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Two disgusting and lowlife strategies commonly used in politics

UPDATED:  July 20, 2016 - The sabotaging mole in the Trump campaign has been revealed. Someone by the name of Marilyn McIver has "admitted the mistake".  Well, at this level of's certainly a mistake of Carl Rovian proportions to plagiarize a speech made by the opponent's side. IMO, Trump is going to downplay the incident and quietly get rid of McIver after the convention. I note all the photos of Melania show her from a side angle that emphasizes her rear end. This is another strategy the media uses...strategic photography.  In this case...they want to make Melania look like a bimbo. I could go on ad nauseam about dirty political tricks...but I`m not going to.

Rotten Apple

There's no doubt about it, politics is an absolutely rotten bidness. It attracts psychopaths and common crooks like flies to Sh!t.  The backroom boys are some of the most vile, corrupt and devious lowlifes on the planet. I know, because back in the 80's and early 90's I was sort of a "backroom boy" myself. I was on a local MP's research and writing committee, wrote a report that was presented to the Canadian Constitutional Parliamentary Committee. I also worked on three Federal election campaigns. It was a real education and what I learned about politics made me run the other! The backroom boys essentially are one-trick ponies. They don't have a lot of strategies...but the ones they have have been perfected over centuries of so-called "democracy".

Two of the strategies were dragged out of the political closet and put on public display in the past week.  Here they are with examples and commentary:

1.  The humiliating test of loyalty

This is the test I sub-title "Write a letter to the local newspaper under Your Name but I will tell you what to write." This is the test I was "requested" to perform when I was working for the MP. Mind you, in the scheme of things it's very small and innocent. But once you get up to the nosebleed sections of can become truly humiliating...and risky.  Canada's Dauphin Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is finding that out since he joined the international ghoulish political elites.  Several months ago now, they asked Justin to write a report implicating Russia in a doping scandal that would take it out of the summer Rio Olympics.  This was a last minute job and the pursed-lipped lawyer who actually wrote the report complained that he only had "57 days" to do the job.  He was so pressed for time that he didn't even contact Russia for evidence to add to his report.

le Dauphin releases attack report on Russian sports

Assange spoke about it in an interview last year: he referred to it as the West's Infamous Geopolitical "Pincer Movement". Assange says that the West has a remarkable all encompassing net of media, politicians, corporate heads and banksters who merge their power and go after any entity that dares stray out of the flock of international sheep. This "pincer movement" is now targeting Russian Sports.

Le Dauphin carries out the trash for USrael again re: Rio Olympics

So, as part of his "loyalty test", Trudeau Jr. was tasked with writing and publishing the report that would be the tool to humiliate and isolate Russia.  Here is a good analysis of it that appeared in Global Research and was written by Paul Craig Roberts, who explains:
.....The “doping scandal” is part of Washington’s ongoing effort to isolate Russia and to build opposition to Putin inside Russia.
There is a minority known as “Atlanticist Integrationists” inside the Russian government and in the business sector that believes that it is more important for Russia to be integrated into the West than to be sovereign. This minority of Russians is willing to trade off Russian independence for Western acceptance. Essentially they are traitors who Putin tolerates.
With the ban on Russia’s participation in the Olympics, Washington is attempting to strengthen this opposition to Putin. Now the opposition can say: “Putin’s intransigence has kept Russia out of the Olympics. Putin has isolated Russia. We must cooperate (a euphemism for giving in) with the West or become an outcast.”
This is Washington’s game. The Olympic ban is directed at undermining Putin among Russians. “He kept us out of the Olympics!”
The Atlanticist Integrationists are willing to betray either Assad or Crimea in order to gain acceptance by Washington. Thus, Washington is working to strengthen its Russian allies.
Perhaps Russia and China should organize the Eurasian Olympics and leave the Western Olympics. As Washington has restarted the Cold War and is intent on driving it to the hot stage, the competition can be over how Latin American and African countries align. If they are free to choose, it is unlikely that Africans and Latin Americans would join the racist Western white man’s games.
We must wonder when the point comes that Russia and China cease just sitting there absorbing for the sake of peace endless affronts and provocations. When, if ever, that point arrives, the West will cease to be the arbiter of human affairs...

So, the backroom boys are attempting to kill two birds (at least) with one stone.  The Report, it is hoped, will extricate Russia from the Olympic International Celebration of Youth and Sports, punish and isolate it from the world community.

But I am even more dismayed with the negative fall out of the report for Canada.  Once again, our ability to function as an independent, sovereign nation on the world stage is blown to we play "bad cop" to the Russians.  The back room boys want to make sure that Canada never gets to have a functioning relationship with our northern neighbour. Ironically, (or, maybe not) Canada also dissed Russia back in Trudeau's father (Pierre Trudeau's) day...during the Russian Olympics that happened in 1980 while Trudeau Sr. was prime minister.  The US and its vassal state "allies" boycotted the Russian Olympics over (get this!) Russia invading kidding. Canada at first said it would not be going along with the boycott.  Trudeau said publicly that Sport should not be politicized...well he had to eat crow shortly thereafter when he was TOLD by the US that Canada would not be attending the Olympics. Russia then boycotted the Los Angeles Olympics...and so on. The US has and always will use the Olympics as a "political football".  They can't help it.

2.  The sabotaging campaign mole

Also, this week...we had an excellent example of the "election campaign mole". This blew up in Donald Trump's face during the Republican National Convention regarding:

Melania's plagarized Convention Speech

Usually, these moles are used a lot more subtly (and, therefore, more effectively) but this one was right "in your face" and shows the desperation of the back-room boys. Interestingly, Carl Rove (aka "Turdblossom"), the ultimate backroom boy, was in attendance at the Convention. It's not known whether he was the mastermind behind the controversy (probably) but it does have his fingerprints all over it.

Some viper burrowed him or herself into the Trump campaign team and was lying in wait for an opportunity. Usually, with the campaign mole...what they do is become very high profile in the campaign and then, suddenly and at a critical juncture...quit. That's it. They show by "quitting" that the candidate is a poor "people manager"...and/or that his policies that caused the mole to quit are untenable.

In this case, the mole wrote the speech that Trump's wife gave at the convention. The mole plagiarized the speech from Michael Obama's speech and then had some "random" journalist working from a coffee shop on his laptop or something "discover" the plagiarism. Of course, it was then up to the media to take the ball and run with it...which they did in standard "pincer" fashion....talking about nothing else for at least 48-72 hours...and counting.

What makes this incident smell like...well, like a that the backroom boys scored a "two-fer".  They had Melania's speech blow up in Donald's face he has to find and fire the mole. AND then THE MOLE GETS TO "QUIT".

Yes, folks...Politics is a dirty, disgusting game...almost makes you yearn for the days of governmental tyranny...oh, I forgot. We've got that too.

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