially due to "Pay to Play" policy with Big Corporations
Like Lafarge

Before It's News has a good report on Hillary's multifarious vulnerabilities in the 2016 US election campaign.  You can read it at the link below.  For some strange reason, I am unable to embed the link:

It's one of life's modern mysteries how Hillary Clinton can continue as Democratic Candidate for the office of President of the United States when, day after day, new mind blowing revelations come out about her unsuitability for that office...and, rather, her suitability to be incarcerated in an orange suit for any of a myriad of allegations of criminal behavior...all the way from lies, graft and murder and high treason.

Today, I would like to focus on, and connect the dots between Hillary and one of her big corporate sponsors, Lafarge.  I got to thinking about Lafarge after reading Penny For Your Thoughts blog post this morning about the big hundreds of miles long cement wall that Turkey is purportedly building on its border with Syria.

Lafarge has always, during my lifetime, anyway, been synonymous with concrete and concrete construction.  Near my home there is a small park with a man-made lake in it caused by Lafarge digging gravel and then filling the hole with water.  It's appropriately called "Lafarge Lake".  The Lafarge cement trucks are a common sight, traversing the highways and byways of North America, delivering wet cement to construction projects.

Given that, as I recently discovered, Lafarge is actually a French Company with international octopus-like tentacles all over the stands to reason that the owners of Lafarge must be enormously wealthy and powerful corporatist entities.

According to the leaked e-mails that traversed the Internet via Hillary's unsecured servers...Lafarge is a great supporter of untold megabuck$ to "Pay to Play" according to the Clinton Foundation's "terms of usage".  I would now just like to simply and succinctly connect the dots between the Lafarge Cement Company and the recent and growing popularity of enormous modular "concrete" walls that are currently being built all over the world...including, but not limited to Israel, Turkey and, if Trump is elected, separating the United States from Mexico. 

One could easily draw the conclusion that concrete could be the new "gold" of the emerging economy of the new millennium.  The more border disputes...the more concrete....the more wars...the more concrete...the more mass migration...the more concrete...the more poverty/financial/social collapse....the more concrete barriers will be "needed" and built.  Who will supply the concrete for these modular barriers?'s not hard to see why Lafarge loves Hillary.


Penny said...

Hey Greencrow:

Interesting about Lafarge- Concrete as part of the military industrial complex- It does make sense when you think about it!

greencrow said...

Yes, we'll have to keep our eyes open for more information to support this interesting theory. The name "Lafarge" has been cropping up in the news quite frequently as of late.