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Turkey Failed Coup Crisis Update - Incirlik Base Surrounded - Shots Fired?

UPDATE: July 31, 2016 AMN Al Masdar News is reporting under "Breaking News" that 7,000 Turkish Troops have entered the NATO Incirlik Air Base "for an inspection".

Nuclear War on Earth
threatened by the ongoing Incirlik Crisis

Folks someone is completely missing the plot of the Turkey Failed Coup Crisis.  Read this very disturbing (and rough) translation of an update from a French Website, and I have my comments to follow:

UPDATE:  July 31, 2016 - Here is a very rough translation from French to English of a report from

As we announced here, the base of Incirlik remains encircled since the military coup against President Erdogan missed more than 7,000 elite elements of the Turkish police, equipped with armored vehicles, portable anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank systems besieged air base Incirlik (Adana) in southern Turkey.This strategic base used by the United States and the Atlantic Alliance allies including Turkey is a Member State plays a leading role in the military operations of the empire in the Levant and the entire Middle East. But that's not all: the base is home to nearly one hundred (estimated between 60 and 95 units) of tactical nuclear weapons from a rated power by Turkish analysts in a dozen megatons.

Turkish sources suggest a qualified incident serious enough a week ago stepped around the base when unidentified commandos attempted to break the siege of the Turkish police. A double diversionary fire followed by an intense exchange of fire resulted in a rather worrying status quo.Turkish snipers positioned outside of the resort base since Thursday to sporadic provocative shots. One of these precision shots (using a 12.7 mm caliber) would have reached the area used by the US military, raising another notch extreme tension now prevailing between Ankara and Washington.

What is reported above is happening in a country of NATO which is stored an impressive nuclear strike force.Ironically, these events sign irrevocably the end of NATO, just days after his last Warsaw Summit, which proved a very bad omen. It remains totally unlikely that supporters of President Erdogan could covet nuclear weapons at Incirlik as suggested by some crazy rumors in Turkey (peddled among others by the Mafia, the PKK and ... Daech!) But one thing is certain: Erdogan seems resolved to leave NATO. At least that is the assertion of his closest supporters. The question is when and how. A real puzzle technical, legal and political.

In fact, Turkey could well remain within NATO while considering themselves outside of this alliance. Or all the echoes from Turkey reinforce this idea. We are facing a new Turkey, a complete break with that which existed from 1924 to 2015. The leaders of the European Union are so self-intoxicated attempting to persuade himself that the coup was not just another machination of Erdogan '(which is not only erroneous but not without some perfidy) they forgot the essential: a highly strategic country straddling east and West, between North and South, with played a key role in the West's strategy during the cold war and far beyond, is being lost. This has a name: it is a complete strategic disaster.

Finally, those who prepared the color revolutions and other engineering chaos (in the Muslim world and the historic steps of Russia in particular) proved not only very poor strategists but totally missed the story ...It's a history lesson. Another.


greencrow's comments:

I don't like what I'm seeing in the aftermath of the failed attempted coup on Turkey.  I've been saying all along there is a crisis going on at the NATO base in Turkey called Incirlik.  Here is the latest from WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM:

Some 7,000 armed police with heavy vehicles have surrounded and blocked the Incirlik air base in Adana used by NATO forces, already restricted in the aftermath of a failed coup. Unconfirmed reports say troops were sent to deal with a new coup attempt.

WRH Webmaster's Commentary: 

Erdogan may seize those nuclear weapons!"

This is what I'm talking about.  Either side could use the 50 or so nukes at Incirlik as blackmail against the other.  The West (Atlantacists aka NATO) could drop a bomb on the base and blow the entire thing sky high.  They could threaten this as a way of getting Erdogan to resign.  This, IMO, has always been one of the strategies of setting up nuclear bombs in countries...and a word to the wise should be sufficient thereof!!!

Here is a very good background video I watched earlier today on the

James Corbett Interview Christop Germann re
the latest on the Turkish Coup

Sputnik News has been reporting regularly that there have been demonstrations and other events outside the gates of Incirlik since the failed coup:

"Over five thousand joined anti-American demonstrations yelling "death to US" and demanding an immediate closure of the Incirlik Air Base for over five hours on Thursday before Turkish police came in and broke up the protesters before they could arrive at major NATO military facility, home to nearly 90 US tactical nuclear weapons.

On Thursday, a group of protesters swelled into several thousand ardent anti-American demonstrators heading towards the NATO Air Base at Incirlik, where they look to demand US forces immediately leave the country. Nationalists in Turkey have been emboldened since the failed coup attempt against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with the country's Labor Minister telling HaberTurk news that Washington was behind the coup attempt and with Prime Minister Binali Yildirim threatening all-out war against the United States."

Turkish Troops surround Incirlik Air Base responding to concerns that a second coup attempt may be underway:

Incirlik Air Base Lock Down
I know it's Turkey because of the stray dog
wandering the streets

Frankly, it's shocking the way the taxpayer subsidized mainstream media has failed the citizens of the Atlantacist nations over this critical situation in Turkey.  Here we have 50 or more nuclear bombs that are the subject of a "tug of war" by the government of Turkey and NATO...the alleged coup plotter against the government.  This is probably not going to end well. It has been simmering away ready to blow for over two weeks now.

The really concerning thing is there is absolutely NO leadership from the West....NONE!  They can't take responsibility for the crisis because then they might have to admit they brought it on themselves. Having had to watch the perps in action ever since the events of 9/11 I feel I know them fairly well...they still think they can pull the iron out of the fire.  They still think they can pull the coup off...these guys are gamblers and the stakes are high.  They literally have nothing to lose because they've burned their bridges...they're outlaws.  They're criminals...they can't play by the rules and never have.

So, as I've been saying for over two weeks now...keep your eyes on Incirlik.

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