Monday, July 18, 2016

So-called Alternative Media "coming out of closet" to provide dysinfo re Failed Turkish Coup

UPDATE:  July 18, 2016 - Fascinating and prophetic post by eccentric blogger Sorcha Fal.  Posted last December, 2015...she talks about a "staggering" CIA plot against Erdogan...and basically lays out the entire scenario that was supposed to have taken place last weekend....all except the "Russian Doomsday Plane" being ordered to the air by Putin.  

Clouds Over the Grand Canyon

As my mother used to say....every cloud has a silver lining.  The recent failed coup, as scary as the scenario and potential outcomes were, has revealed how rife the so-called alternative media is with dysinfo agents.  In numbers, they've come out of their closets, dutifully stepping up to the plate in order to provide Internet platforms for the CIA to spread disinformation.  Fanciful tales hide the trail from the failed Turkish putsch....right back to Langley, Virginia.

The main back story they're providing is that the failed coup was staged by Erdogan so he could rid his government of enemies. Unfortunately, a few facts are getting in the way of a good story. Facts like this:

'Senior US military source’

Months ago, James Corbett and Sybil Edmunds
discussed potential for Turkish coup
The lie about Erdoğan being refused asylum in Germany appears to have originated (see from 13:50 in the video here) with a tweet from an MSNBC producer called Kyle Griffin, based on information from a ‘senior US military source’.  I believe that conclusively refutes any American claims to non-involvement.

Another back story is that Erdogan must have planned the coup well ahead of time...otherwise, how could he have had such a comprehensive "list of enemies" drawn up to arrest. Well, this little tidbit might hold a clue. The gentleman referred to in the link here, is a Turkish man arrested while attempting to leave Saudi Arabia and fly to Amsterdam. Saudi Arabia is going to extradite him to Turkey.

Turkish military attaché to Kuwait arrested in Saudi Arabia

Turkish military attache arrested in Saudi Arabia
to be extradited to Turkey

Why was he arrested? Apparently, his name was on a list of names found by the Turkish government as part of their investigation into the would-be military junta that would have taken over from Erdogan. He was supposed to get a job in the new government. So the incompetent would-be coupmeisters had a list....which Erdogan's investigators found...and are using to make arrests.

It's not only Erdogan who is purging his ranks. The true alternative media are also purging their blogrolls. It's absolutely amazing how many disinfo agents are out there hiding in the weeds. Nobody has a license or franchise for the truth, as I've frequently said. Many of us can and are wrong from time to time. But the Turkish coup is one of those scenarios that's so transparent that it makes fools out of supporters that "Erdogan did it". They're violating rules of common sense and logic...two primary tools of truth.

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