Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Le Dauphin Gets Marching Orders

Le Dauphin Premier Ministre
Justin Trudeau

Way back in the early 1990's, I had a brief but highly instructive brush with politics.  I've mentioned before on this blog that I became a member of a constituency committee on the Canadian Constitution (say that fast five times) for the local New Democratic Party Member of the Federal Canadian Parliament. Well, it was in my humble opinion, the equivalent of getting a BA in Political Science...on top of the BA in English/History and the Bachelor of Social Work, which I also received in the 80's/90's...both degrees achieved by studying part time...while working full time...dontchaknow : P

Anyhoooo...what I learned in my two or three year stint as an active member of the local NDP is that politics is a pecking order...from the top down.  There is also a learning/initiation curve.  Part of the initiation into the pecking order...which could theoretically become a lucrative career--if one passes all the tests--is humiliation. The person who is supervising your initiation...in my case the local MP...will force you to humiliate yourself to prove your loyalty. In my case, I was asked to write letters to the local newspapers expressing this or that viewpoint. This was very humiliating to me because I have always considered myself master of my own political opinions....and in charge of my writing...just as I am at this moment. I do not like to write "on demand", or express opinions that are not my own. But, in order to remain part of the group...I am ashamed to admit...that I did write two or three letters to the local paper. Other tests were applied...but I must have failed somewhere along the way because I didn't move up the ladder. Maybe it was the time I didn't allow another political worker (male) into my hotel suite while on a government-paid junket. Who knows?

Well, it's the same for le Dauphin....neophyte world leader Justin Trudeau. He's embarrassing himself thoroughly at the moment...witness all the pics of him looking silly in a pink shirt during the Gay Pride Parade over the weekend. Posing with a nude young woman. Does everyone have to wear costumes at these events?

The worst example so far, of initiation by humiliation is Trudeau acceding, on behalf of Canada...to send troops to Latvia for NATO to use to provoke the Russians. This is an embarrassment for him...because it makes him look like a rube who got "handled" at the last "Three Amigos Meeting".

Awkward Handshake between the "Three Amigos"

It also (and this is crucial) pisses off the Russians and puts the kibosh to any thoughts Trudeau might have had to forge a new, independent and mutually beneficial relationship with Canada's northern neighbour--Russia. In that respect, it's not only humiliating...but harmful to Canada...and of course, a dangerous threat to world peace. But, I know how Trudeau must have felt when he got ordered to send the troops. He felt just like I did when I was told to write the letters to the local paper. It's a test...and there WILL be more. And they will increase in seriousness...until le Dauphin is a "made man". Fully blackmailable. Only THEN will he will be one of the elite group of "leaders". Or, will he decide like I did many years ago...that politics is not worth the abandonment of self esteem and/or principles?

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