Friday, July 8, 2016

Was the Dallas Attack/False Flag a precursor to Jade Helm?

Was the Dallas Attack/False Flag a precursor to Jade Helm?

Staged events are coming thick and fast, folks.  Waking up this morning I read that at least 5 police officers were killed in Dallas by "sniper attack". Who's kidding Who!? We all know by now that there are no real snipers...snipers are always agents of the Deep State...waging war on humanity. It happened in Syria in 2011 and in Maidan, Kiev Ukraine in 2014.  These people really are One Trick Ponies.

When in doubt....get some snipers to shoot in ALL directions...Divide and Conquer!

The only good thing is that we can see through their smoke and mirrors in minutes, now, instead of months...years...or even Decades as in the snipers who shot down the President of the United States like a dog in the streets of Dallas in November of 1963.

When I read the news today, Oh Boy....I thought about last year's psy-op about Jade Helm. This was a series of "drills"...mainly military...that went down across the US but largely in Texas. According to Dave Hodges...this year, 2016, the Jade Helm folks are drilling a "civil war".  What a coinkydynk! I've been putting up posts for months now...insisting that the US is already in the midst of a secret civil war. This war is between factions grasping for control of American government institutions--the White House, the CIA, the FBI, the Treasury and the Pentagon...oh, and yes, the Judiciary. A lot of the war is actually being fought by rival mercenaries over in Syria and Iraq. These rival USrael-funded terrorists have actually been caught firing at each other in those benighted countries.

It's not rocket science why they've ratcheted it up on home turf now. With a "phenomenon" (Donald Trump) poised to take over the turf they've controlled since the Kennedy assassinations, they have to act. They have to prevent an unblackmailable, non-puppet from taking over...and then potentially turning over all the rocks on their beach...exposing the hideous critters crawling underneath. So, they've started a civil war...they're going to move into the FEMA camp stage...rounding up all the "defectors". They will try to sell the concept that they need to bring "Order Out Of Chaos". They will be shutting down the alternative Internet...probably by the end of this month. Yes, as blogger James Corbett says in the third link posted's about to get very ugly. Read up on why there is a "wooden shoe" outlined in the middle of the "Jade Helm" represents the shoes they wore in the prisoner of war camps during WWII.  This is just the beginning....

More to follow.

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