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CawRANT Events #30

CawRANT Events #30

Every second Monday morning with any luck at all I post a CawRANT Events.  This post will be the 30th in the series.  There should be something significant about the numerology of #30 but, since I'm not into numerology...I don't know what that would be. Speaking of not being into the's been some time since I stated my views on aliens, NASA and the like.  I have written previously on these topics and will link some of my earlier posts when I get a moment.  Suffice it to say that, while I believe there likely are other planets in the universe that support life...and, indeed, the universe being as large as it is (infinite) there could be another individual sitting at a laptop on some remote planet typing a CawRANT Event post....I don't believe that earth has been visited in the recent past by aliens.  Now, I am intrigued by the third strand of DNA in our physiological make up as opposed to only two strands in other living organisms on earth.  Anthropological evidence does indicate that some much larger humanoids once existed on earth.  Earth could have been visited by aliens millions of years ago who spliced their DNA into Australopithecus. 

NASA - Never A Straight Answer

However did I get on this tack?  Anyhoooooo....NASA was and is a complete fraud so far as I am concerned.  It is a pseudo-scientific make work project for scientists and graphic artists.  The pity is, the graphics artists aren't even that good anymore. NASA was set up as part of an elaborate cover-up and distraction from the Kennedy assassinations. The Lunar Landings are obviously fakesIf Man went to the Moon...why can't Man go to the moon now?  After all...we DO have colour TV and digital phones.  The truth is that man has never left the earth's orbit and could never survive such a flight.  The Van Allen Belts are like a radioactive cage around planet earth.  Who put them there is the real mystery.  Like Alex Jones says...Earth really is a "Prison Planet".  The PTB want this kept a secret because if humanity knew that Earth was the only option...we might demand that it be better taken care of.

NASA Bull$h!t

Before I leave this topic, let me predict that just before WWIII happens, there will be another "War of the Worlds" big scare about aliens. Something called "operation Bluebeam" has been up their sleeves for a long time.  I don't know how they'll pull it off given that there are so many of us NASA skeptics out there now.  But it IS the ultimate Terror Tactic...that we're being attacked by monsters from outer space. 

The Ghouls Attack the Disabled Russians

In several previous posts I registered my absolute disgust at the current effort to politicize and destroy the Olympic movement by using it as a battering ram against the Russians.  They went just about as low as they could go this past weekend when they (likely blackmailed) the head of the IPC (International Paralympian Committee) to ban all Russian athletes from the Paralympics in Rio in 2016.

High Noon in St. Petersburg, Russia

Just shows you what low-life scum of the earth we're dealing with here.  Can you imagine what the humanoid who thought up this scheme must look like?  No "alien" photo could do him/her justice.  Yes, there are aliens among us after all.  The obvious reason behind this despicable POS idea was to put Putin off his game just prior to the Big Meeting he's going to have tomorrow with Turkey's Erdogan in St. Petersburg.  BTW, watch for something to happen to the power grid in St. Petersburg or on the subway in Moscow.  There WILL be a false flag in Russia...tobesure.

The JM$M, still twisting in the wind from their involvement in the failed coup in Turkey a week or more ago, is trying to repair the damage done when, as an example, NBC was caught spreading the lie that Erdogan had fled Turkey at the beginning of the coup attempt.  Now, they're doubling down and saying that Putin is trying to destroy relations between Turkey and the West by "twisting the facts".  LOL!  Putin doesn't have to do a thing to destroy relations between Turkey and the West...when NATO bumblers conduct a hasty, desperate, incompetent coup right from the NATO base at Incirlik....where up to 90 nuclear bombs are stored.  Now the NATO Air Base at Incirlik is surrounded by 7,000 or more Turkish soldiers...while several hundred coup supporters are still "missing".  No, Putin doesn't have to lift a finger...when they do these things to themselves.

Now Erdogan finally knows what side his bread is buttered on and is meeting with Putin in St. Petersburg to iron out differences and forge new economic alliances.  Putin is also going to meet with the heads of Iran and other local nations who, no doubt, have also learned a lesson about how important it is to have powerful friends when dealing with hegemonic maniacs.

NATO - You only Leave in a Box

But, IMO, this crisis has just begun. You see, folks, you can't "quit" NATO.  That is simply not an option insofar as the hegemaniacs are concerned.  Once they have their bombs on your land...they own it.  Germany, ever the occupied, vassal spokesman for the Ghouls....just came out with a press release that all is well between Turkey and NATO.  In their Orwellian view, it is.   Just like the Brits can't leave the EU even though a majority of them voted to BREXIT....Turkey can't leave NATO.  It's like a teenager in New York City or Chicago trying to leave one of those street gangs.  And you know how they inevitably end up.

Finally, an Update on the US Election Campaign

The dirtiest political campaign in human history is well underway and the $h!t is flying from coast to coast.  Just like in a marriage gone sour and ending up in divorce court...both candidates are accusing the other of "being crazy".  Once those kind of accusations are made...there is no point to debating anymore....but looking on the positive side, it saves time and money on researching the genuine and complicated real issues facing Americans.

Here is the video that, IMO, sums up the entire campaign.  Watch this video of a father of a son who was killed in the Benghazi, Libya, US Embassy debacle that took place under Hillary Clinton's watch as Secretary of State.  You will recall that the Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was grabbed by an enraged crowd, dragged through the streets of Benghazi and raped to death with a rifle butt.  Other Embassy Staff were also murdered.  All this while Hillary was (reportedly) sleeping and not taking phone calls.

Father of Benghazi Victim says Hillary lied
to him and Others about the
Cause of the US Embassy Attack.

That an individual responsible for one of the most opprobrious defeats in American diplomatic history, who thereafter lied about it...and then called the families of the victims "liars" when they disputed what she'd told them....could be a candidate for a true indication of the broken nature of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton is nothing more nor less than the tattered, bedraggled, blood-smeared battle flag of the Rogue Deep CIA State..... held aloft one more time..flapping in the preparation for one last desperate charge up Hegemonic Hill.

That's it for this CawRANT, folks...bye for now, and have a great two weeks out in the summer sunshine.

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