Thursday, July 7, 2016

UPDATED: Was Minnesota Police Shooting Staged to distract from THIS?!

UPDATE:  July 9, 2016 I stuck to my guns (no pun intended) about the official story of the Minnesota shooting being a lie...and today there is more information that indeed, it was a complete fabrication. Who knows the truth about what went on in the car? We probably will never know the truth. The important point is that the Mainstream Media created a nation-wide media feeding frenzy at the precise time that the FBI Director was going before the Senate to testify in the Hillary E-mail Scandal.

You really have to watch what`s going on very closely....and be very order to correctly analyse the geopolitical trends. Last night I watched the `live stream`video of the Minnesota police shooting of a man stopped in his car for having a broken tail light. The man was then shot by a policeman while reaching for his driver`s license...after having told the policeman that he had a license to carry a concealed gun.  

It was all very shocking and the girlfriend captured it all on her cell phone and it went viral...and is still the main headline in all the JM$M today. Now bear with me...I do have a point here... This morning I read Scott Creighton`s analysis in American Everyman of the video and he says it likely was a distraction from the Senate Hearings of the above FBI director, former bankster money launderer James Comey, who just let Hillary skate away from indictment in the e-mailgate scandal.

Thinking back to the video...I did see a lot of anomalies in it...mainly the girlfriend`s calm demeanor...and her lack of empathy for her boyfriend who was dying beside her. Lack of blood and seriousness of the arm injuries on the boyfriend (girlfriend says on video that his arm has been "blown off") also made me wonder.

Now I`m thinking along with Scott that this is yet another false distract and also to heap more coals on the fire the globalists have been burning to get rid of guns in Amerika. Additionally, there are a lot more real events going on that need to be kept below the radar.  The USrael proxies in Syria are getting their @$$es whupped and the Syrian army has ``rebels`` (aka foreign mercenaries) surrounded (remember the `cauldrons`of eastern Ukraine) and the only supply line to the rebels has been cut.  The US has apparently just moved its jets out of Syria to Iraq.

But nowhere in the JM$M is it being reported....with the exception of RT...that Comey is appearing and testifying live before the US Senate.  This is a dead givaway.  Keep your eyes on the bouncing ball, folks.  There is a lot going on and much of it distraction. Just checking the headlines again....I see that there is talk that Hillary is ineligible to be president because she won`t be able to get security clearances anymore.  SHOCK!


Unknown said...

I believe so too, that's why i was searching for an article that was going to say the same.
Please go on searching on the background of this girl.I am sure you will find something.

Concerned American said...

Already another distraction, the cops being shot in Dallas. I was suspect as soon as these stories came out. It's all smoke and mirrors, and to many sheeple gladly fall for it. I'm not sure whether the shooting in Dallas was a staged red flag, or they actually used trained snipers to coordinate a cross-fire ambush, but rest assured it's captured the headlines and took the heat off of the blatant treason of the e-mail scandal!

Unknown said...

pls find out more about this women

greencrow said...

In the face of this escalation by the Deep State to divide and conquer/create is encouraging to note that people are not being fooled anymore as is shown in the three comments above. IMO, both the Minnesota shooting and the Dallas sniper attack are false flags. It is sad to have to be so cynical...especially in the case of the purported shooting of an innocent man in front of his family in Minnesota. But I have assessed the video evidence again and still come up with the conclusion that this was a staged event. I know the woman was interviewed later but, as has been pointed out....she would not have been allowed to move her hands to operate her cell phone...if her partner was shot just for reaching for his wallet! and she expresses more concern about her cell phone battery "dying" than about her partner dying beside her!

greencrow said...

Here is a good post from Crimes of Empire:

That also writes off the Philando Castile shooting as a False Flag/hoax/psy-op, due to the obvious anomalies. What's going on in the US during the past several days is definitely divide and conquer. But never forget that the biggest divide and conquer operation is between the "sheeple" and the "truthers".

Anonymous said...

I found two clips on CNN; the first one was the day it happened. It shows the man with the seatbelt over his left shoulder and her looking to her left and steering wheel is on the left side of car, the officers’ watch is on the left hand. The second clip shows the seatbelt over his right shoulder her looking to her right and the steering wheel on right side of car, the officers’ watch is on his right hand. How can a camera make all that happen?????

greencrow said...

Apparently there was something about the girl's cellphone video showing "mirrored images" i.e., everything is reversed. Not knowing how that works I can't comment. At one point, her boyfriend moved and groaned. She would have immediately responded to that if it was genuine. But she kept looking at her cellphone and talking.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how a mirror camera could make the cops watch switch hands. Look at it from you standing like the cop. One clip shows left hand move with watch on it, the other shows right hand with watch on it. I guess this is just another one of those, "e will never know moments" If I knew who to send these video to for review, I would. I am sure they will be taken down soon. I guess,I did my part and posted them on your site.

greencrow said...

Having reviewed the two links you sent...It does appear not only that the "scene" was shot twice, from two different angles...but at different times of day. The light is different in each rendition....the first one has a darker light while the second one has a bluish, brighter light. The most obvious and logical conclusion is that this is deliberate disinfo...with a lot of anomalies to "tie up" the alternative press so that realpolitic (the CIA director testifying before Congress) can fly under the radar. Thanks for sending the clips and I encourage others to view them (while they're still up on the Internet) and offer their comments.