Sunday, July 3, 2016

Leadership in Today's Geopolitics - The Lows and the Highs

Iraqis this morning...after the criminal,
illegal Bush Invasion now more than a decade ago

Every time I see a headline like this:

Iraq violence: IS bombing kills 125 Ramadan shoppers in Baghdad

as I did this morning on the BBC...I think about this guy:

George W Bush "Bloopers"

This man is personally responsible for the murder of the 125 Iraqi shoppers this morning...and the millions of other humans who have died as a direct result of his "leadership". Anyone who says leadership doesn't matter in today's geopolitics...when banksters and corporations rule behind the scenes...doesn't get it. Leadership sets the tone. In the final analysis...If "Dubya" hadn't been brought up by his mama and papa to be such a venal, corrupt, stupid opportunist....none of the tragedy would have happened. Yes, no doubt they would have found someone else to do the job. But if everyone said "No"...what a wonderful world it would be.  Dubya should be hauled before an International Court of Justice...if such existed in reality.

Leadership in today's world is actually more important than ever. With the world wide web, mainstream media...and particularly the explosion of the alternative media...a leader has potentially more power to influence the global village than ever before in history. Or seen below:

Yatsenyuk during his political career in Ukraine

A Canadian left-wing blog is reporting that the former Ukrainian prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, has applied for and received Canadian citizenship and a Canadian passport. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. The Canadian Dauphin Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, would love to do a favour for his masters. Historically, Canada has been little more than a pantry to store rejected, stale-dated and humiliated former leaders and functionaries of other countries on behalf of the US.

Syrian President Bashar al Assad 

On the flip side of the coin...the global media has [in spite of efforts to do otherwise] afforded true leaders, such as Syrian President Bashar al Assad unprecedented opportunities to dialogue directly with the he does so eloquently in the interview above. In this interview, as he defends Syria's right to exist and avoid Iraq's fate, Assad once again proves he is intellectually and morally head and shoulders above all other world leaders with the possible exception of this man....

Putin "owns" Russian oligarchs

What makes a great leader in today's geopolitics? This is not a simple question. But two qualities do emerge as essential: Intelligence and morality....and ultimately of course...the courage to express the face of overwhelming global stupidity, corruption and evil.

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