Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice was a Distraction from 9/11 Revelations?

Was the Nice "Truck Terror Attack" a Distraction from 9/11 Revelations?

It's the morning after the latest terror attack and time for sober second thoughts.  Press TV has one angle.  The event could have been manufactored as a distraction from soon to be released and long promised redacted and hidden material from the bogus Official 9/11 Report.  According to former government agent Scott Bennett...this material could have implications for many past and future politicians:
Bennett: Well, I think they have hidden it for so long because they know that politicians, banks, the Bush administration, Colin Powell, David Petraeus, the military, a whole net of fish are going to be caught up in this and they're going to be exposed for corruption and incompetence or treason. There are a lot of people that should go to jail over this. There are some people who’ve been employed by the government as politicians, they should be charged with treason because of this.
This is very late. It's very very sad that it took this long. It's disgusting that there are no American politicians that have any character to have risen up earlier and read this. But sadly, that's the sign of American degeneracy in its political class. But this will simply point to larger conspiracy, larger actions of treachery and treason. Yes, of course it will point to Saudi Arabia. It will point to banks like Union Bank of Switzerland and HSBC. It will point to the Clinton Foundation as one of the many instruments for money laundering and terrorist financing. It will point to Eric Holder, Lanny Breuer in Covington & Burling. It will point to British participation.
And we're probably going to see a lot more uproar in the United States as an attempt to cover this up. You may have a lot more attacks like you just mentioned in France. I think you're going to have a lot of false flag psychological warfare activities to try and keep people's attention off of this. But when this comes out we have to be very careful to make sure nothing has been erased, nothing has been tampered with but we see the raw data and not one single word or sentence has been changed or altered. And then we can overlay what we've learned 15 years later. And we can overlay and see exactly where the money has led, who has been paid, and how far this is stretched out from 9/11 to now. And we'll see the roadmap and blood through Libya through Syria.

So, the above and other issues would indicate a need for a good "weekend distraction" in the mainstream media.  Stephen Lendman has also come out with the suspicion that it might be a false flag:

Dead men [Tunisian-born French resident identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel] tell no tales. An identity card supposedly found in the lorry ID’d him. Why would an assailant leave one behind incriminating himself? 
Was the driver alone responsible for what happened or were others involved? Some reports indicated two assailants. Others said the driver opened fire before being shot and killed.
French President Francois Hollande automatically blamed “Islamic terrorism,” extending a state of emergency another three months beyond its scheduled July 26 expiration date.
Major media reports left unexplained how a driver/gunman, alone or with help, managed to commit a massacre virtually unobstructed - police lethally shooting him only after over 200 celebrants were dead or wounded.
Police killed a single assailant. Multiple ones were likely involved - if a state-sponsored false flag, security forces perhaps responsible for lethal shootings, the lorry driver unable to do both at the same time.
These type incidents can’t be pulled off single-handedly. Reports indicated an individual managed to drive a reported 25-ton lorry, zigzagging for some distance into crowds of people, killing and injuring scores by ramming and shooting before being stopped.

Was the crime perpetrated to provide another excuse to go bomb Syria?  Was it to bring in martial law? If so, the potency of these episodes is growing weaker with every attack. It's like a heroin addiction. They are having to perpetrate more and more to get the same effect. People are writing them off as false flags by the "usual suspects" almost immediately now.  It's become, as I said in my previous post...the new "normal".  One thread weaves through all the false flags....they never touch the real criminals, the "usual suspects" or the elites.  As Mike Rivero of remarked...they could have gone just eight miles up the road to Monaco and killed some real elites.  NOTE:  Here is a post I'm linking from Northerntruthseeker which presents another glaring anomaly about this latest FF.  The speed that the truck was travelling versus the length of highway the truck must have been travelling at TWO miles per hour...according to the perp media.


Anonymous said...

There are never ever any destroyers of the mid east targeted,these politician puppet string pulers are never touched,the msm is never attacked,its so fnckiug obvious.

greencrow said...

Hi Geraldine:

Nice to see you again : ) You made a good point...why is the mainstream media NEVER attacked by the perps? And, of course....the age old question...why does ISIS never attack Israel?