Thursday, July 14, 2016

President of Syria - Bashar al Assad "Owns" NBC Interviewer

Dr. Bashar al Assad
President of Syria

I literally laughed out loud several times while watching this very recent interview of Syrian President Bashar al Assad by the Brit-accented minion interviewer, representing the US TV network NBC. I laughed out of embarrassment for the NBC fellow who was paid to ask such stupid and provocative questions.  The poor guy was made to look like an idiot goon as he asked Assad such questions as "Did he feel bad about having blood on his hands by killing the terrorists?" And 
"Did he know that history has already judged him as being a "ruthless and brutal dictator"?

Throughout the interview, Bashar carries himself like a true leader...calm and direct...answering all the questions...even the monumentally stupid and provocative ones.  More importantly and probably shocking for the American audience for which this interview is intended...Assad brilliantly uses logic to make his points...and to reveal the questions to be the illogical twists of factoids that they are. Americans have been starved of logic for preparation for the use of their resources to wage perpetual world wide war.  Americans are the real "citizens in the rebel-held" Syrian territories who have been "starved for years"...according to the interviewer.  Although in the American case...the citizens have been so starved for logic, that their brains have withered and shriveled up.  

Dr. al Assad, with a surgeons' precision...uses the openings the questions provide to inject a dose of logic into the lie-debased illogic of the interviewer's verbal assaults.  Assad deftly separates rhetorical apples from and whites from greys....and strawmen from their arguments.  It is a masterful job.  

At the end of the interview...the questioner smiles apologetically at the President and says "Thank you for answering NBC's questions."  ...not wanting to take personal ownership for the pathetic and defeated "piece of work".


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Totally mental. Watching a stick of ironbombs dropping from a supersonic bomber would have seemed weird in 1968. Think how "I am the walrus" a B58 dropping 750lbers north of the DMZ would have looked? In 2016 it is pure psyops on steroids.

As for those life time actors on stage, well. USofA corp has been driven off its scone!! Simples.

Anyway back to seriousville. The Germans got their PAC3 batteries out and ever since then I've been waiting for the real event, that MH17/370 were preparatory cover for, to occur. We've been groomed on airframes going down weirdly involving Russia, somehow by tortured western MSM logic. Must keep that meme running, downed airframes and Russia.

A NATO E-3/C17/A330, a big airframe with lots of dead military to Lusitania us OR a big Russian airframe to really rile the Bear. Either way they intend taking us to where a Soviet general once remarked about what was likely the most important weapon week 2 of a general war, the horse cavalry. And to where a British general way back in the 19th century once replied when questioned as to what he thought Armageddon was, US and China at war.

BTW my tayberries cropped nicely at last and the swifts are soaring overhead on this so-so Laandahn eve.

greencrow said...

tayberries...I wonder of those are what we call currents?

Yes, a false flag involving Russia is most definitely in the cards.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

tayberries are like big, not so flavoursome, rasperries. BTW boogger got confused. I replied to your previous post. Anyway as usual the west is shown to be lead by dorks. Camoron took his degree in jam making and nit picking.:-)

greencrow said...

Do tayberries look like any of these? I think they might be what we call "Salmon berries".

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Rubus fruticosus x idaeus


Penny said...

I know salmonberries--- not the best berry out there- I see them when I'm out woodswalking in southern ontario

Penny said...

and yah, I've got to watch the interview- the questions could have only been written by a smug, but dull person

greencrow said...

INCOMING!!!!! Tayberries look like a red version of our "blackberries" which are also becoming ripe here. They are delicious.


Yes, I always enjoy an Assad interview....nobody can make the interviewer look stupider and the West look more insane....than the good doctor.

james@wpc said...

No need to feel embarrassment for the interviewer, Greencrow. I judge him to be one of those people who cannot be embarrassed or shamed. He is also highly trained in manipulative linguistics.

I can well imagine this perp as a highly paid barrister (trial lawyer) in another life. So many leading questions (which al Assad dealt with very well). But notice how the questions gradually become more superficial and emotional and accusatory? He was able to gradually engage al Assad emotionally to some extent and to that extent he asked more and more stupid questions.

They are 'stupid' but very deliberate. The interviewer may have looked like an idiot but he was in tight control of the interview for his purposes. Again, you can't embarrass guys like him. God, he is so much like a barrister i.e. a professional liar without shame!

You saw how Bashar al Assad prevailed talking from a logical point of view but the bulk of the American audience (whom this video is aimed at) have no clue as to logical thinking and would be triggered by the emotional prompts and baseless accusations; accusations with a complete dearth of logic or anything at all connecting assertions to conclusions. So the American audience will see this video in a completely different light.

For sure Bashar al Assad 'owns' him but I am just trying to point out another level of what is going on here. After all, NBC wouldn't go to the trouble and expense of interviewing al Assad and then broadcast it if it wasn't suiting their purposes. So the questions always are; "What are those purposes?" and "How do they achieve them?"

I think if I was Assad, I wouldn't grant more interviews to American networks. It is for very good reasons that the #1 rule of dealing with psychopaths is to not deal with them.

greencrow said...

"...After all, NBC wouldn't go to the trouble and expense of interviewing al Assad and then broadcast it if it wasn't suiting their purposes. So the questions always are; "What are those purposes?" and "How do they achieve them?"


Yes, James, I agree that this was a staged interview for the ongoing project of getting rid of Assad. To that end, the pivotal questions: concerning "blood on his hands" and History judging him as a "brutal dictator" were the only reasons for the interview. If they could get those two key phrases was a success. And the interviewer is a psychopath. At the end you could almost see his fangs when he smiled.

greencrow said...

And one more point about your excellent comment, James....about never dealing with psychopaths. Good in theory but in reality they need to be confronted. For was a risk he felt justified to take if he could plant just one phrase in the mind of Americans. He was successful in that goal. The seed...the one word, IMO, was "pyromaniacs". He used that word a couple of times to describe the West and it's stuck in my mind.

james@wpc said...

Not dealing at all with psychopaths is the ideal, granted. It is the guiding principle for me. But if anyone feels they have to deal with a psychopath, they should be looking for the back door to exit through at all times. Just dealing with a psychopath will scramble your brains.

There's a peculiar madness to their thinking and speech which is contagious. It is like their malevolence is radioactive. They are harmful to simply be around and they are best avoided. They will also renege on any deal they make so it's pointless making any deals with them, anyway.

Russia could have saved itself and Syria a lot of trouble (and probably lives) by simply not agreeing to anything Kerry et al proposed. But you start dealing with them and you get sucked in. But I'm going off on a tangent, as I am want to do!

To return to the very good point you made, Al Assad did make that point about pyromania and its a good one. I wished he had mentioned his electoral victories when talking about the support of the Syrian people, though. I don't wish to sound critical of him because there is no way I could perform to his level and I've had a lifetime of practice.

Al Assad did a masterful job of controlling his reactions and responding with logic to the bullshit from the interviewer and it will impress a certain market but not the bulk of American viewers. But he was not really confronting the interviewer, in my view.

Confronting him would have consisted of pointing out every logical fallacy, every manipulation as soon as it came out of the interviewer's mouth. But you need to be highly skilled and practiced to do that.

So I do not advise people to confront psychopaths as a general rule but rather head for the back door ASAP. Of course, if nobody dealt with them, they'd be helpless because these parasites need the energy and efforts of humans to achieve anything.

I hope this doesn't sound 'stroppy' on my part. I don't mean it to :)