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Turkey Udate - Bombshell News about CIA/NATO/NBC involvement in Failed Coup

NATO International Security Assistance Force
Commander Army General John F. Campbell 
has been accused of being the leader of
the failed Turkish Coup

Folks, I was all ready to do my CawRANT Events #29 this morning when I discovered that a lot has happened in the fast-moving Turkish Story overnight.  Penny For Your Thoughts has a very good summation of events here.  Yesterday, when I began this post, as you know, there was the fire at the NATO base on the Turkish West Coast...bordering the Aegean Sea.  Here is the link that alleges a connection between the leaders of the coup and the Izmir Fire:

Incendiary Allegations led to Izmir Fire?

Here is an excerpt from that link:
On Sunday, hours before a massive blaze broke out near the NATO base in the western Turkish town of Izmir, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s primary print publication for his Islamist supporters – Yeni Safak, printed the image of NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander Army General John F. Campbell accusing the US military official of plotting the coup against Erdogan in league with US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen.
The conservative Turkish daily newspaper is known for its hardline support of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). The newspaper is known for inciting violence and spreading disinformation about Gezi protesters during the 2013-2014 protests in Turkey, threatening journalists for other news outlets saying “they will pay a heavy price for treason,” and fabricating interviews.
Yet the newspaper does have a strong pro-Erdogan and Islamist reader base serving as a critical outlet for the Turkish government to influence views and actions of the people of Turkey and to incite a reaction.
​Hours after the publication of the article, the NATO military base in Izmir became victim of a mass fire that continues to rage on at this hour despite desperate attempts by forces to contain the blaze using helicopter and airplane water drops. The fire threatens US munitions stockpiles at the base which could result in a severe exacerbation of the fire, loss of expensive weaponry, and safety dangers.
The fire, which has already burnt through an elderly nursing home, is being investigated by officials as an act of anti-American sabotage according to local reports.
The US maintains a stockpile of as many as 90 tactical nuclear weapons in Turkey, more than in any other foreign country, but the atomic bombs are not threatened by the current blaze in Turkey. Those weapons are stored at a different base in Incirlik and reportedly no such munitions are stored at Izmir.

From the above information it appears there's a connection between that Izmir and Incirlik NATO Air Bases and the NATO Rapid Response force that has now been discovered to have been some of the coup leaders.  There was an article in a popular Turkish newspaper yesterday [cover page photo above] accusing US General John F Campbell to be the head of the coup.  Well, that may have had something to do with the deliberately set fire just outside of the Izmir NATO base yesterday...which I covered in my previous post of yesterday.  General Campbell, although supposedly retired last May...paid several subsequent visits to Turkey in the run up to the coup.  So the pyromaniacs who set the fire may simply have been ordinary vector exterminators [sarc].

Throughout the past week I have been googling like crazy and have come up with some interesting links to the coup.  In haste to get to my final point...I will just copy my links here and you can follow them up, or not.  The point is that evidence of the coup and who was involved is unraveling quickly. I was convinced that Erdogan would not have allowed Incirlik Air Base to simply go back to normal after the siege and power shut off directly following the coup.  Now, the revelation that NATO was directly involved in the coup...I feel even more strongly, if possible...that the siege and power shut off is continuing. Here are some links that support this theory:

Mysteriously, Press TV had this article dated July 20, 2016...when I googled Incirlik to see if Press TV had an update on the power issue.  This is a very rough translation via Google translate:

The site "American Thinker" returns in a recent article on the presence of nuclear weapons on the Incirlik air base and even said that the US military who are there are held.
Comments are rife about the impacts of the failed coup of Saturday on the US presence in Turkey. A presence that includes that of special forces and US nuclear arms.
This is from the Incirlik base that American planes take off and hit Daech in Iraq and Syria. This is not only a US base since the other NATO members also use them. Incirlik is a Turkish base and for each mission, the United States needs the permission of Ankara.
Since July 15 and failed coup, the US military found there are hostages of the Turkish Government. The commander of the base, a Turkish general, was arrested and since, in addition to power cuts, a circulation restriction is imposed on the American staff.
After suggesting the reader a US military hostage scenario by Ankara, the site attempts to create a nuclear risk alleged that Turkish government now present a "recalcitrant": "the most worrying point would be some 50 bombs H that the US has stored at Incirlik NATO name. It is the Turkish forces are responsible for protecting and even all possible use should be in their presence.
"Since 2015, these stockpiles are about to be renewed."
The article then looks back at the prospect of a rapprochement Russia / Turkey and suggests that Turkey, "which is radicalized", could now represent a "nuclear danger".
"One wonders why these nuclear stockpiles have not been transferred rather ... because there is a problem in Turkey. This is a state that is radicalized more and if he wants s' on the path of the expulsion of US forces or those of NATO, it's his hands that then fall prohibited weapons. the radicalized Turkey has in its possession and F16 Phantom, capable of carrying bombs atomic ".
Once the prospect of the emergence of Turkey "nuclearized" brandished, the site begins to suggest the risks that exist to see Ankara closer to Russia and Iran!
"A Turkey with atomic bombs, would present a danger to Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Russia and Iran. That would push eg Iran to equip their missiles with nuclear warheads. An atomic Turkey itself would push NATO to engage in a war with unforeseeable consequences. "
"But there is also another danger. Terrorist access to nuclear weapons stockpiles in the current context where the Turkish army suffered serious losses, anything can happen, even foreign military offensive is one thing. sure: the historical events always serve as a lesson: after the attack in Turkey against Cyprus (70), the United States destroyed "physically" nuclear weapons in Cyprus It will be the same in Turkey. a US team should be responsible to intervene, if necessary, to force Turkey to dismantle prohibited stockpiles. status that can last as the Turkish state "kidnaps his allies" !!!

Sputnik has a video showing longstanding Turkish anathema to US military in their shows that the Turkish people and particularly the military are very antagonistic towards and very suspicious of the US Military who have developed nuclear-equipped bases in their country and have exploited its unique geographic location to isolate and threaten neighbours like Syria and Russia.  But more importantly, over the course of last night, blogger Sybil Edmunds has come out with some:

Bombshell News:

 Sybil Edmunds is reporting that NATO, in 
conjunction with the CIA and, get this,
NBC News...were leaders 
of the failed Turkish Coup

The above video is a Must Watch for all readers of geopolitical news. Sybil wraps it all up in a neat package.  She wants the truther community to get involved in a Twitter campaign against NBC...the details are contained in the video.  PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO.
Briefly, the coup was run out of Incirlik and Izmir.  Both bases are now cloaked in heavy is NOT business as usual. Most importantly, for those of us in North America...NBC news has been found to be a CIA/NATO-controlled rat's nest. At the outbreak of the coup, NBC News told the BIG LIE that Erdogan had fled Turkey and was flying over Germany. This was the same lie the media told about Qaddafi...which was successful and led to the destruction of Libya. In this case it was NOT successful.  Why not?  Because the Turks...acculturated as they are by centuries of warfare...had a hidden weapon. Their weapon was their mosques and their Imams who chanted a special "alert chant" from the Mosque towers [how well I remember hearing the chants this time last year when I visited Istanbul]. The chants told the people that the country was in danger and urged them to leave their homes and meet in front of the Mosques. It's unfortunate that Western societies lack such a rustic but effective form of communication when lives...and societies and nations are in danger.
The coup leaders were also using a communication system...cell phone apps.  These communications have been intercepted and are on Sybil's blog as evidence.  In the communications the leaders told the coup members to "show no compassion" for the people who were massed outside the mosques...they were to "hit them hard".
Now, does anyone still believe that things are back to normal at Incirlik?  Or Izmir?  Does anyone still believe that NATO will be allowed to remain in Turkey?


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