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Trump Wins Nomination: US Republican National Convention Post Mortem

Donald Trump, wearing a look of smug satisfaction, stood on stage amidst the blizzard of confetti and the piped-in classic rock, finally able to prove he is who he’s claimed to be all along: A winner" Caption quoted from the CBC

I don't watch political speeches live...just like I don't watch peep shows or live sex on stage.  It might feel good for the participants...but it looks gawd-awful.  So, I didn't watch Trump's speech to the Republican convention last night, where he accepted the nomination of the party...and the rejection of the party elites...and most ominously, the rejection of the main$tream media...or as I like to call it, the JM$M.

This morning, surfing the net and getting a gist of the reaction from the BBC, the CBC and the Washington Post...the verdict is unanimous--the verdict of average American citizens---to nominate the Donald---simply cannot stand. The JM$M hasn't a single good word to say about the man. They loath him.

First, from the lyin' BBC

US election: Donald Trump promises a 'safer' America

Donald Trump has vowed to tackle multiple threats facing the US, in his speech in Cleveland, Ohio accepting the Republican presidential nomination.
"The crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon come to an end," he told the party convention.
The businessman promised his presidency would usher in a new era putting America and ordinary people first.
Mr Trump's nomination has been clouded by the refusal of major party figures like Senator Ted Cruz to endorse him.
Mr Cruz, who was his bitter rival during the primary contests, was booed off the stage by Trump supporters.
Other Trump opponents such as members of the Bush family stayed away from the convention altogether.

Mr Trump, a New York businessman who was written off when he launched his campaign a year ago, said he hoped his speech would ease tensions and unite the party.
 He attacked his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, at every opportunity, blaming the former secretary of state for "death, destruction and weakness".
In a speech he described as a plan to "put America first", Mr Trump:
  • Promised to build a "great border wall" to stop illegal immigration, gangs and drugs
  • Accused Mrs Clinton of proposing mass amnesty, mass immigration and mass lawlessness
  • Said that decades of immigration have produced lower wages for African Americans and Latinos
  • Accused President Barack Obama of failing US inner cities on education, jobs and crime
  • Said that nearly 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records were "roaming free" to threaten citizens
  • Promised to end trade deals that had "destroyed [America's] middle class"
  • Promised that "Americanism, not globalism" would be the tenet of foreign policy
He was introduced in glowing terms by his daughter Ivanka, who said her father valued women workers and that he would make quality childcare affordable.
Not long into his speech, the audience began calling for the jailing of Mrs Clinton, chanting "Lock her up!" He promised to defeat her in November.

The BBC, sly and slippery as it is...with its hoity toity Brit accent was the least negative of the lot...but it was definitely a "damning with faint praise" operation.  Calling Trump a "businessman" is an allusion to the idea that he's not a "lawyer" or otherwise academically suited for the job.

The CBC, followed along, like an obedient puppy copying the BBC tone and message.

The Washington Post hit new lows in its coverage of the speech...comparing Trump to Nixon and saying he was a fascist. Calling him a liar re: statistics on high unemployment [government statistics that economist Paul Craig Roberts is always saying are blatant lies]. The main complaint about the speech seemed to be that it was too long. Here is a brief quote from the very long WAPO diatribe (made even longer with stupid TWEETS from the Bushites and the likes of William Crystal---one of the perps of 9/11, dontchaknow):

THE BIG IDEA: CLEVELAND—You could be forgiven for wanting to pop a valium at the end of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech last night. The Republican nominee painted a stark picture of a Hobbesian America that is nasty, brutish and short.
Trump essentially used the most important speech of his campaign – and perhaps political career – to yell fire in a crowded theatre. He warned that we are in “a moment of crisis” and made the case that these desperate times call for desperate measures.
While the message seem tailored to the same disaffected and angry working-class voters who fueled his primary victories, he clearly wanted to convince a national audience that things are so bad right now that they should swallow whatever doubts they have to take a chance on him.
“Beginning on January 20th of 2017, safety will be restored,” he declared.
Trump is the crisis candidate. If voters feel safe, confident and hopeful in November, his team knows he will lose. To win, he does not just need to convince Americans that the country is on the wrong track – they already believe this – but that we are in the midst of an existential crisis.“The attacks on our police, and the terrorism in our cities, threaten our very way of life,” he said, repeatedly touting himself as “the law and order candidate.”
He spoke of a violent crime wave, murderous illegal immigrants “roaming free,” innocent children “sacrificed on the altar of open borders,” and an America “shocked to its core.” He described the current environment as “more dangerous … than, frankly, I have ever seen and anybody in this room has ever watched or seen.”
Then he suggested that elites are covering up how bad things have gotten. “I will tell you the plain facts that have been edited out of your nightly news and your morning newspaper,” he declared.
Trump also spoke of “growing threats from outside” the country. “After fifteen years of wars in the Middle East, after trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, the situation is worse than it has ever been before,” he said. “This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.”
The newly-minted nominee grasped for the mantle of change agent without offering many specifics. “A change in leadership is required to produce a change in outcomes,” he said.
-- Clocking in at 76 minutes, it was the longest acceptance speech at any major party convention since 1972 – drawing comparisons to Fidel Castro. Yet Trump never tried to be uplifting or inspiring.

