Sunday, July 3, 2016

Judge Jeanine Pirro brings down her verdict on the Clintons

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Must watch video editorial by a real US judge, Judge Jeanine Pirro about the ramifications of the obstruction of justice allegations against Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.

Good to have my legal instincts validated by such an authoritative source! I never heard of this TV news analyst before but she and I are absolutely on the same wave length about the seriousness of Bill Clinton's meeting with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. It is the end of the road for both of them...and for Hillary Clinton. Either that...or the US can kiss its legal system goodbye.

As I say over and over again...the Law is a living morphs and evolves on the basis of legal precedents...this is the sustenance it needs to live and grow. The legal precedent that will be set by allowing a partner of a person under investigation for criminal wrongdoing to meet privately with the judge officiating the a poison chalice for justice. To accept this behaviour without an appropriate response is to set the stage to allow every crook in the nation the right to have a private conference with the judge. THIS IS WHY COURT ROOMS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!

Loretta Lynch should either recuse herself from this case or resign. Bill and Hillary Clinton should be investigated for a new charge...attempted obstruction of justice.  The secondary fall out is that Hillary Clinton should drop out of the race to be Democratic Nominee.  This is not overstating the case...this is just common sense.  Is the country more important than this individual?  That is the fundamental question here.


ADDENDUM:  If Loretta Lynch does not resign/recuse herself and if Hillary Clinton stays in the race and/or is not indicted...then I will be tempted to give some credence to the outlandish explanation for same by blogger/investigator Jim Stone....which is the following:

If you think anyone is going to "lynch" Hillary, think again.
Hillary's immunity is so entrenched that there are very few possibilities for how such immunity could have ever happened. So let me guess a couple:
1. BEST GUESS Hillary has support that has nuclear weapons planted in New York, LA, DC and other major American cities, and if she really does go to jail, they will be set off. Now that it is being revealed that the Clinton foundation is in fact a 100 billion dollar scam, that witch could pay for anything, and to be frank, with Israel around I don't think she needs to pay anyone. See the report Nuclear Blackmail, YES, I believe Hillary is part of that power structure and that is most likely the reason why no one will touch her. There simply cannot be any other type of reason why America's intelligence agencies, which still have a few patriots, won't touch her.....

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