I contrast to Trump's "Hobbsian" vision...Hillary's going to paint a "pollyanaesque" portrait of contemporary America...good luck with that one, Killary! From what I can glean, Trump glossed over the absolute crisis that America is in. I still don't know whether he's genuinely oblique, or just playing a very smart game with the potential assassinators who oppose him. Trump appears not to have mentioned the epidemic of false flags, the epidemic of police shootings of blacks and other vulnerable citizens, the head-chopping US proxies who have destroyed the Middle East...or the current existential crisis going on at Incirlik Air Base...where the US is basically in quarantine, in a black out (Turkey shut off the power) with their hydrogen bombs. The US/NATO foreign policy is in shreds...with the Turkish population choosing a corrupt dictator over "Pennsylvania"...As Erdogan not so cryptically called the US.

No, Trump (wisely) did not mention the above incendiary items...but it was clear that no matter what he said, even if he said that America was doing wonderfully...the JM$M was, and is, out to destroy him. They are desperate that he not get into the White House--and find out how many of the main$tream media and their handlers are criminally complicit in the recent crime spree of America...covering up and obstructing justice over 9/11, formenting and covering up successive foreign invasions of innocents abroad and false flag mass-murders and bankster payolas at home. To put it succinctly, Trump may say what a good friend he is of Israel and its dual-citizens in the US...but he is neither one of them, nor chosen by them. Therefore, he does not compute.

The gauntlet has been thrown. They are out to get him. You can see it in the unflattering photographs that accompany the vitriolic editorials and analyses. You can see it in the pundits' complaints that he "spoke to long and too loud" (isn't that a sound technician's issue? nudge, nudge). You will see it in the dramatic contrast that the Democratic Convention will present shortly. All the "A" team will be there...the sound will be perfect...the photographs will be flattering. There will be no dirty other words...politics as usual.

To find a really authentic alternative analysis of the speech, I went to Jim Stone:

From Jim Stone

Trump already smashed it

The liberal crowd, that could care less about "making America great again", flipped out after Trump's latest speech, where he hit a home run with bases loaded. I don't know if 73 percent approval is a national record, but as far as I see it, it does mean the end of anyone standing in Trump's way.

There are only a couple ways where Trump would not be President. The first would be enough psy ops run to cause enough instability to stall the elections. Another would be assassination. Another (most probable) would be a rigged vote And we cannot allow a rigged vote to steal America's future.We have all sat and watched in disbelief and disgust as CNN and other news outlets rigged all reporting on behalf of the corrupt that Trump will purge. Don't expect them to go quietly, the media made it possible for the American political scene to become the cesspit that it is, and that same media's life depends upon the cesspit it created. The same thing goes for the Washington elite, they also need a scamming media to keep them in play. Both are going to be nasty, and both are going to do everything they possibly can to steal this election.

Make vote accountability preparations NOW, NOT LATER
Now is the time to talk to your bosses (if you have a pro trump boss) about going to the polling stations and running exit polls. Get election day off. Try to set up situations where your entire crew gets election day as a vacation day, where the entire goal is to get everyone outside the polls running exit polls. And if the police or anyone else will not allow it, exercise your 2nd amendment rights, there is no conceivable way anyone would prevent exit polls, other than to set a precedent for stealing the election. If the excuse is that "the media is already there" that excuse is not good enough,they have already proven they can't be counted on for jack.
The American people have already clearly and obviously won.
And the American people have handled this in a nice way, - a way which will allow a peaceful path for the criminals that bashed them into oblivion to exit the scene. It was already too nice. People need to realize that America's election process was set up to allow a peaceful transition of power. If that process is hijacked, allowing the same corrupt entities to stay in power against the will of the people, the violent option, as provided for by the second amendment, must be used. It should have been used with Obama, Bush, Clinton - and if it is not held as a viable threat this time around, America will NEVER be great again.
This is the last chance. Don't blow it."

Summary and Conclusions: 

As Jim says, the perps only have three options now that Trump is the official candidate. They can pull a false flag that will delay or cancel the election. They can assassinate. In this regard, I don't think just Trump is at risk...Obama's removal and Biden's succession to the Presidency would throw a big money wrench into Trump's campaign. Finally, and this is a given...there WILL be fraud during the vote counting. The elimination of "exit polls" a few elections acceptable means of checking the vote...created an open season on vote tampering. As Jim Stone warns, unless exit polls are brought back...and/or...the vote is so overwhelmingly for Trump (as I'm sure they're afraid it will be) the presidency could be stolen from it was from John Kerry. But I don't think Trump will roll over and put all four paws in the did Kerry.

In conclusion:  Hold onto your seats,'s gonna be a very bumpy ride. Trump is deeply flawed...there is no doubt about that. But, and I said this at the beginning of his exceptional and stunning campaign for the nomination...he's not (yet) a killer. He does not have blood on his hands. In that regard, he is head and shoulders above the opposition. The good news is that, because he is an unknown, there is hope for America. He COULD turn out to be a good president. There is hope.

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